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Dancing Humanity Through the Valley of Death – Crow & Coyote Medicine

One of the greatest mistakes modern humans have made is to believe that the cultural genocide and land/wealth/resource appropriation stopped happening with the end of colonialism against First Nations peoples in Turtle Island and other nations.

Cloud Spencer Eaglebear – Sacred Medicine of the Great Spirit

Worshiping the Sacred Medicine propels us deeper into the vortex of those things greater than us. For we are between a mountain and an ANT and swallowed by our own demons that are made to bring us closer to fall in love with the things that enslave us to fail… For man has become more sophisticated and educated. He has not evolved…

Joseph White Eagle – The Great Lie of Blood Quantum

You may have heard of blood quantum testing to determine the recommended percentage of First Nations blood you must have. The reason the powers that be only do this with the First Nations is because the treaties and land claims.

They use a divide and conquer on the First Nations to put a condition on who can represent the First Nations.

Cloud Spencer Eaglebear – The Value of Our Spiritual Practice

“Anpetu kin le waste kaga (Make today a good day). Spiritual blessings, the burning of our beloved sweet grass reminds us the harmony we must have to be humble enough to forgive and let those unseen beings who share in the perfume smell of that great essence, to build our connection which stores good medicine to our strong belief system to be the foundation of all antidotes.