In December, I started a new writing project about a Diabetes Prevention Program facilitated by Toronto’s Holistic Indigenous Health Center; and, since that time, my interest in learning about and following a more Traditional Indigenous diet has skyrocketed.

I am finding myself researching everything from ingredients to recipes to Indigenous restaurants, food sources and organizations working together to reconcile the People with our Traditional Food, Medicine, and Ways . Here are a few tidbits I’ve discovered:

ancestorsgardensAn absolute treasure trove of resources, The American Indian Health and Diet Project, a website resource project by  Devon Abbott Mihesuah, the author of  Recovering Our Ancestors’ Gardens: Indigenous Recipes and Guide to Diet and Fitness, offers an incredible amount of information on Indigenous Traditional Gardening and Cooking. The recipes will inspire you and keep you very busy.

NATIFSNATIFS.Org is the US Non-profit founded by Ogala Lakota Chef, Sean Sherman who is a leader in revitalization of and teaching about indigenous foods systems in today’s culinary landscape.

sioux-chef-indigenous-kitchen-1.pngSherman is also the author of The Sioux Chef’s Indigenous Kitchen, and the creator of the The Sioux Chef  Teaching/Food-Making Community whose mission is Indigenous-focused education, research, and food access. And, if that’s not enough, Sherman and his team also operate a catering service in the Minneapolis/St.Paul area.  Check out their fabulous menu here.

Traditional-food-for-Aboriginal-People-resizedPeople just beginning to think about which foods are considered Indigenous Traditional foods, may want to start by checking out government websites – Indigenous / Dietary pages. For instance, Eat Right Ontario offers a great starter-pack of Traditional Indigenous Diet information, and teaches that Aboriginal people and Descendants (that actually includes all of us, doesn’t it?) can reduce our risk of diabetes, heart disease, and cancer by blending traditional foods and nutritious modern, Old World and international foods.

Hopefully, this will get you starting thinking about the ways you can begin working toward eating a Traditional Indigenous diet, and thinking about how you can join in the movement to take back our Natural Traditional Ways.

— kandace, Toronto, Jan 18, 2018