AntThe medicine card totem for this time is Ant, and boy do we ever see a lot of scurrying and scrambling around out there. It can really wear you out if you’re not careful.

The information war – the battle for the human narrative is in full throttle right now as we see cities and forests around the world burning, volcanoes, floods, storms, and the drum beats of war on the ground.

And this is where the wise ants have decided to stop fighting one another and to join forces with his good friend, the King of the Beasts during his reign of August.

The mighty Leo, ruler of the Sun and the protector of God’s Kingdom.

We’ve got a double dose of Leo right now as the new moon is also in the sign of the Lion.

Donald and MelaniaSo – we could say that we have perfect balance between the King of the Jungle and his Queen, la Luna.

This three day new moon period in Leo while the sun is in the very middle – the strongest point – of Leo, indicates that now is a fantastic time to begin new projects, to move forward with the physical power of the divine masculine and the medicine and intuition of the divine feminine.

We are here to change the narrative, the human trajectory away from the walk toward death. We have come and agreed to serve as warriors of light and truth during a time of great prophecy.

And later this week, the moon leaves firey Leo for the more grounded and practical sign of Virgo, which tells us to pay attention to the small details and to stick together!

Wise ant knows that he and his countless millions of friends around the world are much more powerful than any would-be ruler.

So we have been learning which leaders are worthy of our trust and are banding together to expose and remove the Scars from all the levers of power in our communities.

They are dangerous and irredeemable by man, and will need to work out their own salvation with their “maker” – whoever that is.

The prophecies tell us that most of the Elders (of all cultures), the 5th and 6th generations are sleeping and have succumbed to the culture of communism and degeneracy that they helped unleash on the west in the late 20th Century.

It has been only a handful of 5th and 6th generation Elders, teachers, and healers and the enormous and growing army of 7th Generation (Gen X) parents who are leading the charge to change humanity’s path for the kids of the 8th Generation and beyond.

The Ojibwe call this the time of the 8th Fire. The Cherokee know it as the Time UnTime. Others around the world know it as the Great Awakening.

At this time of great awakening, when we are all beginning to walk more strongly in the balance of the divine masculine and the divine feminine in our own lives and communities, the chaos this is causing has reached a fevered pitch.

The Ancient death cult, based on the worship of a transgender demon they believe is their “god,” is being exposed around the world.

More and more people are beginning to understand how these literal worshippers of Satan have infiltrated all of society and are pushing their mentally ill and perverted agenda into communities, local governments, schools, little children’s books and programs, and even churches.  And the people have had enough.

The ants (and frogs) on the ground are overwhelmed by the amount of information that’s blasting through cyberspace right now, and as they work together to share truth, strategize and protect their own communities and families – and start work on building the future – we’ve hit a point that we’re all being given a break.

There are many hugely significant things happening on August 11 – the most important is the test of the national Emergency Broadcast system on the same day the imposter communist “Biden-Harris” administration is planning to announce a national lockdown in support of their great reset agenda.

Lion 1The Patriots involved in the election fraud audits have created a fantastic communications network and are sharing their process and information with state legislators from nearly every state as well as with the general public. Mike Lindell, the Pillow Patriot, is having a major cyber-symposium on August 10 – 12 where it is expected that he will be releasing absolute proof of the massive, coordinated attack on America through stealing our elections.

The cabal and their deep state army will do anything they can to keep people from learning this truth, so be very careful, cautious, and safe. Protect your family and be stocked up on supplies, stay away from major public gatherings, and get ready to watch a fantastic show. Find it on Frank Speech.

My sources – the great Patriots around the world, led by the fantastic Election Fraud team and President Donald Trump – are indicating strongly that the tide has turned, and that we need to get ready to hand this battle over to the professionals.

War gamesThis is the time that we are seeing our leaders stepping up and launching their offensive. Right now, the largest international “military exercise” since the Cold War is underway, but what is not being reported is that this exercise is believed to be the first step in the militaries of many countries taking control away from the globalists and their puppet leaders.

We need to pray for the incredible military members and law enforcement officers around the world who are abiding by their oaths and standing with their Constitutions and the people against tyranny.

There are may who will experience a Dark Night of the Soul as they begin to awaken to the depth, breadth, and extensive history of the corruption and perversion that has infiltrated every aspect of human society – from the governments to the agencies, schools, business, entertainment – and even the faith traditions of all people.

It has been a very dark time for truth-tellers who have had to carry this knowledge on their own, in the face of ridicule and even assaults on their businesses, lives and even their families by the communists who are trying to take over every country in the world.

Sun_Moon_Lions_Diamond_Painting_1024x1024@2xLion and his relatives around the world including Mountain Lion here on Turtle Island teach us that leaders must learn this balance between the physical and non-material, between the seen and the unseen if we are to help move ourselves and the collective forward. That often means taking more time to unplug from the battles and focus on learning and our own healing.

Our Ancestors cultures around the world have revered regal lion for his power, stealth, cunning and loyalty. Lionhearted people are the most generous on earth, and with Leo as the ruler of the fifth house, these big cats remind us to connect with that little child inside ourselves for this is where the truth of our essence lies.

Lion and Lioness tell us – take the time to play. Get outside and explore. Read a book. Do whatever you need to do to give yourself rest and nurturance so you’ll be fit once again for service.

A few weeks ago, Mountain Lion told us that it’s really okay to take a pause as we’re going through these big, heavy changes. Remember there are forces around our planet that are changing the energy and frequencies here and this is causing people to have a lot of symptoms physically, emotionally, psychologically – and even spiritually.

It’s okay if you feel like you’re stuck and aren’t doing very much. This is an all hands on deck information war, so remember that every post, tweet, message, article you share is helping to awaken the world. We are the news now!

Grandmother Spider reminds us that we have always had the power at any time to disentangle ourselves from the web of fate and walk into the light to begin weaving the tapestry of a beautiful new beginning.

Ant shows us that it takes organization, strategy, teamwork, and a lot of effort to keep our communities healthy and functioning.

Lion – like Wolf – shows us the way forward, but from an even higher perspective. We are able to see ever broader and deeper truths, the farther we walk on the spiritual path.

Lion medicine is definitely too overwhelming for many people. Lions are energetically strong, stubborn, fierce, protective and have egos that can rival the greatest monarch. But, Leos who have gone through the spin cycle a few times, as well as those who love them and know them best, also know that “the bigger they are, the harder they fall.”

So – if you are a Leo, have significant planets in Leo – or have loved ones with a lot of this energy, be aware that they put even more of that pressure on themselves than they do on the people around them. The perfection monster can be quite fierce for those with a Lion heart, so it’s important to understand that the ego, out of balance, is just a cover for a frightened, hurt little child.

As many are beginning to realize, when we go through the process of true healing – when we begin to take our healing seriously – we will have many crises as our new understanding of ourselves and how we want our lives to be are not yet in alignment with where we are at the moment.

It takes great courage, faith, and generosity of spirit – particularly with ourselves – to go through the process of ego-shattering of the old delusional ways of our lives and our world, and walk through the doorway into a new, heart-based reality.

It also takes time.

Leos are firey and driven, and often times people with a lot of fire expect their entire lives to completely change immediately following a great spiritual awakening.

Sadly, this is the path toward disappointment, as we have learned that any long lasting change will come only through repeated practice, dedication, and effort. Sorry. Still no silver bullets.

Spiritual WarfareDon’t be too hard on yourself. Remember, the entire world is pretty much shut down and we are all exactly where we have chosen to be at this point in our stories. The good guys NEED us to be shut down to watch the jaw-dropping stuff that’s about to hit the public and be standing by to share it and help others understand.

No matter where we are, we must remember that the Creator of the universe has placed us where we are at this time. Whether we need to use this time to continue our own healing, serve our communities, or build our businesses is our call.

We must remember that we have the right to disagree with and challenge the old narrative that’s falling apart before our eyes.

We have the power and the abilities to create our own destinies out of the sparkling web of experience that we’ve accumulated through our journeys.

And, as everyone who has walked the Red Pill path can tell you, this process of changing the collective narrative always begins with a change in our own consciousness, a change in our perception of reality, and our understanding of the way this planet has been operating for thousands of years.

It is a frightening time for many as those who have agreed to be a part of the bio terror medical experiment are beginning to realize that they may have put their lives at risk. So if you are a teacher or healer, it’s a good idea to let people know they can reach out to you for support. All Patriots should be ready to share their knowledge in a kind and loving way.

Stay safe this week frens. Stock up on popcorn and get ready for the show. This week is going to be RAWRING fun.

Just Breathe.

It is my honour to be your messenger.

Bird Clan Messenger teaches the Prophecies of all people happening at this time of the 8th Fire Great Awakening. We discuss politics from a Conservative Native perspective, and share Native Culture and Traditional wisdom of the Ancestors of all people.

This is the year of the Great Mother Bear who teaches us that the New Earth will not be built upon the destruction of the old, but through the careful sifting of the good from the bad.

For as our Grandmothers teach us, we must take the good with the bad. Use this time to heal yourself, love yourself – and love your relatives. For you have chosen them long before you came to this planet and they are your greatest teachers. Even the ones who are still struggling.

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