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Coyote Sacred FoolAs you know, we’ve been hanging around down here in the bottom of the V with Coyote, Crow, and all the other creatures of the deep lessons of transformation, just waiting for the rest of the class to catch up for quite awhile.

Coyote has been on the job for the last several years since this transformative process began, awakening us to the ludicrous nature of what life on this planet has become under control of the dark ones who are working to destroy us all.

And this week, probably for quite awhile to come, Coyote is laughing and pointing at the “Emperors” who have no clothes. Those would-be leaders of humanity whose only claim to power is based on lies and deception.

Now that we’ve reached critical mass in this global information war, the truth is stripping the bad actors of their cloaks of personality, and in their nakedness we see the filth and perversion undergirding their deranged version of reality that has been driving our world off a cliff for thousands of years.

If you haven’t heard/read the story of “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” now would be a great time to check it out. This teaching by our friends at the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, “The Emperor’s New Clothes and Independent Thought,” fits perfectly for this time.

Coyote has come to the forefront just in time for April Fool’s Day, which works for me since our Ancestors have understood this much maligned messenger as a trickster.

In Ancient cultures around the world and to this day, the trickster – or the fool – has very powerful medicine indeed. 

Teachers of many traditions have always used our tools to help people understand this powerful energy.

Some may argue that Christianity is entirely based on the story of the Holy Fool in having the King of Kings born in a barn to a poor young couple, forced to pay taxes to an evil foreign ruler during a time of occupation.

Many of us who have come here during this time of great turmoil and awakening have agreed to play the role of the Fool in our first families to help with our own growth and evolution. This is powerful medicine that requires complete commitment to transformation, frens.

TheFoolRW-175x300In Tarot, Coyote Medicine is represented by the Fool, who comes to tell us about a transition coming up, and that it will be much easier if we dance through it – go with the flow – with the innocence of a child, rather than trying to fight it.

And Coyote teaches us about the importance of using strategy, stealth, and teamwork in defeating an opponent and bringing the light back into our lives, families, and communities. 

It looks to me like Coyote will be with us through the whole month of April as the year of the Tiger and the month of Aries are marking the beginning of the new year for people around the world. Happy birthday to my fellow Tigers! It’s going to be a great year for big cat people.

Coyote is bringing truth in with a bang, creating great mirth among the awakened, and ripping the scales off the eyes of those still asleep.

Like all trickster archetypes, Coyote takes us to the very depths of our beings and into the hearts of our communities to explore the source of the illusions that control us.

PaintSpiderGandCoyote500388-lunarivera-tripod-comThe strength and willingness to undertake this work is most often considered the medicine of Women, who have a particularly close relationship with Coyote.

Some Native creation myths tell us that Coyote (the trickster, the wise fool, the secret agent of the King) was the one who created women.

And he was so clever, he created us to be the messengers of our own cultures and traditions. That is why in all traditional societies, bloodlines and culture are usually recognized as coming through the mother.

In spite of his mischievous persona, Coyote is a special protector of women and children who has been given a bad rap by those who have stolen all our sacred symbols and creatures.

Humans spread horror stories about Coyotes “invading” their yards and towns – which have actually been stolen from Coyote’s natural habitat – while overlooking the fact that they’ve lived in those areas for thousands of years.

It is this hierarchical top-down governance of the Earth and her generous resources that Coyote comes to challenge.

Humans have begun calling the despicable child traffickers invading our Southern Border “coyotes” which is a terrible demonization of an archetype known to be a friend and protector of women and children.

And, in Coyote’s style of dissolving illusions, those who still have a smidge of curiosity left and learn about the “coyote” people invading America’s Southern border will begin to understand how all these crimes against children and humanity are easily perpetrated through the mismanagement of borders and the corruption that has filled our governments.

The major propaganda outlets are even being forced to report on it now, although they’re doing it in an underhanded and deceptive way intended to ridicule the very people who are working to save the children.

Trump on QAs we are seeing, Coyote always has the last laugh and is helping to show the sleepers how the evil ones are controlling and destroying all our resources and working together to steal and degrade our children and completely erase women.

When you have a MAN winning an NCAA women’s swimming championship, that’s FRAUD and an obvious effort to eradicate the feminine.

Where are all the “feminists?”

I’ll bet Hillary Clinton and her ilk know. They’re probably all in a forest somewhere, doing their rituals, indulging in some boxed wine, and pining about their lost plans to steal your kids envisioned in her book, “It Takes a Village to Raise a Child.” 😛

Now, one of the cabal’s judicial puppets is nominated for the Supreme Court. Somebody better check this chick’s connections to George Soros stat… okay, I couldn’t resist. . .  

Screenshot (84)

When you have a grown woman, a social justice activist who claims she doesn’t know what a woman is, and who is a friend and supporter of pedophiles being nominated for the Supreme Court of the United States . . . well, that’s Coyote Medicine at its finest and alternative voices are all over it!

What kind of nations, what kind of legacies do westerners want to leave their children?

Timing is always key in any plan, whether it’s a good, divinely-directed mission or a diabolical plan to destroy humanity.

Coyote AlchemistAnd, what we’re seeing right now is a mighty upsetting of the global apple cart in which people’s eyes are opened like never before and more are joining us every day.

This is what happens when you spring your plans too soon or in chaos – or when your alliance is held together by disloyal and immoral people who would throw you under the bus for a dollar.

Globally, people are beginning to realize the breathtaking depth of deception the “fifth column” (the media) has perpetrated on the people in the name of their narrative.

I wrote this article for Ryerson University’s Unaffiliated Press back in 2017 which helps explain the origins of the full on propaganda we’re being blasted with now.

Trump Vlad NWOPeople are realizing that the mainstream, neo-con war propagandists have been working overtime to demand a nuclear war with Russia to protect themselves and their own interests.

This complete hypocrisy after more than two decades of constant US/Cabal driven “regime change” in other countries is waking up people of all political backgrounds who have long agreed that we have had enough of these for-profit wars, and that America shouldn’t be running around policing the entire world in the name of so-called “democracy” which is their code for THEIR form of democracy – in which we own nothing and are happy.

Imagine no possessions.

The reason the western propagandists and war hawks are attacking Vladimir Putin so relentlessly is that he literally told the world that the West is controlled by Satanic pedophiles years ago.

What is happening in the Ukraine is the aftermath of the 2004 Color Revolution financed by Soros and his Open Society, declared as an “undesirable” organization by Russia in 2005, and now understood as a full-fledged terrorist operation by increasing numbers of countries around the world, including his home of Hungary.

In America (and around the world), people are watching in amused amazement at the carnival running in the Senate as one of the Obama/Biden admin’s pedo-protecting judicial activists, selected and implanted by George Soros, is being grilled over her well-documented support and protection of pedophiles, who are child rapists, child porn distributors, and deeply embedded in the political classes of most western nations.

Justin Trudeau has just had his ass handed to him by the EU Parliament, and his photo op speech was barely attended. He’s being exposed and humiliated on the global stage for his tyranny and despicable behavior toward the people he’s supposed to be leading – at the very same time more truth about his human trafficking and sex slavery connections are being exposed.

Patriots of the Western nations are fighting a fantastic battle to bring truth to the people and change the narrative away from their Great Reset agenda to that of the New Earth predicted by our prophets.

To that end, I’d like to give a shout-out to a friend and the owner of the Canadian Patriots channel on Telegram, Albert Kennedy who has created a place where truth lives large and the discussion is lively. CP includes information from around the world, so check it out and join us if you’re on Telegram. 

Animal Totem Card: The Coyote by tobys-brain on DeviantArtCoyote is a teacher who shows us the importance of working alone at times as well as working with a team, so I will be including Canadian Patriots on Bird Clan Messenger’s “Resources for Patriots” page, coming this week. If you have a website, group, page, or resource you’d like to share, please drop me a line here.

Coyote time reminds us that the shit is definitely hitting the fan for the bad guys and for those who have insisted on clinging to sleep.

I think it would be terrible to just be awakening right now, especially if I had fallen for the vaccine scam.

Remember that the folks around us are going to be coming out of their sleep as they remove their masks and begin realizing they’ve been the victims of a giant hoax for the last two years.

There will be confusion and a lot of distress like we experience when we first awaken and begin to walk out of the Matrix.

In the meantime, as always, many of us still have time on our hands to work on our own healing, make plans for our future in the New Earth, and manage the issues of daily life from a new, more enlightened perspective.

It is my honor to be your messenger


P.S. If you’re looking for some great information, you can learn about this time of Crow and Coyote Medicine and the lessons they offer here, ** (this is probably my most important teaching for people living in Turtle Island), and more about the Coyote Archetype in all cultures here. 

And for a musical lift, Check out Hummingbird and Coyote’s MEMEtastic Medicine Show from October to check out the progress we’ve made in waking people up over the last five months, and please feel free to share. The video features my son and his first band. 😀

Thank you so much for being here with us during this wild and crazy time. If you have questions or need support, don’t hesitate to contact me, and please feel free to share all of Bird Clan Messenger’s teachings. It really helps.