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Song For America – Pray for Our Republic

Make no mistake – this is a war. And we are the very bottom of the V. The turning point for our country and ultimately for the freedom of humanity. For, if America falls, the world is lost.

The Ancestors – “Time to Unplug”

It’s good to take a break from the cares and responsibilities of the world – especially at this crazy time. Time to detach from the war (and make no mistake, we’re very much at war with powerful forces of darkness) . . . And reconnect with the Great Spirit.

Kandace Keithley – Women Leading Through Storms of Change

We’re at the crossroads of the 7th and 8th Fires – and we only have one shot to get this right. It’s time for women to stand up and protect our children from the abusive influence of this globalist culture.

Joseph White Eagle Teaches About Chief Crazy Horse’s Vision of the Rainbow People, White Buffalo Calf Woman & The Pale One

Crazy Horse’s vision foretold the darkness that descended on his people. He saw the
coming of automobiles and airplanes and the tragic world wars of the modern era.

Love Letters from Toronto 4 – Sing, Dance, Smudge! Reclaim our Mother!

#NativeTO We claim (again) our INNATE and SOVEREIGN Indigenous right to worship the CREATOR and give thanks to our MOTHER EARTH in accordance with the teachings of our Elders and in the powerful presence of our Ancestors. A’ho. #MMIWG

Love Letters From Toronto – Day One

. . . and there I was, spending the Apocalypse in a convent and homeless shelter in downtown Toronto, singing on the roof at sunset and smudging, praying and bringing medicine to the people.