Month: January 2018

QAnon & President Donald Trump

Most of the folks in my FB universe are amazing and I love them all so much. We fought for Bernie together for some very intense months (years) – and it was through Bernie’s campaign that most of us had our awakening.

But, like any family, we have disagreements about which way the narrative is going to go. I, like many of my progressive researcher/writer/communicators friends, am moving in a direction to support President Trump.

Researchers who have been following the QAnon Intelligence posts closely for the past year and a half believe this material is being fed to the grassroots via high-placed intel agents who are working with Donald Trump and his Military advisers. Here is a direct link to the QAnon material that is being updated in real time as new material is posted.

I have been following the #QAnon Intelligence messages since July, 2016 when they first started reporting the massive corruption in the Democratic party, and the well-documented truth of a global elite who have been trafficking drugs, weapons, and human beings around the world, then using fraudulent “charities” to launder the money.

Let’s not even go down the path of #Pizzagate — which is real, I am very sad to report. Anyone who has seen the horrific images of very small children being intimately cuddled by grown men who aren’t their fathers and the shocking and disturbing pedophilia art collections of everyone involved with James Alefantis, (including the Clintons’ closest political and personal advisers, the Podesta brothers) has no doubt that #PizzaGateIsReal. Only those who are too fearful of this terrible truth about these criminals who were running our government refuse to believe.

This image and many others (much more horrific and shocking) have been removed from James Alefantis’ (owner of Comet Ping Pong Pizza) Instagram account.
James Alefantis, who the mainstream media claims is simply a pizza parlor owner who was unfairly attacked by “conspiracy theorists” is a close associate of the Podesta brothers and the Clintons. He had total access to the White House and spent New Year’s eve with the Obamas.

Many of us support the President in his fight to remove these massively evil and insane people from their positions of power over our government and country.

That doesn’t mean we blindly worship and believe the man on every issue. I have huge problems with some of his environmental policies, but am pleased he is upholding the ban on Ivory.

I am pleased that he issued an Executive Order that directly targets individuals funding and creating most of the wars and chaos in the world today.

And, I am very, very pleased that President Trump is leading the battle to recover America’s free and fair press.

The state of our nations (the world’s) Fourth Estate (journalism) has deteriorated to the point of tragedy. Trump is leading the charge against the media billionaires who gained total control of our country’s media through Bill Clinton’s 1996 Telecommunications Act.

If you are paying attention, you will see a connection between nearly every failing and horrific aspect of our society, and Bill Clinton’s presidency.  NAFTA, private prisons, welfare “reform,” the Telecommunications Act… It is clear that he and Hillary are part of a larger operation to destroy and plunder our country and enslave as many people as possible.

But, tho’ I’m pleased with Trump’s assault on the propagandists who work for this same machine as the Clinton crime family, we will need to wait and see how far he goes. Is his plan to restore our Freedom of the Press with all the rights and responsibilities that it entails, or is he simply trying to take control for himself? Time will tell us the answer.

That said, there are also many of us Berners who will continue to focus on our progressive issues like World Peace, clean food and water, healthcare and REAL education (not indoctrination) as human rights.


I love my Democratic Socialist, Progressive and Green friends, because they keep us from falling into hero worship mode about Donald Trump. That’s how Obama got away with so much.

It is the sacred mission of good citizens and good journalists to keep a spirited discussion about the running of our country going. We were lulled into sleep by some incredibly evil forces, and it has taken a revolution of consciousness to wake people up. But, we are awakening and rolling up our sleeves and getting to work.

If you need a refresher, or a first-time introduction to the writings of America’s founding fathers and our Constitution, Barnes and Noble offers a great book at a great price. Even better, you don’t have to order from Amazon.

We, as the global community have some enormous truths to process, and profound decisions to make as we work together to create a new narrative that benefits humanity and protects us from criminals in our government, in our economy, and in our communities.


kandace – Toronto, 2018-1-31

Ani Tsiskwa (Bird Clan) Teachings: Owl Medicine

My Ani Tsiskwa (Bird Clan in  the Cherokee language) teachers have been teaching me about the true (indigenous) meanings (messages and medicine) of individual birds.

I have finally realized that my Ani Tsiskwa teachers are using my curious mind, and my skill/gift as a researcher to guide me toward subjects to help me learn my way on the Red Path. They will whisper a subject to me like a type of plant or a bird’s name, or they will repeatedly show me pictures of the same topic to show me a pathway for study.

Last week, they introduced me to Mockingbird – so I learned about mockingbirds and some of their stories and medicine. For a very long time, (more than a year), they taught me about pigeon, crow, sparrow, hawk, and eagle, turkey, turkey, grackle, and cardinal.

This week, my Ani Tsiskwa teachers are guiding me to learn about Owl. They began by bringing images – photos, art, etc. – of owls to my attention every day – sometimes a few times a day. It seems my teachers are gaming the system because I’m getting some mind-blowing results in my cyberspace-searches.

Image courtesy of “Cherokee Beliefs About Owls,” by Dan Ketchum, April 25, 2017.

Yesterday, I did a basic search on Native American Owl meaning – and literally the third result on the page was a link to an article about CHEROKEE beliefs about Owls (!!) in a non-indigenous SCIENCE publication.

Here is another article that explores Owl’s Spiritual messages and medicine: 

The owl spirit animal is emblematic of a deep connection with wisdom and intuitive knowledge. If you have the owl as totem or power animal, you’re likely to have the ability to see what’s usually hidden to most. When the spirit of this animal guides you, you can see the true reality, beyond illusion and deceit. The owl also offers for those who have it a personal totem the inspiration and guidance necessary to deeply explore the unknown and the magic of life.

Owls are also called the Night Eagle – with the same powerful connection to Grandmother Moon that the Eagle has to Grandfather Sun.

I have begun to use my public Facebook page to share some of my discoveries about birds and bird medicine, and I am finding myself beginning to think about bringing all of my findings together in one place — like a book or website. For now, I’ll just create a new category here at Wise Woman Rising:  Ani Tsiskwa: Bird Clan Teachings.

I hope you will visit again to see what the Ani Tsiskwa would like to tell us next.

And I hope you have a wonderful day.

Chi Miigwetch,

kandace, Toronto, 2018-01-24

View From 40K: How the Great Evil Appropriated Women’s True Power

In the early 1990s, I began doing post-graduate studies in history at the University of Alberta. My area of study was women’s history, and I was entirely focused on learning everything I could about traditional women’s roles and work in our society.

When I was in grad-school, Women’s History as a discipline was heavily influenced by and focused on telling the stories of women’s successes and power in the public sphere, rather than protecting and sharing Women’s Traditional Knowledge on many subjects like growing food. Wise Woman Rising is committed to helping women remember our historical roles as mothers, healers, and providers through our relationship with Grandmother Earth.

I took classes & seminars to study the daily work and experiences of women who lived in pre-industrial capitalist societies: 18th Century British farm wives, Canadian fur trader’s wives, women who participated in homesteader land runs, and Indigenous women who were profoundly victimized by colonial expansion and settlement.

Over time, my research interests began to move into exploring the experiences of 20th Century American housewives – individually and as a collective.

My research began taking me to stories about women’s daily lives in the pre-war, interwar, and post-war eras; and I came to realize that World War II was a major, very significant factor in what appears to have been a planned strategy to destroy women’s roles and identity as makers and managers of our own productive homes, as nurturers and teachers of our own children, and as keepers of our ancestors’ culture and teachings.

One of my favorite academic historians is Dr. Susan Strasser, whose body of work on the history of homemaking and household technology shows the clear trajectory of industrial capitalism’s horrific assault on women’s traditional identities and roles, on the traditional family, and on the private household via technology and consumerism.

This research combined with my natural, instinctual belief in the immense power of Motherhood and Home Keeping, caused me to have a visceral and physical reaction when I read Betty Friedan’s “The Feminine Mystique.”

My deep psyche knew instinctively that Friedan was lying about the vague, undefinable malady that was supposedly causing American Homekeepers to get plastered every day on booze and valium. And, my lived experience as a child in the 1960s who had grown up surrounded by strong, capable, and very wise Oklahoma farm women told me that Friedan was lying.

In 2007, for an ethics course at the Toronto School of Theology, I wrote a paper exploring how Friedan’s book appeared to be propaganda based on a false narrative, intended to manipulate women. While doing the research for this paper, I discovered Professor Daniel Horowitz’s book, Betty Friedan and the Making of “The Feminine Mystique”The American Left, the Cold War, and Modern Feminism.

To tell you the truth, I was so triggered by finding Dr. Horowitz’s book confirming my instinctual truth, that I walked around in a combination of elation and rage for weeks. At that time, I didn’t yet know about how the global elites are intentionally engineering our societies toward a one-world, “New World Order” dystopia, strategically dividing humanity through issues like gender, race, religion, and political party, and herding us here and there around the planet to instill fear, chaos, and hatred of one another through perpetual war and disease.

But, like millions of others, Election 2016 was a giant Red Pill experience for me; and I have now begun to apply the knowledge and skills I gained through working on Bernie’s campaign, and joining forces with Deplorables to wake people up to the big-picture.

At this point, part of my mission is to help people awaken to the shocking, insidious ways that the elites used media propaganda like Friedan’s book and globalist funded groups and associations like the National Organization for Women to manipulate 99% Women into voluntarily relinquishing their ancient, powerful identities and roles as the bringers of human life, as nurturers of humanity in body and spirit, and as wise keepers of culture, tradition, and healing.

Recently, I have discovered the Teachings of Aaron Russo, the Academy Award nominated film producer and director, about the true purpose of Feminism.

Many people will find this material shocking and disturbing. But, unfortunately, it is the truth and only the truth will set us free. In the video below, Russo describes how the Rockefellers provided the funds for Ms. magazine as part of the long-game strategy to destroy the family as society’s primary social unit.

As he explains, the plan had two purposes: increase the tax base by getting women into the paid workforce, and indoctrinating children via institutions like public day care and compulsory government (corporate) controlled education.


Since beginning my study into women’s traditional labor and roles in human society, I have been challenged by people who insist the Old Ways are evil and limiting to women’s power and experience.

Off-Grid-1 jpg
People are increasingly awakening and beginning to return to living close to the land. Mother Earth News is a veteran educator in Off Grid Living.

But, my position in responding to them and for the vision and mission of Wise Woman Rising is that humanity’s true power comes from living close to Grandmother Earth. From making a life by hand and doing all the things that make us human for the sake of the ones we love – not for the sake of serving evil corporations and their masters.

That means we have a lot of work to do to remember and teach the Old Ways to our young ones while we continue to find our ways out of the old paradigm that was leading to our total enslavement, and at the same time move toward creating the New Earth. (Look how amazing we are to be here at this time!)

To do this well, we must also have a deep understanding of our history. For history not only helps us develop an understanding of humanity’s big-picture reality, it also lets us zoom in on specific issues, like the historical roles and power of Mothers and Home Keepers. And, history is where we find guidance about growing our own food, knowledge of plants, trees, creatures of the water, earth, and sky – and the wisdom of our Ancestors.

I will continue sharing what I have learned through my learning, teaching, and healing journey with you here, and I hope you will share with your sisters and your children and their children to help others along this path of awakening and healing our world.

And, I hope you come back soon.

Chi Miigwetch,

— kandace, Toronto, 2018-01-21











Clans, Guilds, and Reclaiming Our Identity


“Clan Mothers” by Shoshone-Tataviam artist, Stan Natchez. Read Tom Keefer’s excellent article on the importance of the Matrilineal Clan System in New World Indigenous society.

One of the most significant differences between Indigenous (First Nations) culture and secular people who are now living on Turtle Island is the fundamental way communities are established and maintained.

While Indigenous people use the ancient Clan System to establish and organize communities, secular communities are built around supporting and servicing employers (which increasingly are global corporations paying slave wages).

We can get a glimpse of the plans that globalists have for humanity by examining the past behavior of industrial capitalists.

West Virginia coal miner’s household. Mining towns were artificially created and existed entirely to serve the company. Women’s unpaid household labor directly supported the operations by maintaining the company’s human resources, for free, using food and other supplies that had to be purchased from the company store at often inflated prices.

Impoverished mining towns of the 19th Century, whose people were completely dependent on the company aren’t hard to imagine in these days of Amazon and Wal-mart Supercenters.

It’s pretty clear that all of humanity has been riding the slippery-slope to total enslavement, just as President John F. Kennedy gave his life to warn us about. At the very heart of this engineered nightmare path to slavery is the disconnection of people from our organic communities made up of relatives, long-time (generational) friends, ancestors, and shared history. Our Clans.

Stripping people of cultural, social, ancestral, and personal identity is a well-known tactic of war.  And, with the rise of unbridled industrial capitalism, this weapon has been wielded against the 99% with increasing ferocity over the last three hundred-plus years.

In the New World, our relatives in the Indigenous community are suffering unimaginable generational trauma to show us how, war, and disease cause massive disruptions in family connections and ultimately disconnect us from our Clan (purpose) and personal identity.

Until a few hundred years ago, all human societies operated through some form of the Clan system. People worked according to their gifts and skills and shared those gifts and skills with others in the community.

In European countries, with the development of established cities, towns, and villages, Clan systems slowly were overshadowed by relationships of trade and commerce; and, by medieval times, communities were organized and arranged through guilds directly related to one’s trade or craft.

Susan Naives offers an insightful depiction of the ways wives were essential to their husband’s trades in her 2012 blog post, “Buying Bread and Milk in 18th and 19th Century London.”

Generally, the entire household of a trade or crafts person was involved in the trade. That’s where terms like “Baker’s Wife and Farmer’s daughter” come from.

Many last names reflect Trades, i.e. a person named Sam Baker – would likely be the descendant of an ancestor who lived many generations prior to the family’s arrival in the New World.

Increasing numbers of us have been cut off from this important knowledge about our ancestry and our roots through same depopulation processes of war, migration, and disease that our Indigenous relatives are recovering from.

But, the good news is that we are living during the most incredible turning point in human history.

The time of genocide and disconnection is changing as Indigenous people and Indigenous Descendants are sharing the Clan teachings, learning about our own Clans, and finding our place & roles in them. The young ones of the 8th Generation have come to lead the way in spreading these teachings around the world.

In Anishnaabe societies, “Makwa [Members of the Bear Clan] are the protectors who patrol the woods around the community to watch for danger. They also know how to use the plants for medicine.” – Anishnaabemowin
Here, we are coming together to help one another heal, and to reconnect with ourselves and our Clans, Tribes, Families, Soul Groups, Star Families on very deep and meaningful levels to help create the New Earth.

The craftspeople, the tradespeople, the messengers, the healers, the teachers of wisdom, the mothers and keepers of homes, and the warriors – the real warriors of honor who came to protect the people, not kill for the greedy, evil ones – are all awakening, recognizing ourselves, and coming together.

The time has come for each of us who are awake and awakening to begin sniffing out our own identity. Our true, essential identity. This process is crucial to understanding our mission and purpose for being here at this time.

My Indigenous Traditional healers and teachers at Anishnawbe Health Toronto are helping to guide me toward my true identity: my Spirit Name, my Clan, and Colors, and they are giving me opportunities and helping me as I learn my role in this sacred healing community.

The single most healing thing that any of us can do is to learn our Spirit name

This isn’t just a cutesy animal or nature name that we feel drawn to. It is the name of our Soul – our Eternal Being. Often, our names describe our personalities or appearance. But perhaps for those of us who are more curious, our names are somewhat confusing or obscured and require us to go digging to learn about who we are and what we’re all about.

My teacher has helped me discover that I am a member of the Bird Clan – the messengers and teachers in the community. Learn more about Cherokee Bird Clans here.

The impact this re-connection with my deep self is having on my life – my self-confidence, my sense of purpose and most of all, a deep understanding of my true, eternal nature – is stunning.

How would you live your life if your very name itself reflected who you are, and your purpose for this mission on Grandmother Earth?

How would it affect the way you offer your gifts, talents, and services to our human family, if you learned that all your interests and experiences are inherently based in your Spiritual Identity, expressed through your role in a particular Clan while here on earth?

Can you imagine what having that knowledge would do to the globalists who are trying to enslave all the people of the world?

HappyPlanetEarthCan you imagine the power if every (!) single (!) person on the planet knew their true, eternal identity, their reason for being on Earth at this point in time, the truth and power of their ancestral lineage — and freely offered their gifts and talents for the sake of humanity, our environment, and our relatives in the plant, animal, fish, and bird families?

We would reclaim our planet from the great evil. And, Gaia would once again be a healthy and abundant hostess for our children and grandchildren.

Dogs Digging A HoleDig for More?

The healers at Anishnawbe Health Toronto offer teachings and guidance about Indigenous Clan systems, and help the people begin finding their way back. Here is one of AHTs Traditional Teaching on Clans.

Non-Indigenous Allies of New World People who are interested in seeking out their ancestral identity, have increasing resources, thanks to the internet. Here’s a great starter article published by Family Tree Magazine.

If you’re interested in learning more about Craft Guilds and Associations in Pre-Industrial Europe, S.R. Epstein’s article in the Cambridge Journal of Economic History is a great starting point for deeper research.

I hope you will give serious thought about reclaiming your identity as you continue your great work in helping to create the New Earth.

Good luck with your search, and thank you for reading.

Chi Miigwetch,

kandace –  Toronto, 2018-01-20


Returning to Indigenous Traditional Foodways: a Beginning

In December, I started a new writing project about a Diabetes Prevention Program facilitated by Toronto’s Holistic Indigenous Health Center; and, since that time, my interest in learning about and following a more Traditional Indigenous diet has skyrocketed.

I am finding myself researching everything from ingredients to recipes to Indigenous restaurants, food sources and organizations working together to reconcile the People with our Traditional Food, Medicine, and Ways . Here are a few tidbits I’ve discovered:

ancestorsgardensAn absolute treasure trove of resources, The American Indian Health and Diet Project, a website resource project by  Devon Abbott Mihesuah, the author of  Recovering Our Ancestors’ Gardens: Indigenous Recipes and Guide to Diet and Fitness, offers an incredible amount of information on Indigenous Traditional Gardening and Cooking. The recipes will inspire you and keep you very busy.

NATIFSNATIFS.Org is the US Non-profit founded by Ogala Lakota Chef, Sean Sherman who is a leader in revitalization of and teaching about indigenous foods systems in today’s culinary landscape.

sioux-chef-indigenous-kitchen-1.pngSherman is also the author of The Sioux Chef’s Indigenous Kitchen, and the creator of the The Sioux Chef  Teaching/Food-Making Community whose mission is Indigenous-focused education, research, and food access. And, if that’s not enough, Sherman and his team also operate a catering service in the Minneapolis/St.Paul area.  Check out their fabulous menu here.

Traditional-food-for-Aboriginal-People-resizedPeople just beginning to think about which foods are considered Indigenous Traditional foods, may want to start by checking out government websites – Indigenous / Dietary pages. For instance, Eat Right Ontario offers a great starter-pack of Traditional Indigenous Diet information, and teaches that Aboriginal people and Descendants (that actually includes all of us, doesn’t it?) can reduce our risk of diabetes, heart disease, and cancer by blending traditional foods and nutritious modern, Old World and international foods.

Hopefully, this will get you starting thinking about the ways you can begin working toward eating a Traditional Indigenous diet, and thinking about how you can join in the movement to take back our Natural Traditional Ways.

— kandace, Toronto, Jan 18, 2018





We’re Rebuilding Communication Networks: From the Ground Up – Literally

It seems to me that this awakening process involves each of us posting ideas and values we agree with – from all political positions. Some people are working as designated messengers, so we share a lot more information from various sources with our followers.
And those followers share that info with their own followers, and on and on like an old-fashioned telephone party line.
We are literally creating networks of like-minded communicators, and it is this work of sharing the information and teaching about it is the essence of the New Earth – Grassroots planet.
This is why the Controllers are working so hard to censor the strong communicators, and are making the platforms more difficult for political users.
And, this network building also really needs for you to SHARE the posts that contain the Truths you want to see. We are Seizing Reality Back, and we need all hands on deck!
Here’s a great resource find, Multidimensional Consciousness – a communications tool of the Institute of Spiritual Science: 

The Institute of Spiritual Science, Inc. is entirely dedicated to the dissemination and conservation of the doctrines of the ‘Divine Plan,’ as are provided to us through the communications and inspirations from well-recognized Archangels, Ascended Masters, Divinities and Angelics, and most importantly from the author’s HIGHERSELF. The Institute of Spiritual Science does not have any political, financial, religious, personal association or agenda whatsoever. It is a totally non-denominational, and non-religious organization. Its only affiliation, and indeed, devotion is to the Almighty God and His/Her Believers, disciples, and followers.The primary objective of the site/Institute is, first of all, to serve as a catalyst for awakening of the masses of humanity who are still in slumber, unaware of the inception of Earth’s 12/21/2012 Crystalline-Electric Grid and the Divine Plan for mankind’s ascension to higher dimensions. It is hoped that through composition and publication of spiritual books, articles and slides posted on this and companion sites, Facebook, and other sources such as radio and video/TV shows, together with arrangement of instructional sessions, group meetings/symposia, spiritual gatherings including discussions, meditation and prayers, these efforts will lead to the awakening and subsequent enhancement of the mankind’s overall consciousness level, thus promoting a unified collective understanding of the ‘Truth’ of God. This will, in turn, culminate in a surge in humanity’s natural vibration frequency level, thus facilitating mankind to reach the pre-requisite vibrational frequency/Light quotient level for ascending to the 5th and higher dimensions.
The site and the corresponding institution are presently fully financially supported by Dr. Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi [the author].
Dr. Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi
Institute of Spiritual Science, Inc.
P.O. Box 13005
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Dr. Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi
Institute of Spiritual Science, Inc.
P.O. Box 13005
Gainesville, FL 32604