The great poet Rumi teaches us it is much more powerful to seek to remove the blockages keeping us from experiencing love than it is to search outside ourselves. This teaching applies to our own personal growth and development and to organizations, communities, and families alike.

When we encounter obstructions or blockages along our paths, these are due to two general situations.

Another person / organization blocks us or throws/leads us off our path. This will happen to us when we are needing lessons in Spiritual strength and discipline.

When we are focused and clear and grounded – we are walking in our Truth and we are not so easily knocked off our pathways. We have agreed (while still in the Spirit world) with these ones who are blocking/obstructing us to provide this service to us for the sake of our Spiritual growth and development.

When we use our Good Mind to explore and understand the obstacles in our paths (often brought to us through conflict with our brothers and sisters), then the Spirit will slowly lead us to see the blockages within our Selves – in the different quadrants of our Medicine Wheel – that are asking for our attention.

Another reason we may experience a blockage or obstruction in a plan (that presents to us as scheduling delays, failures of plans to succeed or gain support from the people we think they are supposed to involve) is that the many people involved are at different points in their levels of Spiritual development and ability to understand the messages of the Ancestors.

In situations like these, we may see that Creator needs more time to move other people / situations into place and for more healing to take place before a larger plan of which we are part is able to unfold in perfect form.

Not everyone who is to be involved in the great plans of Chi Manidoo is ready to begin at the same time. So, the visionaries – the ones who bring the plans down from the Ancestors to the people on the ground – must demonstrate patience and compassion while at the same time expecting the sleepers to awaken and become accountable for their Medicine Walk. This is the Medicine that opens the doors to God’s greatest blessings.

The Spiritually astute will realize when this is happening, and use the time of waiting (Seed, Time, Harvest) to practice and strengthen our Medicine Walk, to continue our healing in other areas and allow Creator’s perfect Grace to take over.


If you are currently frustrated by obstacles in your path or a period of waiting, we ask that you begin to understand this time as a profound blessing from the most high Creator of the Universe.

You are given the gift of time.

To heal. To learn.

To prepare.

Chi Miigwetch for being here.

A’ho and Amen,

swc kandace ma


Toronto ON Canada Turtle Island Gaia

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