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Frog Medicine -Pepe, Kek, and the Power of Laughter & Tears to Save the World

It is truly amazing yet no mistake that so many of our new leaders have joined in the fun that Pepe the Frog brings. This ancient god of chaos whose name represents laughter, this bringer of light who also just happens to be a cartoon frog resembling Donald Trump is truly the realm of the absurd. The delight of the young at heart. 

From Dark to Light – Crow’s Cousin Grackle is in the Wings Ready to Dance Us Into Spring

Grackle hops up to us in the springtime, head shining in the sun with iridescent teal and purple, green and blue and says . . . “Hi!! It’s time to smile again. It will be okay. We’re going to have a great summer!”

Melissa Teague – Moon Enters Scorpio, Opposes Uranus & Venus

First up, passion is on the rise as the Moon enters Scorpio. Feelings deepen and gain in importance. We’ve been quite moderate and considerate for a couple of days with the Moon in Libra. The Moon in Scorpio is a very different feeling. Buried feelings begin to rise, and truth becomes more important. Emotionally, we become on the ball, though we’re more than capable of fooling ourselves if we lack in honesty and integrity. It’s not so easy to fool others in these times though!