Salmon Dance by April White

Osiyo from tkaronto, (Toronto) – the Land of the Dish With One Spoon – The place of the sacred Wampum Belt Treaty where the beginning of and guidance for peace for all nations was laid out nearly 400 years ago.

As we teach here on BCM, we are living in a time foretold by the prophets of many nations. And we are being given guidance and a great deal of information to help us navigate our way through this time.

The revelations of truth that are arising are not only shocking on a global and national scale, but are affecting everyone on a personal level and we learn how deeply embedded in a corrupt system many people still are.

It is my hope that people are using this time out of time to do their research and learn the history of warfare, biological warfare, socialist revolutions, and communism. Learn the prophecies and share your knowledge with people because turning this ship around is going to take all hands on deck. It is times like these that we need all our totems, to call in all our helpers, and that requires the medicine of Grandmother Salmon – the Great Mother who is restoring Earth and humanity to balance.

Salmon is a symbol of feminine energy and water medicine. She teaches us about the cycles of life and the need to return to our origins (know our cultural histories) in order to thrive and spawn new beginnings – ideas, babies, romances, friendships, businesses and even communities. She reminds us of the power of our inner wisdom and intuition and gives us determination to continue on our own personal mission through every cycle of our lives.

Salmon (who is a reflection of the Great Mother) knows that returning to our origins – returning to ourselves – is difficult, especially in a world that has been pushing people and our children to disconnect from the Great Spirit and the ways of our Ancestors and align themselves with the systems and values of their own colonizers.

This is a time filled with obstructions and blockages for all of humanity on virtually every level – from our governments that are hamstrung by corruption being revealed to our personal lives and finances and businesses being put on hold while the battle for the narrative rages around us.

People with bird medicine and who have relatively clean and hollow pipes can see the truth of this false society, and are well along our healing paths, and we have begun the planning and development of the New Earth in our little corners of the world.

When we awaken, we go through many cycles of shock, despair, grief, loss and recovery as we uncover each layer of truth – like an onion being peeled a layer of skin at a time – both within ourselves and in our outer world through the character and health of our relationships with others and with the institutions we have built.

This is like the Salmon’s journey home, as they cycle through the waterfalls over and over again, using the water itself to propel them forward. Salmon uses the reverse current under the raging river to somersault over the tough spots and leap to a higher level on their path.

This is a great plan for truth-tellers to follow right now because we are still at the bottom of the V – in a holding pattern of sorts, waiting for the sleepers to awaken so the chaos will start to cool down a bit.

It appears that more and more people are beginning to either awaken to the truth or they feel safe enough to share their support of President Donald Trump and the American Patriots as they fight against a communist takeover of the country. Spiritual leaders have been prophesying about this election and the fact that in every tradition, Donald Trump is expected by the Creator of the Universe – the Great Spirit – to have two terms.

Conservative Natives who follow the path of the Elders and understanding the teachings of our Ancestors know this to be true. Below is the message received by Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj, the son of a devout Hindu priest who had an encounter with God that changed his life. He is now a prophet who teaches about the Great Awakening (the 8thFire) to people around the world.

The globalist media work for the communist party of China and other enemies of America and all the people of the world who are now known to be nothing more than propagandists for those who are working to bring the “Great Reset” to their countries through a fake pandemic, unconstitutional lockdowns, destroying small businesses, and stripping people of their basic human rights.

As we have seen, people are awakening around the world. Independent journalists and new non-globalist media outlets are opening and reporting on the truth of what is happening in the United States and the fight against global communism and on the pushback against the covid fraud that Trudeau, the Democrat governors and other globalist leaders are using to bring in their “Great Reset” agenda.

The light of this truth has helped the people who are awake join together and reach enough people that we’ve hit critical mass. And we are now in a holding pattern, waiting until the obstructions and blocks are removed so that humanity may begin moving forward again.

In times like these, when we are tired of the fight and anxious about continuing, Salmon reminds us that swimming the reverse current and listening to the inner wisdom and determination of the grandmothers will help us spring forward to the next level. Take this time and use it wisely, for all our medicine and truth will be very necessary in the weeks and months to come.

Sometimes obstructions are messages from the Universe to take a pause, and go with the flow. We know everything is under control in America, and it will just take time to go through the process of informing the people and removing the bad actors. Blockages and obstructions are also meant for our protection.

Mature and rational people who have taken the time to do their research, read the President’s executive orders and connect with people in the US Military and intelligence communities understand that America is going through a national military operation in which the people who tried to enact a coup through election fraud are being exposed.

At the same time, thanks to the independent media, digital warriors, and President Trump’s army of lawyers, honest politicians, and hundreds of millions of patriots, the people who voted for and participated in the Democrats’ fraud are being schooled on the U.S. Constitution, the American Revolution, our Founding Fathers, American History, and Election laws.

So while the war for the narrative, the debrief and education of the people continues, it’s a great time to focus on our own healing and planning for the future.

Salmon reminds us that it is necessary for us to return to those ancient and wise ways of our traditional cultures if humanity is to continue to thrive. This is the choice people are now being asked to make:

Humans can either remember the teachings and medicine of the Ancestors and our Elders, learn the power of our own immune systems and remember our ability to use the plants that Mother Earth herself offers us to stay healthy – or continue the charade of believing that wearing a dirty piece of cloth on our faces is a sane and good thing to do simply because public authorities and their media propagandists say so.

Many good doctors around the world are now speaking out against masks and the insanity of the entire covid scandal. Like all of these great healers, Dr. Thomas Binder uses natural medicine to help people heal from many of the diseases caused by big pharma, government policies, and toxins in our environment. He is a leader among the honest healers who are teaching people the truth that covid is nothing more than a flu which, like all flus is hitting our Elders the hardest.

The year 2020 has been long and difficult for everyone. Those of us who have been on the journey for awhile are impatient and angry at the obvious injustices we are witnessing and experiencing in our lives, our communities, and around the world.

We’ve been censored by big tech, betrayed and exiled by people we trusted, and are being attacked by complete strangers who have become deranged through the brainwashing they cling to about a fake pandemic.

These people who feel compelled to attack strangers with different understandings of reality have chosen to remain deluded, brainwashed like cult members, because they’re too lazy to do their own research, listen to their inner wisdom – and instead believe the lies of their own oppressors because they’re too afraid to face their own mortality and live life without fear. They feel completely justified in chasing people through stores, stalking, yelling, and assaulting those who don’t wear masks for personal reasons which are none of their business.

These folks have lost touch with reality and don’t even know their own Constitutional or Human Rights as defined by their own governments and, ironically the UN itself as we now know the United Nations is nothing more than the front for the global elites’ “New World Order” they are trying to usher in through their “Great Reset.” These people who are running on the fear based narrative and attacking others are living with many blocks and obstructions to truth.

And those of us who are awake are in a word – astonished – that people are living a life of illusion by choice, that so many have walked away from their connection with the Great Spirit and from the teachings of our Ancestors – instead believing the lies of humanities’ great enemies and supporting their own enslavement.

There are many reasons for people to be blocked and obstructed from truth. The primary reasons are toxic communities and poor leadership, broken families, and personal choices that aren’t based on honesty and integrity.

I wrote the original version of this post in April 2018 when I was beginning to take my spiritual path and healing journey seriously. And, as everyone on the healing journey knows, when we begin to take our healing seriously our worlds really get turned upside down for awhile.

The great poet Rumi teaches us it is much more powerful to seek to remove the blockages keeping us from experiencing love than it is to search outside ourselves. This teaching applies to our own personal growth and development and to organizations, communities, and families alike. And truly is a warning to “heal thyself” instead of projecting our own wounds onto others.

When we begin to take this medicine in earnest, when we begin seeking within to find the blockages that are preventing us from moving forward in our own lives, the process leads us to the truth about the blockages that are happening in the world around us because of the massive amount of deception we experience as we grow up.

Our prophets warned us that, at this time, many Elders would be sleeping either because they chose not to heal their wounds and simply become “older” rather than behaving as true Elders, or because they have joined the oppressors and are using their positions of power and leadership to perpetuate the colonizers’ system of dependency, bullying, and dishonesty because they have become slaves to the money system. This is written in Ojibwe Prophecy:

“The Seventh Prophet that came to the people long ago was said to be different from the other prophets. He was young and had a strange light in his eyes. He said, ” In the time of the Seventh Fire, New People will emerge. They will retrace their steps to find what was left by the trail. Their steps will take them to the elders who they will ask to guide them on their journey. But many of the elders will have fallen asleep. They will awaken to this new time with nothing to offer. Some of the elders will be silent out of fear. Some of the elders will be silent because no one will ask anything of them. The New People will have to be careful in how they approach the elders. The task of the New People will not be easy.”

Many Natives whose own families were destroyed by the bioterrorism and cultural genocide the European elite class brought to our land are now supporting and voting for their leftist representatives who have made their intentions very clear: that they used the Natives of Turtle Island to create a model they have used in socialist “revolutions” all over the world, and are now trying to impose on America and Canada.

In the recent US Election, operatives for the Democrat party engaged in a wide range of illegal activities to increase their vote totals, including bribing the people on Native reserves with gift cards, electronics and other goods to vote for their party, led by the same corrupt globalist organization that put our Ancestors on reservations and destroyed millions of our people.

This kind of reward system exploits the poverty of some of the most vulnerable people on the continent and I have witnessed the gift card in exchange for attendance scam first hand here in Toronto.

In fact, the most shocking experience I have ever had, which led to my current Salmon cycle of spiritual growth and personal development, came through working for some of the agencies in downtown Toronto that are mandated to serve the Native community.

Of course, when the Great Spirit led me to the community, I believed that Native healers and organizations are somehow spiritually superior and without flaw. But my time behind that particular curtain revealed to me the massive operation of leftist indoctrination cloaked behind programs and systems designed to keep people dependent on the government and its narrative. many of the managers are bullies who demonstrate open disdain for their Indigenous clients and employees.

This process is a cradle to grave experience as Native leaderships and media are under control of the Federal government and in order to receive funding, they are required to push narratives like covid, even though our own history and common sense shows they are completely oppositional to the teachings of our Elders and the Ancestors and our true Medicine people.

This is the strategy of conquering armies – and it is being done by the very Elders, Tribal leaders, and agencies that are supposed to be supporting Natives in our mission to carry the teachings forward while being active, productive members of society. Hosts and stewards of Turtle Island.

Instead, they continue generations of cultural genocide because they are caught in the system and haven’t done their research. Like the traitors in the “Treaty Party” who sold all the land East of the Mississippi to the US Government, leading to the Trail of Tears, these managers and executive directors allow the appropriation of Native Culture by literal socialists in exchange for paycheques and power. Literally 30 pieces of silver.

Our youth and families are still being destroyed by the socialist Native Child and Family agencies which separate them from their parents and local communities and put them in foster care. The people who run these programs are often Natives themselves and receive bonuses every time they strip a Native child from his or her mother, family, and culture.

The “leaders” waste money on fraudulent real estate and business deals and waste tribal and organizational money that is intended for the people on personal and family expenses and programs that keep Natives disenfranchised.

The programs for Natives in Toronto rely heavily on keeping people homeless and suffering from their addictions because the governments and their “Indian Agents” are more concerned about foreign investment and selling our land to the enemies of the people, and about their own six figure salaries than in standing against the system, reclaiming their sovereign rights, and teaching the people they are responsible for how to do it as well.

I have personally witnessed many programs that are only attended by members of the community because they were given Dollar Store and Loblaw’s gift cards in exchange for their attendance. Programs that aren’t practical or truly helpful for the people are funded by the attendance numbers they achieve. So in order to reach the attendance they need, they bribe the people with gift cards to Chinese and globalist stores rather than finding ways to source healthy, Indigenous foods that the people need to thrive.

Often these programs are managed and operated by people who aren’t even Natives and who have little to no understanding of or lived experience in Native culture or communities.

Instead of creating programs that teach job skills in the Traditional way of our Ancestors and are embedded with our teachings, instead of teaching the ways of the Red Road, the Spirit Trail first, and practical skills that lead to jobs in the trades these agencies orient Native youth toward social work and leftist career paths which perpetuate the destruction of their own culture.

They court donors and board members from the big banks and globalist corporations who support the destruction of our national industry through appropriating Native culture and using Native Youth as “mascots” for their own geopolitical agendas.

These organizations are funded by globalist elite “non-profits” and billionaire philanthropists as well as corrupt governments who continue to steal our land, as well as through the donations of the Native people themselves. It is one giant cycle of deception, corruption, and exploitation of Indigenous people. It’s all about the land.

Those who don’t buy or comply with are exiled from the “bougie” crowd and either tumble down onto the streets with little hope of getting out without a miracle and some serious Salmon Medicine – or they step up and start a new thing.

This is the time that humanity is being presented with truth about the chaos on our planet. The truth about the biological and economic terrorism that globalist governments are using to destroy the people in their own countries – the people they were elected to serve.

And we can now see the complete and utter failure of the old system through the continued path to degradation of the human spirit and destruction of the family. The Ancestors teachings are being forgotten, ignored, or completely ridiculed as our young ones become more disconnected and perverse in their understanding of reality and morality.

It is a difficult thing to have the scales fall from our eyes and realize the people we thought were going to “save” us are in much greater danger than we are ourselves. And, that in order to be of service we have to fly from the nest and sail above the storm of lessons that led to our awakening, to find the places we need to be to recover from the terrible shock of it all, to make sense of it all – and to find the new teachers and helpers we need to move forward.

Through times like these, we must rely on the medicine of Salmon – remembering that everything changes and these lessons are for our growth, listening to our inner wisdom and intuition, and understanding the cycles of creation.

Many people are finally awakening and returning to or starting a healing journey during this time of great chaos, war, intrigue and deception on every level. For that is what happens when the light shines in the darkness. And we are told that the light always returns and overtakes the darkness. This is what we are seeing on Planet Earth at this time. The end of the era of darkness.

As we teach across Bird Clan Messenger’s social media network, humanity is now walking through a powerful time of Spiritual awakening that is resulting in the awakening and enlightenment of the global collective consciousness.

Prophets of all traditions have predicted this time known by our Ancestors as the Time UnTime, the Time of the Rainbow Warriors, the 8th Fire and the Great Awakening.

And while we are waiting to help those who are awakening, it’s important to remember that It can take years to process and understand the many lies and delusions we have been fed by our families and the larger culture and which we have integrated into our selves.

What happens when we start to heal, is that we begin to recover the truth of who we are, who we came here to become before we were so wounded and misled and betrayed by everyone around us who have all been wounded and misled and betrayed themselves.

This is the true essence of recovery work. To rescue, revive, apply the medicines, and recover our true divine selves. And when we begin to focus on our healing and our connection with the Great Spirit before anything else, it can really piss people off. Because healing is messy and we make mistakes like we did in the past, but we learn to respond in a more healthy way to the situations we create in our fear and ignorance rather than simply reacting and continuing the old patterns of the past. And the people in our lives often don’t know what to do about our new way of being.

Salmon helps us understand why we encounter obstructions or blockages along our paths, and that these times are usually due to two general situations.

Another person / organization blocks us or throws/leads us off our path. This will happen to us when we are needing lessons in Spiritual strength and discipline.

When we are focused and clear and grounded – we are walking in our Truth and we are not so easily knocked off our pathways. We have agreed (while still in the Spirit world) with these ones who are blocking/obstructing us to provide this service to us for the sake of our Spiritual growth and development.

When we use our Good Mind to explore and understand the obstacles in our paths (often brought to us through conflict with our brothers and sisters), then the Spirit will slowly lead us to see the blockages within our Selves – in the different quadrants of our Medicine Wheel – that are asking for our attention.

Another reason we may experience a blockage or obstruction in a plan (that presents to us as scheduling delays, failures of plans to succeed or gain support from the people we think they are supposed to involve) is that the many people involved are at different points in their levels of Spiritual development and ability to understand the messages of the Ancestors.

I have met many thousands of people (first online and increasingly in person) during my own journey to discover truth and meaning, and to a person they have been forced into exile from their previous world when they challenged the old system and began telling the truth.

In situations like these, we may see that Creator needs more time to move other people / situations into place and for more healing to take place before a larger plan of which we are part is able to unfold in perfect form.

Not everyone who is to be involved in the great plans of Chi Manidoo is ready to begin at the same time. So, the visionaries – the ones who bring the plans down from the Ancestors to the people on the ground – must demonstrate patience and compassion while at the same time expecting the sleepers to awaken and become accountable for their Medicine Walk. This is the Medicine that opens the doors to God’s greatest blessings.

The Spiritually astute will realize when this is happening, and use the time of waiting (Seed, Time, Harvest) to practice and strengthen our Medicine Walk, to continue our healing in other areas and allow Creator’s perfect Grace to take over.


If you are currently frustrated by obstacles in your path or a period of waiting, the Ancestors encourage you to receive the teachings and medicine of Salmon and the other totems that speak to you.

Swim underneath the current where there is more clarity and less chaos. Plug in to your inner wisdom and intuition, and give yourself a time of rest to reboot and gather your determination.

When we begin to understand obstacles and obstructions with a sense of humility and gratitude, we realize this time is a profound blessing from the most high Creator of the Universe.

We are given the gift of time.

To heal. To learn.

To prepare.

It is my honour to be your messenger.

S’gi (thank you in the Cherokee language)

Bird Clan Messenger 

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