Frog PerspectiveIn these first days of spring, our relatives of the Frog kingdom are reminding us of our bonds with all of life, every form and person no matter how “ugly” they might appear in physical form, showing us that nature and our Ancestors and the world itself hold truths we cannot always understand.

And, about the power of laughter and love to wash away hurt, anger, cynicism and chaos. These are the great medicines of Frog.

At this time we are being terrorized by a new virus, and are being asked to stay inside, connect with our families, take care of one another and our homes, learn new skills, learn how to make our own food, remember the old ways.

This time out of time is a great opportunity to teach children truth, to work on healing – and to research the things you may have only heard about and are too scared to check out for yourself.

So, in the spirit of Frog Medicine which encourages us to look deeper or from a different perspective, I’d like to share with you the story of how a little frog named Pepe is helping to change the world with laughter.

As we repeatedly write about here on BCM, we are blessed to be living during the time of the 8th Fire or the Great Awakening – the time of apocalypse written about in the Bible when all that was hidden is being revealed.

One of the great miracles of the Great Awakening is the Q movement – a global consortium of citizen journalists, musicians, artists, meme lords, researchers, writers, and every day heroes who have walked into the pit of hell to witness the greatest, most unimaginable evil being perpetrated on the most vulnerable souls on the planet – and have returned to help awaken the people who are still sleeping.

The millionaire propagandists in the mainstream media (who work for the great evil that has been terrorizing all of humanity for thousands of years) have worked hard trying to convince the ones who haven’t yet awakened that Q is a “cult” or a “conspiracy.”

Pepe The Protest Frog

This is certainly understandable because at this time, the powers of the world are in a global war for the consciousness of the people. We are struggling to sort out who’s version of “truth” will power our planet from this point forward.

Make no mistake, this is a spiritual war first and foremost and the dark is losing because people around the world are awakening thanks to the Q movement.

And many Q followers (known as Anons) have adopted the a little cartoon frog known as Pepe for their mascot.

In addition to knowledge, critical thinking, and research skills, Q and Pepe have taught us that LAUGHTER is a powerful weapon against the forces of darkness.

When we laugh at the evil ones & turn their serious, virtue signaling attacks on their heads, we reduce their power over us.

Fear has no power where love lives large, and love is expressed through many ways.

Pepe the Frog teaches us to fall in love with the ridiculous, the silly things of life and – like all good frogs – to realize that we are ALL connected. Nothing brings us together like laughter.

Egyptian Pepe

Pepe the frog and the “cult” of internet truth-seekers he represents is a hilarious grass-roots nod to Kek, an ancient Egyptian Deity of darkness and chaos who was also known as the “bringer of light.” (It’s always darkest before the dawn)

But when they chose Pepe, the folks who created the Kek culture had no idea who Kek even was! Around the time this internet sub-culture was forming, keyboard warriors (mostly  millennial men) who had begun to make Pepe a meme sensation started to use the term “KEK” instead of LOL on the game World of Warcraft.

Apparently, the keyboard translation of LOL in Korean turned out to be KEK, which had the unintentional impact of bringing people from all over the world together through an acronym for laughter.

Kek Culture

And, as they were digging around trying to find out more about the ancient Egyptian god of darkness, chaos, and light (the death-rebirth cycle), they discovered that he was often represented as a frog!

Then, an entire series of synchronicities started to happen which you can read about in this great post on the Pepe The Frog Faith blog.

Essentially, this Frog Medicine – these guys are calling it Chaos Magic – shows the power of laughter to bring people together.

And when like-minded people get together, synchronistic events start to happen, people agree with one another and it is this shared understanding of reality that gives us the courage to join forces and face down evil in all its forms.

The word/concept of memes comes from mimetic theory, which describes the intuitive natural way most humans learn through mimicking others’ behavior and beliefs.

And those behaviors expand the more people are exposed to the messaging, influenced and rewarded.

Pepe Hate CrimeThis is the power of “each one teach one,” replication, of sacred geometry, and the power of prayer that people of faith have been promised.

It is also the power of social media, and most important to all of us, the way we learn naturally from our time of birth – through watching and mimicking the people in our lives.

The First Nations people who have held on to the ways of the Ancestors still use this ancient way to teach everything.

And it is the power of laughter, the great gift of being able to laugh at ourselves and the absurdity of those who believe themselves to be “powerful,” that opened the door for the greatest Troll Master of all time to become the unintentional leader of the Kek/Pepe meme warriors: (Candidate) Donald Trump.

Many millions of Americans and others around the world remember Donald Trump’s hilarious appearances on television his internationally renown program, The Apprentice, his enormous donations to charity, his generosity in helping random people he would encounter in his day, his awards celebrating his inclusion of people of all colors in the American Dream.

Trump KekBut, many suddenly “forgot” these things when Candidate Trump became more than a joke and won the Presidency in 2016.

Since his election, Donald Trump has suffered more assaults on his personal character, his looks, his wife and her looks, his children (the youngest of whom was only 10 years old when the mob began to attack the family, threaten their lives, and tell wild and ever wilder lies about them) than any President in American History.

The response to this astonishing, never-before seen behavior was not only ridicule and laughter – but also the gathering together of people who could see through the lies, who had actually taken time to LISTEN to Donald Trump and his message of hope for America and the world, rather than mindlessly swallowing edited and manipulated soundbites.

The people who elected Donald Trump were soon joined by ever increasing numbers of former members of the Democrat party as each layer of election fraud, theft of public funds, corruption, money laundering, vote rigging, and decidedly undemocratic party rules was revealed.

Every day, we are seeing more and more people who are willing to stand up and fight for our country and President Trump’s vision for our future.

Standing Rock Water Protectors
This is a photo of the Standing Rock Water Protectors, trying to protect their community’s water supply from corporate mercenaries who were spraying them with water cannons on -20 temperatures. All honour and respect to our Water Protectors.

People began doing real research, talking about the country’s founding documents like the Constitution and the very important 2nd Amendment which, by the end of the Obama era was literally the ONLY thing that was protecting Americans from being invaded by foreign enemies.

People began learning American history, about politics. Paying attention to the backgrounds of the people they were being asked to vote for, and challenging the CIA propaganda in the Democrat controlled media.

It became clear that these subjects had not been taught to at least one generation in the failing public school system that had been taken over by globalists who were intent on imposing communism on America.

As more and more people began waking up to the truth of the criminals who had been running our country, they joined the international community of researchers and citizen journalists in the Q community – which only encourages people to do their own research, think for themselves, talk to one another, care for one another and pray for one another.

Pepe MemeThe outcome has been a spiritual and political awakening of people around the world of all colours, countries, cultures and faith traditions based on traditional values and shared laughter, and now there is no turning back.

This has been a time of great chaos for the people of America and all the people of the Earth and this chaos is evidence of great change on the horizon.

The attacks against Donald Trump  and his supporters – many of whom are a part of the Q movement – have been extreme to the level of ridiculous and only reveal the twisted reality that his haters want to continue imposing on humanity through virtue signaling and political correctness and liberal “post-modern” indoctrination.

They hate Trump because he calls them out on their corruption and makes fun of them. He used Twitter and the power of communication as a sword, the way the duel was once used to settle with one’s enemies.

And they hate him for it, because it’s the one area of communication they can’t control and they can’t understand his messaging.

It’s like they’re a bunch of cats and he’s the man with the laser pointer.

Big tech has censored the President of the United States and hundreds of millions of conservatives around the world because they challenge the Marxist, globalist efforts to brainwash the people to accept communism.

Fortunately, we have seen many new social media options open up since the beginning of 2020, and DJT’s new Truth Social network is getting fired up.

Through this little human drama, Kek, Pepe, and Trump are also showing us the power of the Law of Attraction. The haters keep hating and that hate multiplies exponentially until they are literally twisted up like pretzels, unable to really function in a healthy way.

We are now seeing them hating on each other, since the people of the light have discovered the power of humor and laughter to defuse the energy of their hate. They can’t hurt us and instead are attacking one another.

And they are terrified because Trump’s job is to illuminate the darkness of the world.

Regardless of whether we like his personality, his hair style, his wife, or the fact that he likes ketchup on his steak, the truth is that the man is doing his job exposing the most corrupt leaders to ever walk this planet.

He is shutting down the global mafia responsible for the most heinous crimes against humanity that most decent, sane people could ever imagine.

MLK Hate LoveWhile the ones still in the dark worship celebrities who are literally trafficking, hurting and killing children and babies, cheering for communist china, and supporting a corrupt political agenda, the people who have awakened have turned to the light.

Many have returned to the church. Virtually all who are truly awake are on a spiritual path.  And, to a person, there is laughter and joy.

President Trump is guiding the country through this terrible time of division, lies, propaganda, treason and chaos by using humor a lot of the time – trolling everyone – including himself.

And this is very good, because this state of affairs for the dark ones provides the great fodder, the informational boomerang that KEK uses in bringing in the next phase of Frog Medicine – the powerful transformation.

FB_IMG_1574967191911It is a Universal Truth that we begin to change our societies when we reach what researchers call Critical Mass, which is only 10% of the population.

Thanks to President Trump, Pepe the Anons around the world,  (and Kek) – and the power of social media –  the population of our planet has raised its consciousness enough to move forward, with enough wisdom to see behind the veil of propaganda and fear that those who have controlled us are using to keep us enslaved.

We have reached and red-pilled well more than 10% of America’s population and those numbers are reflected in the massive numbers of people walking away from the Democrat communist party and supporting our President and his team.

Millions are walking away from the CIA propagandists on the cable news channels and sharing information with one another via social media.

People are finally ready to see the truth – and in order to see and learn the truth, much of it horrific and demonic, people will need time to learn and time to process, time to cry and grieve the millions of lives lost to evil, the near loss of our countries, our food supply, our way of life – and then to reconnect and begin doing the hard work of reconstruction.

And this is where frog’s water medicine comes in.

Water Is LifeThe Grandmothers teach us that our tears are sacred, for it is the water in our tears that heal our souls. And The Grandmothers teach us that Water Is Life, for it is water that hydrates our bodies, washes us clean, refreshes and invigorates us, and gives a place to splash and play.

It is truly amazing yet no mistake that so many of our new leaders have joined in the fun that Pepe the Frog brings.

This ancient god of chaos whose name represents laughter, this bringer of light who also just happens to be a cartoon frog resembling Donald Trump is truly the realm of the absurd. The delight of the young at heart.

Jesus taught us that to enter the kingdom of heaven, we must be like a little child. That means to be joyful like a kid, to laugh and play and see the silliness in life. That feeling is what heaven is.

I think 2020 and part of 2021 will be remembered in history as the time Mother Earth sent us all to our rooms. Because we all really do need a good timeout.

Spring Frog

If we pay attention to what our Frog relatives (including Pepe) teach us during this time, we will use this little break to focus on releasing all the hurts and disappointments, the negative memories and emotions that no longer serve us.  To laugh a lot and seek the happiness or ridiculous in every situation.

And to explore our deeply held beliefs to see if our big egos might be tricking us into thinking a real prince – or even an ancient God of Chaos Magic –  is only a lowly frog.

It is my honour to be your messenger.


Bird Clan Messenger 

namadaki aandeg miimiiwe gekek kwe  ~ Tsa-La-Gi

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