Grandfather Joseph White Eagle: Dance the Sacred Circle with Love

"We cannot take from Mother Earth without giving back, we cannot have peace if we cause division between ourselves. There can be no love if we see only with our eyes and not feel with our heart, we cannot honor and respect the sacred that is all around us if we do not have honor and respect for the sacred within us." - Joseph White Eagle

Chi Miigwetch: The Replicating Super Power

Here in Tkaronto, Chi Miigwetch is the first word that many of us learn when we join the Anishnawbe Health Traditional Indigenous healing community. And, those of us who are taking our Medicine Walks very seriously have learned that Chi Miigwetch opens peoples' hearts in a way that other medicines cannot.

Music Medicine: I Am The Light Of My Soul

This morning, as I was working to prepare my friend, Melissa Teague's excellent article on emotional and spiritual healing for publication, Spirit gave me this incredible gift of musical medicine:   Snatam Kaur is an American-born citizen of the world who uses her powerful musical gifts to teach and heal people of all faith backgrounds. … Continue reading Music Medicine: I Am The Light Of My Soul

View From 40K Feet ∞ A Big Slice O’ Momma’s Best π

Thanks to the Science and Math Heroes in our lives, most of us know March 14 is the day we celebrate the number 3.14 - known as Pi (Thanks, y'all).  But many of us (who aren't actual ROCKET SCIENTISTS like Jesse, my homey from The Ville), don't know a whole lot about the multi-facted miracle of Pi.