This week’s Kitchen Party focuses on Hurricane Ian, the devastation caused by “green” energy and the revolutionary storms that are now raging. The corruption in the political, intelligence and media apparatus in America is being revealed daily. We’re watching more obso-elites slithering away from the spotlight and beginning to see more arrests. This party is well attended by some fantastic Patriots and musicians, and Scotty Mar brought the Q drops, along with the Voice of Q. #WWG1WGA

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“Praise You in This Storm, “ The Casting Crowns
“Voice of Q,” Q
“Seminole Wind,” John Anderson
“Greased Lightening,” John Travolta and Cast of Grease
“Ready For the Storm,” Dougie MacLean
“Not Look Down,” Dougie MacLean
“Dirty Laundry,” Don Henley
“Hawaii Five-O” Theme Song, The Ventures
“Radar Love,” Golden Earring
“Beloved,” Jesse Cook


Tucker Carlson
Oglala Lakota Elder, Dennis Fox
Senator Chuck Grassley
GB News

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