Little Pine Allie High
Little Pine by Allie High

Porcupine comes waddling into the picture when we’re feeling confused and tired of the battles. She shows us how to pay attention to the quills we’re still carrying around and how to respect and honor them as part of our medicine bundle. She shows us how to examine the wound, gently remove the quill, and begin the process of healing.

This is the healing process that Jesus and the Ancestors have taught us will heal our beings and reconnect us with the Great Spirit – which is the light of pure divine love.

Like the light of a child.

Our friends at Meetingzone teach us that porcupine is a respected and honored Totem for the Haida people. For Indigenous people around the world Porcupine is a  a symbol of war when he bristles his bristles, but also as a metaphor for truce when his spines lie flat against his body.

An Indian tale from Kanda tells of a porcupine and a beaver helping each other cross a lake. While the beaver carries the porcupine on its back to the other shore, the porcupine knows a magic song that makes the lake freeze. In return, and as a thank-you, the porcupine was able to carry his friend the beaver from shore to shore on his back.

In Mongolia, the porcupine is considered a totem and ancestor to some indigenous tribes who believe that Porcupine, along with Pheasant, Fox, Snake, Spider, Weasel, is a shaman on transmigration.

Porcupine is usually pretty chill, but if she’s in danger she’ll unleash her mighty and powerful quills of truth. A lot of people are getting caught up in the fog of war right now, turning on one another and this is exactly what the elite ones who are fighting to maintain their control over us want.

Happy PorcupineSo, instead of wasting time and energy fighting with others, spend some time answering porcupine’s big question for yourself:

What do you need to feel better?

Answering this question honestly takes us to the heart of our inner child – the pure soul who came here for this specific time and this specific purpose.

As we walk along our path in life, we accumulate hurts from our interactions with the other people here.

As we get older, we become burdened with the cares and responsibilities of adult life, worry about our children and families, struggle with finances and health issues, and can become fearful of the future.

Lab RatsAs nations and people we have lost our innocence. We have lost the good and true role models of humanity through assassinations and “coincidental” accidents. We have lost loved ones through intentional government lies about a manufactured health crisis. Our governments and businesses have been taken over by the spirits of greed and corruption.

All of humanity is under great physical attack through this bio-terror assault and the intended “cure” – a depopulation vaccine and Nazi-modeled “passport” system that will enslave, sicken, and kill as many people as they possibly can.

Our Patriot truth-teller brother, Scott at BardsFM is a Vietnam veteran and a Christian who explains what is happening in the world from a Biblical, prophetic perspective. He explains the attacks on our sacred teachings and how important it is for the “Watchmen on the Wall” to keep speaking truth and warning the sleepers. Never forget we are in a spiritual war.

It is hard not to be grumpy and fearful at times like this.

At this point, Porcupine, Crow, Coyote and the other teachers of transition come to remind us that we always have a choice to continue in fear and worry or to start the process of reconnecting with and reclaiming that little child we left standing by the road so many years ago.

Frogs in the headChoosing the Red Road, or the good healing path is the beginning of our Return to innocence. Making this decision always causes chaos in the beginning as it shakes up our days and habits, our relationships, jobs and social lives.

Walking through the storm with courage and commitment, honesty and a sense of humour, and envisioning ourselves walking along, holding hands with that little child we used to be is a sure pathway for great heart healing. This is actually the path of the Sacred Fool.

It is important to make this a regular practice. Keep that kid with you always. For she will remind you to take care of her (you). Imagining you’re parenting the child you truly are forces us to examine our habits and choices.

Would you give a three year old a cigarette? Drugs? Would you cover a three year old’s face with a mask all day and believe that’s healthy?

mark anthony jacobson Porcupine
Porcupine Clan by Marc Anthony Jacobson.

Our guides and teachers show us how to return to the medicine of the Ancestors through taking pleasure in the small things. Blue Eagle teaches:

“Porcupine is associated in the symbolism of First Nations, to the heart, childhood, innocence, the aptitude to play and take pleasure in the small things of life. It teaches us the sometimes-tortuous path which leads to the heart and to confidence in our own abilities and in those who love us. It is thus an animal of the South.”

The Southern Quarter of the Medicine Wheel represents the Father – our physical bodies, the material world, our male relatives, money, survival (Root Chakra issues), and transformation. Crow, Coyote, and Wolf also live in the South where they serve as powerful messengers of transformation and give us their medicine to help us move forward with more humor, love and generosity of spirit.

What does this mean?

The Red Earth gate of the South asks us to look at our relationship with our fathers and male Elders, our brothers and male cousins and to learn our family histories. As we go back through the generations, we will see patterns repeated: divorce, addictions, poverty, violence, mental illness. Having this knowledge will help us understand the impact of many factors on our lives that we were not in control of, and this truth sets us free to go about the work of ending those cycles.

Medicine vs Poison Medicine ManIt takes a powerful spirit to be the one to stand up and say “Enough” of intergenerational cycles of trauma and abuse, of illusion and inauthenticity, of disconnect from our Creator and the Ancestors. This work takes time and courage as we unearth the old buried trauma lying around in our family histories.

The process of recovery and healing from our personal and intergenerational trauma while working to help raise the consciousness of the collective can be overwhelming and leave us feeling like a grumpy bear with bees buzzing around his head. Porcupine shows us how to leave that cave and dance like nobody’s watching.

Jamie Sams, who created the Medicine Cards I use shares a beautiful Native story of the way Porcupine reminds Bear of what’s really important in life.

There was once a porcupine who was playing with a hollow log. He would fall asleep inside, made it roll, play hide-and-seek and have all sorts of fun with it.

Seeing a grumpy old bear walking by, porcupine says: “Come play with me Bear !” “I am too old to play” says the bear, “I want to find some honey. You are in my way, go away”.

“But” says the porcupine, “one is not never too old to play! If you’ve forgot what is to be a cub, you will be always be impatient and stupid, and others will always shy away from you! ”

Hearing these words, bear reflects and thinks,  realizing that being always grumpy, it is always alone.

Bear started to remember the games he invented when he was a cub. Looking anew at the porcupine, bear said: “You gave given me good medicine. I was lost in my own ways, afraid of others and what they thought of me, and because of that I was deprived of their affection.” Thus, they both started playing together with that hollow log and had great fun.

Porcupine shows us that play is much more powerful and a better way to spend our time than sitting around being grumpy and worrying about honey.

Porcupine shows us that the medicine of our heart is much more powerful than any mixture of toxic chemicals and aborted baby parts created by known eugenicists. She encourages us to walk our own path and do our own research, and to honor our body no matter how it looks for it is a beautiful creation of the Great Spirit and you are wonderfully and intentionally made.

Nazi Injections

Porcupine is a powerful symbol of healing and is one of the only animals the Creator gave anti-biotics in her skin. She reminds us that all the medicine we need to be healthy has been provided for us by the Creator and our Mother Earth.

When we begin following our own truth, keeping those boundaries in place and remaining conscious of our perceptions and beliefs, we’re not only aware of the need to keep our physical bodies healthy like we would take care of a child, we begin to take the poison out of our hearts through forgiveness.

Forgiveness allows us to look at history from a different perspective and releases massive amounts of dark energy.

Recovering from ancient wounds requires us to stay connected with that little child inside us and actively parent her as she needed to be parented through life. Porcupine reminds us that when we’re on the deep healing journey, there are times that we are vulnerable. Immediately after major transition and chance is one of these times, so it’s good to be aware of taking good care of ourselves and being aware of how much energy true healing requires.

We understand that our own parents were damaged and wounded themselves, and through our healing process, we learn to forgive the ones who hurt us and actually bless them for they are the source of our greatest lessons.

When we parent ourselves, we are tending to our deepest soul wound – the Mother Wound, which is based in abandonment and disconnection, reflected through the process of birth into the world. The Mother Wound is a paradox because it is only through the sacred and holy body of a biological woman that human life has continued for millennia. Our mother’s body is our sanctuary nest where we grow into little human beings. But the leaving of this safe place – being thrust into the harshness of this strange reality that Earth has become – causes a great deal of trauma.

Cheyenne WomenThis was not always the case, as in traditional societies, babies were prepared for well in advance and welcomed into the world with great love, celebration, and gentleness. Not under harsh, glaring lights of a government hospital room where the first thing we see is a person in a mask who rips us away from our mother and hands us off to strangers.

So you see, the mother wound is much more than the hurts and misunderstandings we have encountered with our own mothers, but is a terrible aspect of modern society that must be tended to if we are to move forward as the Ancestors have guided us.

Motherhood is under great attack by the Marxists who are fighting to destroy western society as they have done in every communist takeover in history.

The Ancestors have assured us that the New Earth is being led by Mothers, and this is why we must all work together to protect and promote the sanctity of true motherhood.

As we sit in this year of the Great Mother Bear – the healer who sits with the Grandmothers in the West – we are reminded of the power of women’s medicine to heal the mother wound.

It is only through connecting with the divine feminine in a real and authentic way that we connect with our heart, the child of our heart who lives inside each of us.

This is the meaning of the “Kingdom of Heaven” that Jesus and other Spiritual Masters teach about. Becoming like a little child means to return to the innocence of the little beings we were before we were so unceremoniously dropped into the world. Because of their innocence, children are much more connected to their Spirits than most adults.

Prayer, music, ceremony, ritual, approaching our days with gratitude, joy and wonder – these are the stepping stones to the innocence that takes us to that joyful kingdom.

Porcupine Medicine CardThey say our heaven or hell is where we are at any given moment. In the eternal spiral of our souls’ journeys, our time on earth is very short. So porcupine reminds us to “lighten up!”

Our perception is our reality. So we must begin by reminding that little child that all is well, and all manner of things are well. Safety and security, self-care, walking the Sacred Journey in a balanced way every day with joy and love are much better than focusing too much on what is going on outside that is beyond our control.

We are still in the time of healing. The revelations happening now in the collective are intended to awaken the ones clinging to their sleep. Our countries are safe. Our families are as safe as we choose to make them.

Porcupine encourages us to stay home and focus on our families, our homes, and to really start reconnecting with that little child inside – through play, dance, and laughter every day.

It is my honour to be your messenger.

Kandace Keithley is a writer and the publisher of Bird Clan Messenger, a descendant of Trail of Tears Cherokee people and White homesteaders, who teaches and shares Traditional wisdom and medicine. She lives in Toronto, ON, Canada.



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