Our Launch: 12:31 12-31 2017

We have chosen to launch Wise Woman Rising at 12:31 on 12-31, 2017 with the intention of imbuing this service website with the energy of the 123 LightCodes. According to Michael C. Murdock at Divine Light Phases, when we use or see the repeated LightCode, 123, we are being told, "at the moment you are … Continue reading Our Launch: 12:31 12-31 2017

2017 From 40K Feet: A Wrap Up, with Gratitude and Inspiration

Together, Progressives and Conservatives have won this war - against the most insidious, widespread, and longest-term period of evil in the history of humanity. These puppets of Evil Elite globalists, directing our world toward a "New World Order" Dystopian Nightmare ...