Coyote comes to us when we are going through powerful times of death and rebirth to tell us bawdy jokes and keep our spirits up. The Blackfoot People teach us Coyote is a bringer of women’s medicine which is based in our intuition, emotions and our words. Today in the lodge, we’re reading “How the Old Man Made People” – a Blackfoot story and talking about  Coyote’s powerful medicine of life-death-rebirth.

Chi Miigwetch to our friends at Stonee’s WebLodge for sharing this beautiful story.

Part of the process of “becoming real” is going through the grueling life-death-rebirth process that demands we meet the shadow of Coyote – the darkest aspects of our psyche and come away with wisdom & deeper connection with our intuition.

This process demands that we see clearly those dark aspects of our psyches and selves nd treat them with compassion and forgiveness so we can move forward – from dark to light.

The Bluebeard story that Clarissa Pinkola Estes shares in her book Women Who Run with the Wolves describes the process of meeting the Predator in the Psyche – How to dismantle it and manage it in our post-awakening lives.

Next week, we’ll talk about Bluebeard and I’ll share some of Dr. Estes’ insights from WWRWTW.

Ultimately – this week, Coyote is here to remind us about the power of natural law – cause and effect. In the house of Spirit with the Grandfathers this week, he teaches us about the power of our spiritual connections and our sacred responsibilities to our Ancestors and bloodlines.

Coyote and Butterfly teaches us to pay attention to our thoughts for this is where our transformation begins.

With Otter, Coyote dances the sexy tango between the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine for Otter is a Powerful Medicine woman who reminds us to take good care of ourselves so we have something to give to others.

And, Coyote reminds us that after we’ve gone through life’s chaotic times, it’s a good idea to sit with the Grandmothers and listen to the stories and jokes for they contain the wisdom of our Ancestors.

Coyote trickster teaches about the law cause and effect, forces us to look at the destruction in our lives caused first by our early wounds and usually made worse by the choices we’ve made from those places of naivete, hurt or fear.

Uncle Coyote reminds us that the best way to heal is to treat those experiences with love and compassion. A light heart and sense of humor will balm those wounds and help us move forward in a healthier, happier way.

Where is Coyote taking you this week?

What is the key that unlocks the place in your heart where your continued illusions lie? Where your forgotten dreams sit waiting for your return?

Next week, we’ll talk about how ignoring meaningless rules, descending to the basement, using the forbidden key to LOOK at the carnage of our lives is the key to awareness.

And awareness is the beginning of change.

It is my honour to be your messenger.


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