How the Old Man Made People – Miigiizi Makwa Lodge – Coyote Medicine

Ultimately – this week, Coyote is here to remind us about the power of natural law – cause and effect. In the house of Spirit with the Grandfathers this week, he teaches us about the power of our spiritual connections and our sacred responsibilities to our Ancestors and bloodlines.

Turnabout is Fair Play! This week on BCM: Coyote Medicine and the Path of the Holy Scapegoat

Turnabout is fair play in love and war they say. And that is exactly what we're seeing in the Spiritual community, on the geopolitical stage - and for those of us on a healing journey, in ourselves as well. It is no coincidence that this week's totem from the Medicine Card deck is Coyote - the very week we're marching toward April Fool's Day. 

Porcupine Medicine – Return to Innocence

We are still in the time of healing. The revelations happening now in the collective are intended to awaken the ones clinging to their sleep. Our countries are safe. Our families are as safe as we choose to make them. Porcupine encourages us to stay home and focus on our families, our homes, and to really start reconnecting with that little child inside - through play, dance, and laughter every day.

Moose Medicine – Endurance, Dignity, and Motivation

Grandfather Moose represents the Divine Masculine as he sits at the top of the Medicine Wheel in the North with the Grandfathers. Representing our Ancestors and their traditions, wisdom, and our connection to the Great Spirit as people and as communities. He is a powerful totem of strength, dignity and endurance who comes to us when we are in doubt and in need of motivation to continue moving forward.

Goose Medicine – Caring for Creation

Part of taking care of God's creatures is providing for the birds and animals in cities where their natural habitats have been destroyed by human settlement. Goose asks for people to share only healthy food with the creatures. Do some research and make sure that what you're giving them won't make them sick. Bread is TERRIBLE for birds!

Swan Medicine – Surrender and the Gifts of Solitude

There is a great battle raging on planet earth for the souls of the people. We are seeing this on every level of society through the continued deception and abuse of the people through political manipulation of truth, of health, of the economy and virtually every facet of individual life and liberty.   People's lives … Continue reading Swan Medicine – Surrender and the Gifts of Solitude