Cherokee History: Trail of Tears

Opposition to the removal was led by Chief John Ross, a mixed-blood of Scottish and one-eighth Cherokee descent. The Ross party and most Cherokees opposed the New Echota Treaty, but Georgia and the U.S. government prevailed and used it as justification to force almost all of the 17,000 Cherokees from their southeastern homeland." All honor and respect to our great ancestor, Chief John Ross.

Crow Medicine: Where There is Sorrow, There is Holy Ground

This is the sacred cycle of life-death-rebirth that humans have lived for our entire time on Earth, and which we must all experience, usually many times during our lives. For it is only through this sacred process that we become free from our old programming, our old wounds, and the definitions others have placed on us.

The Path to Wisdom

When we pray to receive wisdom and knowledge, we must be prepared to have our lives turned upside down. For it is only through experiencing the great challenges and pain of walking on the Earth that we can truly understand the ways of the Great Spirit. It is through suffering that our hearts open, and … Continue reading The Path to Wisdom

Relaunch: From Wise Woman Rising to Bird Clan Messenger

I haven't written in awhile and for very good reason. Over the past year, my Medicine Walk really ramped up - literally removing me from the life that I was living in 2018 and taking me through a series of life-changing challenges and lessons. I have been blessed during this time to be walking with … Continue reading Relaunch: From Wise Woman Rising to Bird Clan Messenger