Watch the Water – Changing our Perceptions of Sickness and Healing

We, as a human family, have reached the turning point – away from the dark times of corporate control of our lives, and we are walking back to a simpler, family and community based way of life. All over the world we are seeing people and communities coming together in the name of health and healing rather than fear and war and disease.

Joy to the World! Watch the Water! (Kek) Premiering on BCM Tuesday 2/2/21 on YouTube 10 a.m. EST

This week is a Bear Medicine week in the year of the great mother bear. This time is about balancing the masculine with the feminine, so Bear is sitting with the Grandfathers in their home in the Northwest this week.

Joining this cast of characters are: Alligator (Kek) Turkey Badger Salmon . . . along with Medicine Cards from a few other traditions.

VIDEO: Bear Medicine – Guard Your Heart

It is so important during these times that we know the wisdom and teachings of our Ancestors, for even though we have arrived with much clearer knowledge of our mission than many others, we are dependent on the Elders of all Nations to show us the pathways our people have walked, and to teach us the wisdom and medicine – the Old Ways – to help us clean up and restore our Mother Earth and our communities.

Thunderbird Medicine: Changing Our Perception and Treatment of Disease

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Being different is a key lesson for this great time of transformation – and it is the foundation for understanding the difference between sickness as “disease” and sickness as an opportunity to grow and change.

So many children are coming to earth now with incredible gifts, talents, and abilities. But, because these gifts are so powerful and they are very courageous in wanting to share them, these kids are often seen as – first, “troublemakers,” then as sick children who need big-pharma medication to “function” in society.

Bird Clan Messenger

By Kandace Keithley

Perhaps one of the most difficult truths that we must accept during our time on planet Earth is that all disease and sickness is brought about through our own perception and our own activity on an individual, community and global level.

Whatever we accept as sickness is what will become disease. But when we view sickness as a sign that we have more to learn, whether it’s about plant medicine or spiritual healing, then it becomes a blessing and an opportunity.

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Moth Medicine, The Dance of Transformation

When we are on a Spiritual path (and actually even when we aren’t) we dance around a spiral and return to the same issues and challenges over and over until every last bit of resistance is illuminated, addressed, healed and released.

We do the life-death-rebirth dance many times in one lifetime.

And this is good for it is the only way we can move forward. We must face those deep fears, use our time in the cocoon to dive deep into the depths of our psyche to learn the lessons of Moth (some of whom live with the Night Eagle, Owl in their nests). The lessons of this time are deep and dark and not for the faint of heart.

Bird Clan Messenger

We are walking through a very important point in the transition from the 7th to the 8th Fire times and many of us are facing a time of great decision for ourselves, our families, and our community and country.

This is a time of the Moth – that fluttery, ethereal flyer whose medicine teaches us to be brave and dive down into the very deepest crevices of our hearts to find our truth. To bite the bullet and make the descent to find our truth and best vision for our lives. And to open ourselves up to going through the process of healing and learning that will help us get there.

Once we make the decision to commit to the path of our heart, we will find that our lives begin to change and we meet many different kinds of helpers along the way.

This is such an important teaching…

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Ghost Dance – The Power of Ceremony

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“The reconnection process is going to be difficult and sacred for everyone on Earth over the coming months as many families have lost their Elders who died alone and were not allowed to have funerals, many families have lost their businesses, watched as their children are terrorized and have been imprisoned in their own homes.

There is much to process for everyone, and this is why it is so important to focus on our healing and prayer ceremonies. These give us strength, wisdom, and compassion for the rough days ahead. Squirrel reminds us to store our strength and wisdom for we will need it in the coming winter.”

Bird Clan Messenger

“Then he said to me, “Prophesy to the breath; prophesy, son of man, and say to it, ‘This is what the Sovereign LORD says: Come, breath, from the four winds and breathe into these slain, that they may live.” – Ezekiel 37:9

Eagle Medicine 1

When we are walking with the Great Spirit on a powerful medicine journey, there are times that we find ourselves spending too much time in the Spirit world. Praying and releasing old wounds and trauma is a wonderful thing we must do daily, but immersion for too long can lead to depression and apathy.

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Totem Tuesday Video – Elk, Raven, Squirrel and Owl

This week, Elk (stamina, gentleness, silence) is leading us from the Northern place of the Grandfathers. Joining him this week are Raven (transformation), Squirrel (organization, focus), Owl (wisdom, strategy). These four are supported by the energy of the Great Mother Bear, (healing, protection) Hawk (truth, perception) and Wolf (leadership, solitude, humility).

Hawk & Elk Medicine – When Our Helpers Join Forces

When we combine Hawk’s (Bird Clan) far-seeing vision, mental strength and deep connection to Great Spirit’s chief messenger Eagle with the grace, strength, stamina and sensuality of the Hoof Clan leader Elk, then we not only create order from chaos but also a pathway to a beautiful, conscious dance of love, peace, joy and generous hospitality.

Order out of chaos begins when we have reached the point on our healing journey in which the spiritual light has overcome the spiritual darkness enough to allow in the positive thoughts, dreams, visions for the future.

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Bird Clan Messenger

First Nations people of all cultures believe in the power (medicine) of the animals, birds, and other creatures of the natural world as our relationships with these relatives connect us all to the Creator. The medicine of any creature or plant refers first to its energy, then the lessons we learn through observing it in the natural world, and finally the benefits each bird, animal, creature, plant and tree offers to humans and the world through its physical being.

There are many times during our journeys here on Planet Earth in which we need many helpers. One of the times that we will need many helpers is when we begin to make order out of the chaos of our lives and our world.

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