Otter has come this week to teach us about the power of Women’s Medicine, about the powerful change, the alchemy and magic that happen when women come together in the spirit of sisterhood. She and her friends show us that health, weal (prosperity) and wisdom are gifts bestowed on us from the beginning of our lives and it is our mission to hang onto them through learning our lessons, having clear boundaries, walking in truth, and giving thanks.

Joining Otter this week are Armadillo in the yellow house reminding us to “think about what we’re thinking about,” Wild Boar in the red house giving us courage to continue facing our fears and the revelations of truth that are continuing to arise, and Turkey is sitting with the Grandmothers in their black house reminding us to be grateful for all we have and to remember to share with others.

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Walking the Red Road shows us the essence of character. Otter reminds us that we build our character by doing the right thing even when we’re alone, when nobody else is around.

In FACT(!!) she teases us playfully, our alone times are the perfect time for trying on new ideas, dressing up and acting “as if” in our New Earth selves, and remembering that practice makes perfect.

Limbo is a good time to organize ourselves and look at our habits – both good and bad – and we are learning a great deal about healing and truth during this year of the Great Mother Bear. As I write, her moon is in Gemini and waxing. What that means? Our friends at explain:

Moon in Gemini manifests itself by the need for changes and spontaneity. Safety lies in thinking about your feelings and sharing them with others. You can be more talkative and speak with ease these days. You might have a better ability to keep a cool head, but beware, cold heart can discourage others. Harmony of thinking and feeling is important.

The raw, essential purpose for our being here at this time in history is to help lead the way and guide people through Earth and humanity’s transition to a higher level of consciousness.

This process doesn’t come from acquiescing to deadly mandates by tyrants who are pushing death, disease, and fear like never before. It doesn’t come from censoring people with different interpretation of mainstream narrative and attacking good people because they have done independent research and have a different (and more accurate) understanding of modern geopolitical and spiritual events.

The change comes from first having the courage to walk through the darkness of our own hearts and psyches to meet the pain inside ourselves. After examining it, blessing it, forgiving ourselves and others and letting it go, we are able to move forward with the heart of a child.

If you are in need of someone to talk with, please contact me here.

Otter shows us this circular process of healing through her sleek and very female body.

Otter has come this week to teach us about the power of Women’s Medicine, about the powerful change, the alchemy and magic that happen when women come together in the spirit of sisterhood.

Many of us have lost our Grandmothers and Mothers, our Aunties and Sisters. Many more live far away from our relatives and we feel the loss of connection with our kinswomen in the deepest parts of our heart.

For this reason, it is good to look at this time as a lucky opportunity to connect with other women in our own neighborhoods and online. The New Earth is changing to a much more just and balanced place where women AND men are being offered the gift of being able to stay home with their children and build a business – cottage industry – as our Ancestors did.  

We are living during a time in which our every choice is connected to the path we take. Do we continue to allow ourselves to be dependent on global corporations, like the “Indian Agents” and company stores of the 19th Century?

Or do we realize our freedom, change our ways of thinking, find our joyful services, products, and messages, and begin to find ways to create prosperity, abundance, and community from our play?

Armadillo has returned to back up Grandfather Moose’s Medicine from last week – He is sitting in the yellow house reminding us to be watchful, vigilant, and prepared for anything. And to remember that our reality lies in the discipline of our thoughts and the boundaries we set to protect our new understanding of reality.

A few weeks ago, Armadillo was visiting with Hummingbird reminding us of how important it is for us to set strong boundaries when we’re working on the deep healing of our psyches.

We cannot control the words and actions of other people, but when we are healing and learning a new way to be (outside of the chaos of the forest fire), we need strong boundaries and space of our own.

Many Way Showers have reached a higher level of consciousness.

Many are still recovering from the massive life changes required by the process of surrendering to our higher power.

Many are alone and spending a great deal of time in isolation, and the Ancestors encourage us to turn the page and start focusing on the dreams we’re here to manifest. We cannot change the past, but we can learn from it and see that we have all chosen to play a part in one another’s stories. Remember the good and beautiful pieces and let the sadness go. There is no longer a reason to be sad.

Armadillo is a creature of diligence and focus reminding us to be conscious of what we allow into our perception. A great way to do this is by creating a Medicine Wheel for yourself that includes the sacred objects and ideas you want to experience and closing your teepee against visitors when necessary.

The Circle always represents our Sacred Journey, and we have the right and free will to include everything we need for this lifetime within the boundaries of our personal circle.

Behave as you would if you were in your ideal place, surrounded by your tribe. – Armadillo

Armadillo invites us to take a good look at our homes get ourselves organized so we’re better prepared for whatever each day brings.

He encourages us to focus on solutions rather than problems.

Otter and Armadillo teach us that we can play our way to success much more easily than if we fight and compete with others.

Ultimately, Armadillo helps us realize that we’re always in control of setting up what we’re willing to experience. So lock your focus on ways to solve (change in a positive way) the things about your life you’re unhappy with.

Spend a week focusing on money and ways to increase the money coming into your life that don’t rely on governments and their agencies. Working on commission is an excellent way to begin transitioning off of dependency on governments or corporations, and helps people learn excellent entrepreneurial, sales, marketing, and technical skills.

As all of our guides have been telling us over the past year, the place to start making great change in our physical lives is through tidying up and organizing our home. Our homes should be our sanctuaries where we feel safe and inspired and can easily find everything we need to do our work. The toys and tools of our trade.

The Grandmothers say, “everything in its place, and a place for everything.”

Armadillo is a great helper but can also cause us to be too focused on the future to the point that we miss what is going on around us.

This is an issue that people who suffer from PTSD need to be aware of for a disconnect is showing us that we aren’t balanced between the present and the future and that we may be avoiding the truth about certain aspects of our life.

Grandfather Wild Boar is visiting us in the red home – where the Wolves live and dance with Crow, Coyote, Skunk and other creatures of transformation.

He reminds us to remember and learn more about our history – the history of our own families and Ancestors and those of our nations. There has never been a more important time in the history of humanity than this time, and it is the responsibility of all people to research and learn and face the ugly truths of this place for themselves.

Every day more people are waking up and starting to realize that there is a reason the establishment political and media millionaires are attacking the Q movement. Those who serve the dark always attack the truth and the light.

The actor Isaac Kappy is believed to have been murdered for telling the truth about pedophilia in the entertainment industry. This is a video that has just come out based on his work.

People who are curious enough to do their own research to learn the truth about Q and the Anon Digital Citizen Journalism movement always discover that Q is a Military Intelligence group based in northern Virginia who is disseminating credible and verifiable information about our political system, the attempted coups and assassination attempts against the United States of America and President Trump, and about the attack on humanity by the globalist elites. The movement is led by General Michael Flynn and many believe that Donald Trump is Q+.

Regardless of how you feel about politics or even Donald Trump, if you want to know what is happening on this planet, you must learn the truth.

You cannot move forward until you do it.

The Great Wild Boar shows us that through facing our deepest fears and choosing new ways of dealing with them, we begin walking along a path filled with understandings of truth

Grandfather Medicine lives in the power of the great Wild Boar who gives us the beauty of truth, quickness, agility, and love that we receive when we are courageous enough to stare at the ugly truths surrounding our lives and our planet and make the commitment to change based on the teachings of our Ancestors.

This is how the character of a leader develops. Walking the narrow path, through the fires of our own fears and delusions until we reach the point at which we’re ready to face them down and find the right path forward.

Grandfather and the Great Wild Boar open the stairway down into the rabbit hole of our greatest fantasies and our darkest delusions. Learning truth about the outer world and all the lies and deception that have ruled this planet for thousands of years – all by 13 families and their bloodline descendants – can bring you to your knees.

As I have written many times, the process is not for the faint of heart. It is usually only the strongest, the “scapegoats” of the family who have come to clear that old intergenerational trauma, break the cycle of family disfunction, and begin rebuilding healthy nuclear families and communities.

Wild Boar pokes at us and makes us think about ways we sabotage ourselves. Are we procrastinating? Intentionally avoiding a particular issue in our lives?

This Grandfather teaches “they can’t kill us and eat us,” – reminding us that facing the actual issue in ourselves is never as bad as our fears if we are basically decent human beings doing the best we can.

But doing this takes great personal strength, courage, rest, and the proper medicines. Often the proper medicine means finding the support and resources we need to help us deal with those fearful issues. Finding the right ways to access more money, organize our lives to see exactly what we need and make a budget.

And the basis for our ability to do this everyday comes to us through the medicine of the Land Eagle – the Turkey who came to give his life so we could live.

Turkey sits with the Grandmothers in the black house, and they remind us to take time out to give thanks to the Creator and to our Ancestors many times each day.

When we pause and give thanks, we are comforted, and we are better able to see where we need to make changes in the next hour. Small changes lead to great movements and celebrations.

Every grandmother knows that we need to plan and organize our cupboards, plan our menus and our shopping lists in order to run an organized home. The Grandmothers remind us that we need to have comfort (healthy) food, and we need to stop and eat when our bodies tell us to.

Like all good grandmothers, Turkey reminds us of the importance of community, of sharing food and resources with friends and family, to extend our communities in the best ways we can while we’re still in the cave – and to plan for the celebrations to come.

For there will be many celebrations to come when more and more people begin to learn and understand the power of Chi Miigwetch, (the power of giving deepest gratitude). Chi Miigwetch is a replicating superpower, and it teaches us that when we live in gratitude, blessing everyone and all our experiences, we open the doorway to receive new blessings ourselves.

The Grandmothers remind us that this is a year to be self-protective and focused on our own healing, so we should learn to balance our shows of love and gratitude for others with the need to give love and gratitude to our very own selves. Every aspect of our selves and our experience.

And this is especially important during this time when we are reclaiming the truth and our traditions from those who have been destroying them for many years. While the battle rages outside, we can work on our own healing and learn our truths and histories.

For families, it is so important to remember the roles that men and women have played since the beginning of human history in bringing life to earth and raising families.

Otter reminds us that this is a great time to learn the ways of our Grandmothers and teach them to our sons and daughters. Many people don’t know that the Rockefeller family (one of the 13) actually paid for the 2nd wave “feminist” movement of the 1960s that led to the destruction of the nuclear family.

Prior to the rise of “Cosmo” and the career woman propaganda, the majority of women (as now) were happy to stay home and raise their own children, manage their households, and make a beautiful sanctuary for the ones they loved. People of all cultures have always celebrated the family home and homemaker – until they have been attacked by fascism and communist ideologies.

And these truths are why it is so important for us to uncover the truth about our past as individuals, as families and as nations. It is clearly time for us to return to the old ways, for it has been made clear that the new Earth will be built upon the old ways and sacred teachings of our Ancestors. And that is the call of the Grandmothers – the Divine Feminine.

It is my honour to be your messenger.

Bird Clan Messenger was created to teach about this time of great transformation and prophecy known as the 8th Fire Great Awakening and many other names by people of all cultures. We do this through teaching about Animal totems and the Medicines of the creatures and plants, sharing Native culture, and offering messages from the Ancestors as they are offered.  Learn more about Bird Clan Messenger Programs here.

Chi Miigwetch!

We’re grateful for the support of our community.