Private Medicine Wheel Readings

K Keithley, Medicine Wheel Night, 7 (Redemption Song) Sanctuary Toronto 14 July 2018

K Keithley, Medicine Wheel Night, 7 (Redemption Song) Sanctuary Toronto 14 July 2018

Life is always more complex than we think it should be and sometimes it helps to get some insight into who we are and where we are on our journey.

One-On-One Medicine Wheel sessions can help you understand important aspects of your life through the sacred objects you choose and place on your Medicine  Wheel. 

We will look at your experience and sacred belongings through the Indigenous worldview, through the language of symbolism, archetypes, mysticism, and the totems and talk about what they mean to you. Together we can uncover deeper levels of the meanings they express. This way helps us interpret our experiences and relationships in ways that we may not have thought of ourselves.

The cost is $110.00 USD for a one hour Zoom session. If you are struggling, please Contact Me, and I will help you with a sliding scale or pro-bono if necessary.

Visit this page to learn about Scheduling a Medicine Wheel Teaching or Circle for your group.

To schedule a session:

  • Make a donation through PayPal. 
  • Look for my email response thanking you and to set up a meeting.
  • Read about what you’ll need to do to prepare for a private session (below).
  • Make sure you know how to use Zoom.

Book a Medicine Wheel Reading!

One Hour Private Reading. Upon receipt of your payment, I will email you to arrange a meeting time. Chi Miigwetch.


K Keithley, 3D Medicine Wheel 8 June 13 2018Preparing for a Medicine Wheel Reading 

  • Go through your home and look at your belongings.
  • Select between four and 8 objects that hold sacred energy for you,
  • Intuitively place them on the four colour quadrants of A Medicine Wheel that you create or you can put them in each of the four directions on a table.
  • Take a pic and send it to me at least a day before we’re scheduled to talk. Make sure you let me know which object is sitting in the Northern Quadrant of your Medicine Wheel.

If you have any questions, please message me here

I look forward to meeting you!

Chi Miigwetch,


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