Weasel and Lion Medicine: Courage in the Time of Prophecy

Weasel is the Medicine Totem of the week, and we're still in the month of the mighty Lion with a powerful Full Sturgeon Moon, also known as the Red Moon by Southern Tribes and the Green Corn Moon by others. We have reached the end of a powerful cycle in which many people have begun … Continue reading Weasel and Lion Medicine: Courage in the Time of Prophecy

Mouse Medicine – The Power of “As If”

TORONTO -  People on the Spiritual Path who've been searching for the truth for a long time will always hit a wall that shatters the ego and forces ever deeper scrutiny into our own connections, thoughts, beliefs, and habits. This process will cause us to splash around for awhile as we work to regain control, … Continue reading Mouse Medicine – The Power of “As If”

Mountain Lion – The Pause that Refreshes

The creatures remind us that we are blessed with this time of stillness. To take time each day to entertain that little child without guilt, without the nagging voice in our ear telling us that our own value lies in “producing” something of “being of service.” Sometimes, the greatest service we can offer is loving ourselves. Producing a better outcome for our own futures and for those we love. This is the medicine of the Mountain Lion who comes to inspire the leader, the warrior, the messenger in each of our souls. These are the ones we need to help us build our New Earth communities.

Melissa Teague: The Teachers & Leaders of the Golden Age ~ #144K

"These special souls are said to make up 1/2 of 1% of the population on Earth. They have held within them Divine keys and codes that once accessed and opened many doors for themselves and humanity, making them way-showers and forerunners and trail blazers of the Golden Age." - Melissa Teague

Future Proves Past: New Years Greetings for the Family of Light – 144,000

"How many friends and family members do you have who are awakened now compared to last year? It's so great to be able to look back and see how far we've come. I am so EXCITED to see what New Years 2020 has in store for us!" ~Kandace Keithley, #BirdClanMessenger