By Kandace Keithley

“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never again say you did not know.” – William Wilberforce

To say we have hit a very dark place in the void is a massive understatement. It is no mistake that Raven is sitting at the top of the Medicine Wheel this week – in the House of Spirit with the Grandfathers, reminding us that Truth-tellers of this Great Awakening are now beginning to see the fruits of our years of labour breaking through the spiritual realm and beginning to manifest on Earth.

Raven represents a change of consciousness. And, the question she asks every person is “how far are you willing to allow your life, your family, your community and country — your morality — to deteriorate before you wake up, take responsibility, stand together, and join the chorus of “Enough!”

This applies not only in our personal lives but in the big social picture of Earth as well. The Ancestors  have been showing humanity for hundreds of years what the outcome of the Empire’s takeover of Turtle Island and all our nations will be – for all of us. In every culture, regardless of skin color, this evil machine goes from country to country dividing the people, demonizing one group and beginning extermination. We saw this first in North America through the terrible treatment of our Indigenous relatives which continues to this day. The Native people of Turtle Island are the blueprint for communist takeovers, and you can see this pattern throughout history in countries around the world.

This is what is happening right now, and as in every time of great war and suffering, there emerge leaders of the people, truth-tellers like Elijah Harper,  the Ojibwe-Cree Chief who blocked an attempt to change the Canadian Constitution, holding an Eagle Feather. Now we are seeing Patriots around the world of all races – people who don’t see the world through the lens of skin colour –  who are standing up for the human rights of our brothers and sisters in every country. The dark wants us divided and at this point, anyone pushing a “racism” narrative is not working for the light, is refusing to see the truth.

The Earth is absolutely chaotic, and it is dangerous to one’s mental health and perception of reality to pay any attention to the CIA propagandists in the globalist media – regardless of the country they’re in. They have been ruthless in censoring truth-tellers and Bird Clan Messenger has been suspended from FB, Twitter, and YouTube just banned our first video – The Raven MEME-tastic Medicine show announcing The Great Awakening in Tulsa this weekend. You can see it here on Rumble and here on Odysee.  You know you’re over the target when fascists are denying your rights and blocking statements from Christians, Honored Generals and the President of the United States.

Enough people on Earth have gone through the tough process of walking away from the “love and light” arena and diving into the dark to face the predators in our own psyches and in our society to bring about a mass ascension in the energy of the planet.

Most of these people are complicit or involved in crimes against children and humanity. And this is the ugly truth they are trying to hide through repeated false flags, riots, bio-terror attacks and all forms of deception and manipulation of truth.

It is fantastic to see that enough people have begun to awaken, enough truth-tellers dodged the radar of big tech and managed to keep putting truth out there to others that we are well over critical mass around the world.

We are told that, for a while, the people of the Earth will be living in two different realities as those who are still asleep attempt to cling to the old ways of darkness, and many may even lose their lives because of the refusal to expand their thinking.

Raven is a messenger of the void who comes to give us courage and vision as we walk through the depths of the most dark truths facing humanity at this time. Raven, like Crow and Coyote is a powerful creature of transformation, so this shows us that the dark and disturbing material coming into the collective is going off like a bomb. People who haven’t been doing their own research are going to have a very difficult time in the days to come.

Millions of people around the world watched online this week as thousands of Patriots gathered in Tulsa to blow the Trumpets signaling the beginning of the Great Awakening in America. The Health and Freedom Conference featured General Michael Flynn, the leader of the global digital army working to bring truth to the public, Lin Wood one of America’s best defamation attorneys fighting election fraud, corruption and the Satanic pedophiles on the left, and Mike Lindell, the founder of My Pillow, producer of the films documenting the proof of the 2020 Election fraud by the Democrats and RINOs on behalf of America’s foreign and globalist enemies.

These leaders of the Great Awakening were joined by a huge group of Patriots, citizen journalists, spiritual leaders, doctors and nurses, celebrities and every day people sharing their stories about how awakening to the truth led them to the Patriots, which strengthened their relationships with God.

The conference marked the beginning of public revelation and discussion of “taboo” topics like Satanism, adrenochrome harvesting, and pedophilia in our government and all institutions (the fastest growing illegal trade on the planet). 

These most courageous of Patriot leaders also told the truth about the frauds and damages being caused by globalists and their puppets in government pushing the covid fraud, masks, and the untested chemical cocktails.

Around the world, followers of Q, a Military Intelligence operation to circumvent the media and communicate directly with the public, have known these terrible truths for years and are being vindicated as the light shines into the darkness. Those of us who have been doing this very tough research for a long time, remember well the sarcasm of the commercial media complex attacking truth-tellers in their efforts to hide what most people have been aware of on some level for a long time: that those who claim to be “elite” are actually predators who go after the most vulnerable among us.

When a CPP-supported propagandist asked President Trump (sarcastically) to denigrate people who believe he is working to eradicate satanic pedophiles from positions of power on the earth, he responded, “Is that supposed to be a bad thing?” 

Patriots are watching the mockingbirds (highly trained CIA agents working in disinformation) in the network propaganda outlets panic as they continue to try to discredit Q and silence and control the growing group of Anonymous warriors of truth who have given countless hours of their lives awakening people to the difficult reality that pedophiles, mobsters and Satanists have been controlling the world.

People who have done their research know who is behind the murders and abductions of our women and children, and that these crimes against humanity go right to the top of our governments and world leaders. We also know that President Trump has been the first American President and world leader to take swift, decisive action to identify, arrest, and prosecute human traffickers.

Meanwhile here in Canada, the fascist puppet Doug Ford (who is the latest kingpin of a long family of criminals in government) announced he is putting the entire province of Ontario under house arrest. 

Canadians have begun awakening and last night, a group of Canadian Patriots sent out an SOS signal to the US Border Patrol.

Fortunately, like officers around the world, the Toronto Police Department released a statement assuring the public they are not enforcing Ford’s latest grab at our rights and freedoms.

This marks a huge turning point in Canada, where people are suffering from one of the most draconian lockdowns on Earth. The way Canadian politicians, with few exceptions like Randy Hillier, Derek Sloan, and Pierre Poilievre, have handled the bio-terror attacks and globalist reset agenda is a shocking revelation of the depth of corruption at literally every level of this country.

We continue to have hope for Canada, America and all the people of our world as we watch more and more wake up to the dangers of the injections and the truth about the evil that has been trying to take over our world every day.

In the meantime, stand strong Bird Clan! We still have lots of work to do.

Raven is sitting at the top overseeing the mad spin cycle of the week, and she is joined by Swan, Prairie Dog, and Lynx who all seem to be about reflection, intuition, grounding and meditation this week.

I hope you are finding new ways of being during this time out of time and that you are able to carve some space and time out of your day for self-reflection and processing all the material that is now hitting the mainstream.

Remember, it is a great truth that we can know something ourselves, but if the truth remains hidden, then it creates shame. When the truth comes out and everyone has a clear understanding of what is going on – from ALL directions – the heaviness of our spirits is lifted. This is because many hands make light work, and when we are all working together, we lighten the load for one another.

Whether inside our own psyches, in relationship with others, and most definitely in politics, Raven shows us that it is always best to walk in the light of truth. No matter how turbulent the road getting there may be.

It is my honour to be your messenger.

Chi Miigwetch.

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