I haven’t written in awhile and for very good reason. Over the past year, my Medicine Walk really ramped up – literally removing me from the life that I was living in 2018 and taking me through a series of life-changing challenges and lessons.

I have been blessed during this time to be walking with some of our society’s most vulnerable people – abused women, addicts, prostitutes, and the thousands of homeless people in downtown Toronto.

The original name of this blog was Wise Woman Rising, and expressed who I was and where I was on my Spiritual Journey at that time. But, the many difficult experiences, the processing of my own shadow material and soul wounds and the continuation of my daily Spiritual Discipline led me to a greater understanding of my identity and purpose here on planet Earth at this time.

The new name, Bird Clan Messenger is a reflection of all of it, and I hope you will like our new look and the new material I’ll be publishing.

Thank you so much for following.