#OwlMedicine (We’re taking back our symbols and totems from the evil occult)

“Answering the question of “WHO we are” takes many of us from a place of being “woke” – caring about the surface issues we’re directed to care about by the establishment media and the people who own them – to being awakened to our purpose and aware of the reasons for our beliefs and actions.

When we’re “woke,” we’re led to believe that our opinions, our self-righteous offense and grandstanding are enough to make great change in the world – without knowing what’s beneath our beliefs, opinions and offense.

Are our reactions and activities managed for us by external forces? Peer pressure? Union regulations? Toxic families or workplaces?

Or have we reached the point that we’re aware of our reactions and have learned how to use Owl Medicine – the wisdom of the Ancestors – to transform them into responses based on our own research and experience?

This is the essential difference between being “woke” and being Awake. – kk #BirdClanMessenger

Bird Clan Messenger

Owl-Meaning-in-the-BibleOwl is the keeper of the Western Gate of consciousness. The place where we sit with the Grandmothers, remember the old ways of women’s intuition, the medicines of our Ancestors and reconnect with the Divine through our hearts.

This ancient Grandmother, known as the Night Eagle in some Native cultures, is either considered a scary messenger of death or a powerful teacher of the deepest transformations we can experience.

Like the Greek Goddess Athena, who was often depicted with an Owl, this totem demands that we seek truth if we want to awaken.

Only the most courageous are willing to go into the dark in search of Owl Medicine, for she hides in the trunk of old trees and asks us “WHO are you?”

Our friends at Doowans share this insight:

“As an Animal Medicine Totem, the owl, with its ability to cross from the plane of the “Red Road”…

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