Owl-Meaning-in-the-BibleOwl is the keeper of the Western Gate of consciousness. The place where we sit with the Grandmothers, remember the old ways of women’s intuition, the medicines of our Ancestors and reconnect with the Divine through our hearts.

This ancient Grandmother, known as the Night Eagle in some Native cultures, is either considered a scary messenger of death or a powerful teacher of the deepest transformations we can experience.

Like the Greek Goddess Athena, who was often depicted with an Owl, this totem demands that we seek truth if we want to awaken.

Only the most courageous are willing to go into the dark in search of Owl Medicine, for she hides in the trunk of old trees and asks us “WHO are you?”

Our friends at Doowans share this insight:

“As an Animal Medicine Totem, the owl, with its ability to cross from the plane of the “Red Road” of Physical Life, to the, “Blue Road” of Spirit, symbolizes the continual state of the Spirit’s Transformation. From no Spirit to growing Spirit. As such, Owl Medicine has been associated with the process of Reincarnation, or the evolutionary process of the spirit as it enters and leaves the Great Classrooms of Life.” – Thunderbird

And even if we’ve been on the path of Spiritual Awakening for awhile, that question can really scare us. Because after we have gone through the brutal process of spiritual awakening, consciousness shifts, changes in our bodies and in our habits, we reach the dark cave of the Grandmothers who really don’t pull any punches.

The wise ones offer us truth in love rather than allowing us to continue on a path that’s not good for us or based in self-deception.

Answering the question of “WHO we are” takes many of us from a place of being “woke” – caring about the surface issues we’re directed to care about by the establishment media and the people who own them.

Example not opinionsWhen we’re “woke,” we’re led to believe that our opinions, our self-righteous offense and grandstanding are enough to make great change in the world – without knowing what’s beneath our beliefs, opinions and offense.

Are our reactions and activities managed for us by external forces? Peer pressure? Union regulations? Toxic families or workplaces?

Or have we reached the point that we’re aware of our reactions and have learned how to use Owl Medicine – the wisdom of the Ancestors – to transform them into responses based on our own research and experience?

This is the essential difference between being “woke” and being Awake.

When we’re awake and conscious of the realities defining this world and our society, we also become aware and conscious of our thoughts, habits, beliefs, and feelings that keep us trapped in old worn out ways and places.  True awakening brings change to every level of our lives.

Many people are still addicted to the establishment, and continue believing their governments, the western “medical” industry and their propagandist millionaires in the media have their best interests at heart. 

But, the earth has reached a point in the human story that will be jarring and terrifying for people who haven’t done the research. The ones who believe they’re “woke” but cling tightly to the sleep of unconsciousness will either be forced to awaken to the truth or will become increasingly disconnected from the new realities of the changing world.

Green EnergyMany people still believe they’re challenging the establishment through activism and “cancel culture” but in fact are serving the very institutions that are destroying our nations, communities, families, and individual lives on a scale never seen in history. And the coming weeks and months will be very difficult for them.

Most of us started the awakening process for real when we began to truly understand the corruption that has been controlling our governments in every country, and realized that it’s all connected to the same source.

As we do our research, we see over and over again that the system – the terribly rigged system – we’re all caught in has been operating in countries around the world for thousands of years.

Engineering wars, rearranging societies, monetary systems and entire economies in the name of “progress” that is destructive to our Mother Earth and degrading to the soul of humanity.

Dean Snowball who is the founder of PlanetKeeper Media is an Ojibwe Eagle Clan Elder and one of the few who understand what is happening, and who isn’t being paid off to continue the genocide against our people like many “leaders” in the Native community have been. You can watch his footage of Toronto Freedom Marches and events as well as night time activity on his YouTube channel. Here, he is expressing the position that every single leader of our Native (and even non-native) communities should be holding at this moment:

One of the more disturbing truths that has been revealed in these recent times has been the level of deceit and corruption among the leaders of the Native Community across North America. Many of these people who are “Chiefs” have been hand-picked by the globalists to work with the elite agenda and continue the cultural and physical genocide of First Nations people.

Any tribal leader or “elder” supporting the bioterror attacks and the stripping of our human rights and freedoms is not to be trusted, as they are demonstrating that they are following the Marxist game plan to destroy our culture and implement communism in our nations.

Being Awake rather than “woke” means moving beyond the surface issues of skin colour, identity politics, and joining in the “fight” against whatever latest offense the controllers have chosen this week.

Owl Medicine WomanBeing Awake rather than “woke” comes from doing the hard work to search for the truth – both inside and outside ourselves – in order to break free from those old narratives and realize our own truth. This is a difficult process for it requires us to clean ourselves up on every level, rather than just projecting our unhealed garbage onto others.

Awakening is hard work and many of us will avoid it until we have no other choice. Precipice. That’s human nature.

People who have gone through the process understand how life changing it is. And, we know that once we have truly awakened, it’s impossible to go back to being “woke.” 

When we summon the courage to go deep and explore the history of our lives, learn about the systems in our families and communities that have shaped our understanding of reality – and challenge them when necessary – then we are at the point where the Grandmothers step in with their magical medicine bundle of intuition, healing wisdom, and the right medicine for the wounds that have bound us.

People who are awake understand the meaning of Grandmother Owl’s medicine, and we have learned the hard way that this tough old bird is a powerful teacher of transformation. Transformation of the heart.

Grandmother Owl reminds us that true awakening only comes through a heart-led existence, which as the Great Mother Bear (who is guiding us this year) reminds us is why we have come here at this time.

It is my honour to be your messenger.

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