MooseLast week, I wrote about how we’re living in a place where the system has been rigged against the vast majority of us for a very long time. This manipulation of natural law to benefit a few at the expense of billions of others has impacted every aspect of our lives and those of our Ancestors for many generations.

We are at the time where this system is changing. The bottom of the V, I like to say – which is where Coyote and Crow and other guides of transformation live. The creatures of the dark come to remind us of our own mortality. That life on this planet is short and we need to make the most of our time.

Storytelling: Julie Buffalohead
Julie Buffalohead. Exile, 2019.

Crow, Coyote, and other creatures of transformation like Bat have been showing up a lot lately, and that tells us that we are all walking through a powerful time of transition – a cleansing and rebirth. In addition to showing us about the end of cycles, these totems also teach us the way forward.

It is Universal Law that after a period of suffering, we are offered the chance to move into the Grandmother’s cave of healing or to fall back down into the pit for another round of lessons. Making this decision is the crux of change and it’s hard to be aware of even in the day to day, minute to minute decisions of our lives.

And it is particularly difficult at this time because so many people are just beginning to awaken to the need to make this choice for themselves, their families and humanity.

We are still walking through bumpy times as a human family, and this gives Way Showers the benefit of time to move into the darker crevices, the higher plateaus of healing that we have come to find. This is a great gift from the Ancestors and we are encouraged to use it to our best benefit.

Many of us are still very isolated and this is forcing us to examine our own thoughts, habits, behaviors and emotions. We are learning how to live as independent beings with our own beliefs and ways and to stand in our truth no matter how scary it is.Speak Truth

Getting to this point after the major life changes brought about by spiritual awakening is a profound experience as we become aware that we are the chooser of every thought and word. We learn to respond rather than react. To make a plan and follow it through by making positive choices rather than negative ones.

But how do we get to this point – which is the beginning of going from surviving to thriving as Turtle taught us last week?

We accept the absolute solitary nature of our journey here.

That is the Medicine of Grandfather Moose.

Grandfather Moose represents the Divine Masculine as he sits at the top of the Medicine Wheel in the North with the Grandfathers. Representing our Ancestors and their traditions, wisdom, and our connection to the Great Spirit as people and as communities.

Moose Medicine Card

He is a powerful totem of strength, dignity and endurance who comes to us when we are in doubt and in need of motivation to continue moving forward.

Many who have been on the truth-telling journey are feeling low as the battle for the human narrative continues to rage. This is costing people time and energy because many are very focused on staying connected to others via social media rather than unplugging and working on their own healing and lives.

The movie playing in the collective is alluring and addictive if we allow it to be. We can stay glued to the computer all day long absorbing new information that’s coming out and welcoming the people who are awakening. This enthusiasm is wonderful but too much causes imbalance in our lives which results in problems if we’re not careful.

And because life on planet Earth is like trying to learn how to juggle, if we pay too much attention to one ball, we drop all the others. And that leads to failure, which hurts the way we feel about ourselves – how we esteem ourselves.

Grandfather Moose teaches us that self-esteem is the engine that powers us and gives us the confidence to walk away from peers and systems that don’t have our best interests at heart. And to continue in our prayers for all who have been distracted to come home to the Sacred Path.

How do we regain our motivation to get back to our lives after being “away at war” for a long time? How do we reconnect with our own lives and regain an interest in the mundane things of daily life after being so focused on a huge global project?

What motivates us?

I asked this question to one of my friends in our group The Real Bear’s Nest, and he shared that his entire motivation is about saving the children from the continued system of child sacrifice and pedophilia.

Chiefs protect their people.This is a true Grandfather’s perspective and shows how important it is to continue learning and teaching the truth about our shared history and the wisdom of the Ancestors of all nations. Understanding our history gives us a powerful platform to connect with others and share the truth.

We must know what motivates us. Is it knowing that we need to spend our time working on behalf of truth and the future? Is it refocusing and becoming aware of our personal surroundings, our daily lives and our goals?

Moose shows us that we’re the only ones who know and understand what motivates us, and learning this requires that we walk alone. 

Many of us, after a year of isolation, are learning how different it is to live completely alone rather than with others who offer us distractions – both happy and difficult ones.

There is discomfort sometimes when we’re learning to live with ourselves and no others because we are forced to take responsibility for every aspect of our surroundings, every aspect of our experience. 

This time out gives us a great opportunity to examine our thoughts and habits.

We must work to remain constantly aware of our thoughts because our thoughts form our beliefs which shape our attitude toward life and everything we do. Remember, life is a mirror and Universal Law teaches us that what we put out, we receive back. Give jealousy and hate, that’s what we receive. Give love, receive love. It’s so simple but so hard to remember too.

Are we looking at our work, no matter how humble or boring, as a drudge? Are we showing a lack of gratitude for our homes and many blessings by living in a chaotic, disorganized mess? 

Our self-esteem actually grows when we do things the little kid inside of us doesn’t want to do, whether it’s cleaning the kitchen or doing our taxes.

It’s good to continue to learn about our families and work to heal those relationships. As more people wake up to the truth, there will be opportunities for reconnection. Truth-tellers must take care to walk in compassion rather than holding on to the resentments of the past. Our self-worth and dignity only increase when we’re able to maintain our connections with family and begin to react in a different and more positive way.

We must learn the ways of the Grandmothers, the strong Medicine Women who have much to teach us about the plants and the power of tears and who remind us that we must remember to take care of our bodies, our homes, and our communities. We show ourselves love when we take care of our bodies and pay attention to our emotions. It is only when we love ourselves, that we can truly love others.

Rainbow Prophecy of Chief Crazy HorseWhen we are out of balance and lacking the motivation to deal with the unlovely aspects of live, Grandfather Moose and the other totems offer us the guidance and wisdom to keep going – even if we’re not particularly motivated ourselves. Following the ways of our Ancestors – Prayer, Spiritual Discipline, Study and Awareness, Physical work and industry, self-care and sharing – is a much better program than the one being offered online, through the media, and the governments.

When stay with the good, clean program, the path of beauty and balance and work on our own goals and dreams, we will remember the motivation from within – an expression of the most sacred part of us.

Family of light, remember that it is always darkest before the dawn and our movement to help humanity ascend and evolve spiritually is moving forward around the world.

Millions are awakening to the ugly truths, and even though the mockingbirds continue to push a fairy tale, the evidence of a coup has been documented and the US Military is now in control. We ask for prayers for all our troops, our first responders, and everyone who is working to protect the people and bring truth to the world. A’ho.

It is my honour to be your messenger.

Kandace Keithley is a writer and the publisher of Bird Clan Messenger, a descendant of Trail of Tears Cherokee people and White homesteaders, who teaches and shares Traditional wisdom and medicine. She lives in Toronto, ON, Canada.


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