Joy to the World! Watch the Water! (Kek) Premiering on BCM Tuesday 2/2/21 on YouTube 10 a.m. EST

Join me at Bird Clan Messenger on YouTube for the Premier of this week’s Totem Tuesday Medicine Card Reading – 10 a.m. EST. This week is a Bear Medicine week in the year of the great mother bear. This time is about balancing the masculine with the feminine, so Bear is sitting with the Grandfathers in their home in the Northwest this week. Joining this cast of characters are: Alligator (Kek) Turkey Badger Salmon . . . along with Medicine Cards from a few other traditions.

Hope you’ll join me. Check out the teaching for this week at Bird Clan Messenger dot com – and join me for the extended discussion of the article, “Thunderbird Medicine – Changing our Perception of Sickness and Healing” here on Monday morning at 10 a.m. EST.…

Chi Miigwetch.