By Cloud Spencer Eaglebear

To perform in a sacred manner…It is not always what you think it is. At least, not always being right or to live where no wrong has not touched your heart.

It is in those things that are wrong where you learn to live in a manner that is most SACRED…I am humble so I cast no shadow of doubt upon your hearts.

Cloud Spencer Eaglebear Mother EarthI dance for the people who are hurt on the outside as well as in the inside. My intention is to be the antidote and cure all I come in contact with.

So maybe on this Road that we love so much, this moment of understanding can cause a ripple effect to all those who seek to be one with the sacred that is all around us.

I watch the crows on how they begin their morning. They seem to begin in the south and work their way all around to the North.

Chief Looking Horse Love Teaching - Eagle

At this time we believe that the voice of WHO IS GREATER comes in on the 4 Winds from this direction so we may learn to listen, so we may receive our instructions and bring forth a knowledge that is known to give all to those who seek it their daily message of the day.

DSC_1502To find your center in the harmony of balance we must accept who we are and focus directly on why we are here.

Then when we learn this, then you will know who you are.

For it is The RED ROAD that will give us these answers within to explore new opportunities to expand our concept of what it means to be the medicine within the natural order of the law.

ShopWe can choose this – this life of being one with the SACRED and it will give to you the materials you need to live…. In the most sacred manner…..

These are my thoughts…Walk in beauty…Aho