Circles & Ceremonies

Cloud Spencer Eagle Bear - Sacred Hoop with Creatures

First Nations people use the circle as the primary form of sharing messages, stories and lessons, and ours include teachings as well as hands-on crafting of Medicine Wheels, Smudge Bundles and other important cultural tools.

We require a minimum of seven participants for a circle which will be led by an Elder and an Oshkebewis (helper).

The fees for these events provide financial support for members of our community who are respected cultural and spiritual leaders. Their work is of great importance, and in the tradition of our Ancestors is supported by the community and people they share their teachings with.

Rates begin at $50/person for two hours with a seven person minimum.

Teaching and Sharing Circles

  • Storytellers
  • The Medicine Wheel – Various topics
  • Smudge & The Four Sacred Medicines
  • Medicine Wheel & Medicine Bundle Workshops
  • Grandfather & Grandmother Teachings
  • Bird & Feather Medicine
  • Totems and Spirit Guides
  • Indigenous Food & Cooking
  • Indigenous Music and Art

We thank you for your interest and look forward to sharing our stories with you. For more information about how Bird Clan Messenger can help you and your group learn Native Culture and Wisdom, contact us here.


Bird Clan Messenger


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