Osiyo everyone from downtown Toronto where I’m watching the skyscrapers being built around me as people’s property values plummet and the government takes over hotels and apartments to house homeless people and refugees. It’s just a matter of time before they’re rounded up (for the public to see) and folks here can begin the hard work of rebuilding.

Dolphin is this week’s totem, and this ancient and magical creature symbolizes the power of cosmic connection and reminds us how important it is to find like-minded souls during this time of transition. Instead of spending time arguing with internet trolls or even those around you, find more positive people and ways to share your knowledge and gifts.

As you may have noticed, I’ve been busy revamping Bird Clan Messenger’s branding to be more “inclusive” 😏 to a larger audience beyond the folks who are studying totems, the Medicine Wheel, and our Ancestors traditions and prophecies.


It’s quite a transition from the original vision for Bird Clan Messenger, but as you know we are in a time of war and great peril. Times like these require us to set aside our own plans for the sake of preserving our nations and ways of life for future generations.

To that end, I’m sharing last year’s Dolphin Medicine post rather than writing a new one, because I’m pretty wrapped up in producing the Kitchen Party and expanding this network.

Check out “Dolphin Medicine: Good Tidings For the Remnant” here.

And the ground war on planet earth is really heating up. It looks as if the criminally insane psychopaths who have seized power over us all are hell-bent on running us all off the cliff of nuclear war rather than facing the consequences of their crimes against humanity.

They have chosen to fight to the death, and so we must all be prepared for the chaos and terroristic behavior that defeated slime bag invaders always show on their way out.

Into The Storm Kek Wolf

At times like this, we need to stay focused and remember the messages we have received about this time from the prophecies, our ancestors, and the high command. We know the military is in control and that we are very close to the precipice.

If you’re new to the site, welcome. Here you’ll find information about Q and the Patriot movement as well as news and information from around the world, messages from the prophets, and teachings from our Ancestors to help guide (and entertain) you through this storm.

Here is a recent MemeTastic(!) Medicine show I put together with the help of some fantastic Patriots (who I like to imagine are a bunch of Marines out in the desert) which is a great summation of where we are right now. This clip is from Donald Trump’s recent speech in Pennsylvania where the 2020 election is about to be ruled illegitimate (along with several other states):

The video and Q drops are via ScottyMar10 (the Avatar for ScottyFilms) who has an account on Telegram, Rumble, and Truth Social – which we can’t get here in Canada. Check out his channels to keep up with what’s happening on the ground in the battle for America and the World. To be clear, I have never met the person/people behind this account but believe they’re connected to the US Military. Semper Fi and thank you so much for your service during this war for our civilization.

It is an honor and a privilege to be connected to and working with the finest military intel specialists, researchers, and communicators on the planet – and these guys have reminded me that I need to get my membership in the USMC Combat Correspondents Association – since I seem to be the only American, and especially veteran, reporting from up here.

If you’re paying attention to what’s going on, you’ll know that the evil in our world is all built on the worship of Satan, and it has infused every aspect of our society from the medical industry to politics, entertainment – and even the church.

The video below, which I’ll be using in this week’s Kitchen Party is an eye opener as it shows how the elites are all connected – and, in the shocking and sad case of Chris Cornell – they will kill anyone who gets out of line and blows the whistle on their dark operations. We have seen the same treatment of prophets and truth-tellers many times in history, and always during the fall of corrupt empires. We have seen this in recent times in the murders of Chris, Chester Bennington, Seth Rich, Coolio, and many others.

As you watch this and all the stories coming out in future days, remember that things aren’t getting worse. They’re being uncovered.

We can’t begin to heal until the truth is told.

It is my honour to be your messenger.

Semper Fi

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