One of the most significant differences between Indigenous (First Nations) culture and secular people who are now living on Turtle Island is the fundamental way communities are established and maintained.

While Indigenous people use the ancient Clan System to establish and organize communities, secular communities are built around supporting and servicing employers (which increasingly are global corporations paying slave wages).

We can get a glimpse of the plans that globalists have for humanity by examining the past behavior of industrial capitalists.

Mining towns were artificially created and existed entirely to serve the company.

Women’s unpaid household labor directly supported the operations by maintaining the company’s human resources, for free, using food and other supplies that had to be purchased from the company store at often inflated prices.

West Virginia coal miner’s household. 

Impoverished mining towns of the 19th Century, whose people were completely dependent on the company aren’t hard to imagine in these days of Amazon and Wal-mart Supercenters.

It’s pretty clear that all of humanity has been riding the slippery-slope to total enslavement, just as President John F. Kennedy gave his life to warn us about.

At the very heart of this engineered nightmare path to slavery is the disconnection of people from our organic communities made up of relatives, long-time (generational) friends, ancestors, and shared history.

Our Clans.

Stripping people of cultural, social, ancestral, and personal identity is a well-known tactic of war.  And, with the rise of unbridled industrial capitalism, this weapon has been wielded against the 99% with increasing ferocity over the last three hundred-plus years.

In the New World, our relatives in the Indigenous community are suffering unimaginable generational trauma to show us how, war, and disease cause massive disruptions in family connections and ultimately disconnect us from our Clan (purpose) and personal identity.

Until a few hundred years ago, all human societies operated through some form of the Clan system. People worked according to their gifts and skills and shared those gifts and skills with others in the community.

In European countries, with the development of established cities, towns, and villages, Clan systems slowly were overshadowed by relationships of trade and commerce; and, by medieval times, communities were organized and arranged through guilds directly related to one’s trade or craft.

Susan Naives offers an insightful depiction of the ways wives were essential to their husband’s trades in her 2012 blog post, “Buying Bread and Milk in 18th and 19th Century London.”

Generally, the entire household of a trade or crafts person was involved in the trade. That’s where terms like “Baker’s Wife and Farmer’s daughter” come from.

Many last names reflect Trades, i.e. a person named Sam Baker – would likely be the descendant of an ancestor who lived many generations prior to the family’s arrival in the New World.

Increasing numbers of us have been cut off from this important knowledge about our ancestry and our roots through same depopulation processes of war, migration, and disease that our Indigenous relatives are recovering from.

But, the good news is that we are living during the most incredible turning point in human history.

The time of genocide and disconnection is changing as Indigenous people and Indigenous Descendants are sharing the Clan teachings, learning about our own Clans, and finding our place & roles in them.

The young ones of the 8th Generation have come to join the first wave of Indigos who started incarnating here in the 50s and 60s. These young ones are already showing their mission and passion for spreading truth, traditional teachings and music around the world.

In Anishnaabe societies, “Makwa [Members of the Bear Clan] are the protectors who patrol the woods around the community to watch for danger. They also know how to use the plants for medicine.” – Anishnaabemowin

Here, we are coming together to help one another heal, and to reconnect with ourselves and our Clans, Tribes, Families, Soul Groups, Star Families on very deep and meaningful levels to help create the New Earth.

The craftspeople, the tradespeople, the messengers, the healers, the teachers of wisdom, the mothers and keepers of homes, and the warriors – the real warriors of honor who came to protect the people, not kill for the greedy, evil ones – are all awakening, recognizing ourselves, and coming together.

The time has come for each of us who are awake and awakening to begin sniffing out our own identity. Our true, essential identity. This process is crucial to understanding our mission and purpose for being here at this time.

My Indigenous Traditional healers and teachers started me on the path toward my true identity: my Spirit Name, my Clan, and Colors, and gave me opportunities and help as I learn my role in this sacred community.

The single most healing thing that any of us can do is to learn our Spirit name – James Carpenter

This isn’t just a cutesy animal or nature name that we feel drawn to. It is the name of our Soul – our Eternal Being. Often, our names describe our personalities or appearance.


But perhaps for those of us who are more curious, our names are somewhat confusing or obscured and require us to go digging to learn about who we are and what we’re all about.

The impact this re-connection with my deep self had on my life – my self-confidence, my sense of purpose and most of all, a deep understanding of my true, eternal nature – is stunning.

How would you live your life if your very name itself reflected who you are, and your purpose for this mission on Grandmother Earth?

How would it affect the way you offer your gifts, talents, and services to our human family, if you learned that all your interests and experiences are inherently based in your Spiritual Identity, expressed through your role in a particular Clan while here on earth?

Can you imagine what having that knowledge would do to the globalists who are trying to enslave all the people of the world?

HappyPlanetEarthCan you imagine the power if every (!) single (!) person on the planet knew their true, eternal identity, their reason for being on Earth at this point in time, the truth and power of their ancestral lineage — and freely offered their gifts and talents for the sake of humanity, our environment, and our relatives in the plant, animal, fish, and bird families?

We would reclaim our planet from the great evil. And, Mother Earth would once again be a healthy and abundant hostess for our children and grandchildren.

The traditional team Anishnawbe Health Toronto offer teachings and guidance about Indigenous Clan systems, and help the people begin finding their way back. Here is one of AHTs Traditional Teaching on Clans. 

** 2022 note: It has been heartbreaking to witness and report on the corruption in the Native Healthcare system here that has really been illuminated through the “elders” acceptance and imposition of the Covid fraud and all the insane mandates. The cultural teachings are a gateway into further system entrapment. Cultural appropriation at its finest going on there. – kk

Non-Indigenous Allies of New World People who are interested in seeking out their ancestral identity, have increasing resources, thanks to the internet. Here’s a great starter article published by Family Tree Magazine.

If you’re interested in learning more about Craft Guilds and Associations in Pre-Industrial Europe, S.R. Epstein’s article in the Cambridge Journal of Economic History is a great starting point for deeper research.

I hope you will give serious thought about reclaiming your identity as you continue your great work in helping to create the New Earth.

It is my honour to be your messenger.

kandace –  Toronto, 2018-01-20

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