** This is an update of the article, “Grouse Medicine – Dancing With the Snake,” that I wrote last year. I’m finding it interesting to go back and check those old posts against what we’re seeing revealed in the present, particularly since in our Totem cards, the year 2022 is represented by the Snake – a powerful female symbol of regeneration that has been taken over by the dark for a very long time. I’ll be sharing some memetastic medicine about Snake this week in the Kitchen Party, including that shocking “Snake Dance” that Angela Merkle (shared again below for your amusement) performed nearly naked in Greece years ago. Fair warning: don’t watch it if you’re eating.

For those of us trapped in Communist controlled areas and considered “dissidents” or “domestic terrorists” by the powers that be, it has felt like we’ve been treading water, waiting for enough people to awaken to the truth to ensure there will be a minimum of chaos when the action starts after the New Year. We’re seeing some fantastic movements with the “resignation” of our modern day Mengele, Anthony Fauci, and the final nail in the Bush/Cheny/Clinton/Obama dynasty’s coffin with the absolute spanking Lizard received from the great Patriots of Wyoming. Well done. It’s clear that the people are awake and taking action this time around.

Grouse, and cousins Prairie Chicken and Partridge remind us about the dance of life, and the spirals of our experience and journeys.

Through their mating dances, always at the same time of year, these birds show us how nature cycles around and around to achieve her ends, and that we are all merely dancers here on this stage prepared for us by God.

When we are awake and on a conscious journey of healing, we will see the same issues we’ve dealt with all our lives come up again and again to give us the opportunity to respond in a different way. The change in our perception and actions that comes through healing ourselves is always reflected in our daily lives and relationships.

As always, thank you all for being here as I continue to navigate my way out of Trudeau’s Communist/WEF Fifedom and start preparing for the journey back home to the United States.  If you’re interested in learning how to help stranded Expats get out of Communist/Socialist countries and back home for good, contact me here, or email me at OpRepatriate@proton.me

Grouse, like many of God’s creatures shows us that everyone has a dance.

Our moves on the dance floor or in our bedroom with our hairbrush microphone express our feelings at the moment.

Are we doing a war dance? A story dance? Are we dancing to attract a partner? Or just dancing along in the sacred, never ending spiral of life?

During this year of the Snake in the Totem system I use to frame my teachings, we’re all learning about regeneration and the power of getting out of our own way.

You can learn more about the Medicine Wheel and Totems and how these archetypal tools can help you navigate through life here.

Like Snake, Grouse is a ground creature who lives at the bottom of the Medicine Wheel, where we deal with the most basic issues of our ancestry and roots, our physical lives and bodies, and our communities.

It seems like we’ve been down here for a long time, especially since we’re in a 7 year cycle that seems dominated by the not always pleasant medicines of the ground crew.

The Red is where we see the consequences of bad choices and ugly attitudes, like the grumpy and faithless Israelites who were hit with a snake plague to get their attention.

It’s really something to visualize that staff Moses was given to help save the people from the snake plague and then compare it to the logo for the Rockefeller “medical” industry.

It looks like the dark ones have been hijacking God’s symbols for a long time.

In the Bird Clan tradition, Crow is the keeper of the Southern gate, and we’re seeing the trickster, transformative, “gotcha!!” energy of Crow popping up to shock and entertain us every day

The Sun has just moved into the sign of Virgo, which is the sixth sign of the zodiac, and like the clock, six sits at the very bottom of the Medicine Wheel.

Interestingly, I have learned that the planet Mercury, which represents intellect and communication, is connected to the time of Virgo, which is a period of detail-orientation and organization. Like beginning a new school year.

I love how all these tools and systems that our Ancestors have left us can be used to help us understand what’s going on in the world.

While Snake is a powerful symbol of rebirth and regeneration, at the moment, we are walking through the shadowlands – where snake is showing the dark side of humanity, and reminding us that those who serve the shadow will attack when cornered. So we should be aware and prepared for anything.

We are now watching more and more people awaken to the truth of the bioterror attacks as well as the communist takeover of the United States – and by extension, the world.

The number of people who have awakened and taken action in the last year has been inspiring to watch. The citizens of nations all over the planet have organized and risen up against these tyrannical ghouls who intended to kill 90 percent of the world’s population.

As more are sickened by the lab experiments people have willingly taken without doing a minute of research, they and their friends and families begin to realize that the people warning them have been telling the truth.

Last year, we watched in horror as the imposter Biden-Harris regime withdrew  the US Military from a 20 year warzone, leaving thousands of US Citizens, and billions of dollars of State of the Art equipment, weapons, and infrastructure all in the hands of the enemies our government told us we have been fighting.

Only days after I wrote this original post last year, the treasonous, illegitimate regime caused the deaths of 13 American servicemen and women. We will never forget.

These were acts of treason, and senior military officials in countries around the world said Biden should be court martialed for the complete surrender to the Taliban. The year that has followed that horrific act against our troops has shown the utter depths of depravity and criminality the “leaders” of America and most other countries have devolved into.

Fortunately, with the 2022 midterms coming up, we are witnessing the beginning of the end of this coup, with the perpetrators of everything from the recent, unprecedented raid on President Trump’s home to the masterminds behind the bio terror assaults being exposed and removed from power.

It has taken a long time for us to get here, for most of us – much less time than many who have been in this fight their entire lives. There are still whiners and dividers floating around in cyberspace, claiming Trump is secretly working with the bad guys, and that “nothing is going to change, nothing is happening.”

Jesus taught us that without eyes to see and ears to hear, without the spiritual understanding of the world around us and the lessons being offered, people will be blind to truth.

And the truth is that we’re still at the beginning of exposing and destroying the ancient and evil regime that has worked to enslave and destroy humanity, keep us ignorant of our own origins and sacred knowledge, and keep us divided and fighting each other for millennia.

We are watching a return to the old ways of our Ancestors, the traditions and values that built our towns and nations with strong families and healthy, safe children.

And, unfortunately, we’re seeing the truth about the corruption in the Tribal governments being exposed for all to see.

It’s a terrible thing to watch the Tribal leadership and their “health” agencies pushing an experimental drug on their people in exchange for rights.

You’d think they’d all have learned never to trust the government bearing blankets from their Elders.

But no.

They’re right up there at the front of the tax-payer slush fund trough.

Greedily lapping up hundreds of millions of federally stolen booty in exchange for sacrificing the lives of their own people.

The Cherokee people have seen this one before.

Those who know our history also know what happened to the traitors who sold out our land and caused the deaths of 30% of our population when they reached the Oklahoma Territory.

They were executed.

Bad leadersBut like an honorable leader of the people, Grouse known as Prairie Chicken in Oklahoma, is an ancient bird who agreed to sacrifice himself to feed and nourish the people.

This is what the good Chiefs of the Native tribes did. They gave everything they had for the people, including their own food. Because they understood that their role, as a leader, was to serve and to follow the guidance of their own Elders, the Ancestors, and the Creator.

Not to be lord and master.

Through Grouse’s mating dance, and their family building traditions, this bird also offer us lessons in the importance of community.

They show us how our communities and the activities we’re involved in are expressions of our true characters.

But, like the whirling dervishes of the Sufi Dance show us, balance is always key.

How do we balance our need to be who we are, to be our unique selves while remaining in balance with the needs and expectations of our societies?

How have we lost our balance in the past because of undiagnosed, unhealed wounds and lack of awareness, and how can we apply what we’ve learned in a new a different way when we lose our balance again?

Grouse Nesting by Eddy Cobiness

Grouse reminds us that the Circle of Life is sacred and that there is only one of each of us – brought into being through the love of thousands of Ancestors and the spark of God’s divine light.

We find our places in life through circles, rather than through being a body in a seat listening to the authorities of the old guard who have been filling peoples’ heads with Marxist indoctrination for at least three generations, maybe more.

I believe it’s time we return to many of the old ways and ideas in our gathering and teaching.

Our Ancestors taught in circles. Villages were arranged in circles.

We learn much better sitting in circles, level with one another than we do from rigidly constricted, hierarchical indoctrination from “experts.

Grouse’s mating dance reminds me of all the cultural dances where the males gather and stake their territory to perform for the females.

Prairie Chicken PuffedThe Bird Watcher’s General Store in Massachusetts tells us, “The other thing that Ruffed Grouse are noted for is their “drumming.”

To attract females and to announce its territory, the male grouse will hop up on a log and flap its wings, much like a rooster does before it crows.

Native Americans called the Ruffed Grouse the “carpenter bird” because they believed the bird was beating on the log.

However, the grouse is actually cupping air with its wings and the rush of air produces a thumping sound that can be heard over a good distance. The thumping starts slowly and continues to build faster and faster until it becomes a blur of sound.

Birds are ancient creatures, believed by many to be direct descendants of dinosaurs and that challenges some aspects of the “scientific” doctrine we have been led to accept as truth for many generations.

And, as with all of God’s creatures, Grouse shows us the natural order of life on Mother Earth – how the dance between the true, biological male and the true biological female are the only way to bring sentient life into being.

KlausAny other arrangement or belief is a misunderstanding or intentional violation of natural law, and the strategy being used to degrade and depopulate humanity.

Grouse also teaches us to pay attention to the dances that others are doing.

For the ancient moves and rituals we are now beginning to understand show us the truth about the different groups fighting to either control and enslave us, or free and protect us.

Klaus Schwab who is one of the most powerful men in the world has become a well-known name over the past year.

Klaus is a worshipper of Satan, controls much of the world’s economic activity through his puppets like Trudeau and Gretchen Witmer, Frances’ Macron and all the leaders pushing the WEF “Great Reset.”

Schwab, who told us that we’ll all be eating bugs, own nothing and be happy, is one of the masterminds of the great reset and the bio terror attacks. This is the man directing the corrupt tribal leaders, mayors, school officials, governors/premiers, and selected puppet heads of state to kill the people they’re supposed to be working for. The people who actually pay their salaries.

In the photo, he is  in public, doing what most of us would think is a humiliation ritual, but it is actually a part of their religion, Luciferianism which is an ancient, downward spiral of death, perversion, cannibalism, pedophilia, genocide, social engineering, and service to hell.

While most of us had never heard of him, thanks to the “conspiracy” theorists among us, we know this Lizard person(?) is one of the masterminds – and for sure the figurehead – of the WEF “Great Reset,” agenda that intends to kill off most of the population.

Oklahoma’s Cherokee Nation leaders are full on into the WEF agenda – so greedy and diabolical, they’re offering these untested, experimental and deadly chemical cocktails to everyone!!

No need to have a status card for this one, folks. You don’t even need to be government approved for the Cherokee Nation to share their poison with you! You get a jab! And YOU get a jab! 

It’s all about the payoff and power.

These guys received over $300 Million in Federal “Covid relief,” (i.e. bribes and extortion to help depopulate the country, indoctrinate children with Marxist ideology, and take control of the government).

It would appear the Cherokee leadership is hoping to turn Oklahoma blue. I hope Governor Stitt is on the job.

And, I hope there’s an authentic leader made out of the same stuff as our great Chief John Ross standing in the wings.

As as totem representing the Sacred Spiral, Grouse and his Prairie Chicken cousins reflect the need for independence of thought, personal vision and individual enlightenment.

That is the process we are all going through individually, and as a collective at this time.

Many believe that this time of massively increased consciousness on the planet signifies the return of Christ.

Whether we understand it as a return of the Universal laws, truth, compassion, and forgiveness Jesus brought to the world, or the literal return of Jesus in physical form is well beyond my scope.

But, one thing we can all agree on is the only way the Earth will truly experience the return of Christ, a Great Awakening at every level, is for us to surrender to the Christ consciousness that is waiting for each of us when we’re ready.

This is known as “awakening” in the non church community. The beginning of the process of repentance and restoration that is definitely not for the weak.

Like Christians who are in the game for more than the Sunday social club, these folks know the only way for people to awaken to this state of enlightened interpretation and experience is through the sometimes excruciating process of coming to the truth themselves.

We allow ourselves to remain blind to the ugly truths about these creatures in every industry, including the institutional church, who lord their power over the masses, violating their own tyrannical dictates and throwing filth, perversion, unbridled sex, hatred of our own Elders, communities, and countries in our faces either to taunt or to tame – depending on our alignment.

We know this is a time of the ascension of human consciousness, for it is only through going through the true awakening process to the evil on this planet that we begin our true mission. We can’t challenge and resolve what we don’t see or understand.

Q has been telling us for years, “you have to show the people, not tell them.”

And that is exactly what is happening right now, thanks to the White Hats and digital soldiers around the world.

This is Angela Markel, a daughter of Adolf Hitler, and the “leader” of Europe – which is deep in the middle of destroying Anglo culture through socially engineering a mass influx of very angry Muslims, whose stated goal is Jihad. And seriously, who could blame them after what the CIA led West has done to their countries since the 9/11 hoax and genocide began?

What does it mean that this snake of a woman dances in public like a common whore while welcoming in fighters who want to rape and kill all white girls and women?

It’s important for people to share this information, for we are fighting a spiritual battle against the demonic powers of Jezebel as you can see.

This evil spirit has infused all countries and many of the people, through their own chosen ignorance and poor choices.

Grouse DanceGrouse asks us, how do we dance away from those that would hurt us?

What is the best way to remove these evil ones from their stolen pedestals and protect ourselves from any further attacks?

How does this work in our own lives?

That’s where deep insight, personal vision and the new awareness that comes with enlightenment come in.

Look at the people surrounding you.

Are they dancing the downward spiral of death, sexualizing children and bastardizing all that is good and pure in our society and on our planet – for money, sex, power, and fame?

Or are they dancing the hard dance of the warrior, coming together to protect the people, our communities and nations and all the values that come from honoring and respecting the Natural Laws the Creator has given us?

On a personal level, Grouse reminds us to remember that our journeys are circular in nature.

A long, walked-out spiral path that either takes us to ever higher levels of consciousness or sends us down into ever darkening depths of despair.

The choices we make throughout our lives determine which way we’re going.

In the US and Canada, it’s exciting to see people of all backgrounds and cultures coming together, realizing that we’re fighting a common enemy – and that if Turtle Island falls, there is nowhere else to go.

People are waking up to the flat out lies the globalist propaganda machine has been pushing about the only President who is standing up for the PEOPLE, attacking human trafficking, who stopped the wars, and is still fighting to rid the world of the elite power structure he’s been fighting his entire life.

That is why the King of Saudi Arabia honored him with the traditional Sword Dance in the beginning of his first term.

Anons know that trip was just the beginning of a global exercise in peacemaking through strength, and that President Trump is working with the greatest military leaders and intelligence officers – backed by millions of digital soldiers – to take back our world.

A warrior and leader like this comes along only once in many generations, and we are blessed to be watching what has been called, the “second coming of Donald Trump.”

It looks like that day is getting closer, and with the 2022 mid-terms coming up, we’re watching the rise of the MAGA party.

This show is getting good and we’re now on the offense. Any move they make is checkmate, and the criminals who have tried to steal our country hey are now just postponing the inevitable and trying to do as much damage as possible on their way out.

Grouse and Prairie Chicken remind us that we’re in the  middle of changing up a very ancient cycle. We’re here to lay the solid foundation for the New Earth, based on the Universal, Spiritual laws that Jesus taught, that our Elders and Ancestors understood.

So, while we continue on our learning and healing paths, Grouse encourages us to continue to stay aware of our own need to process all that we’re seeing. While we’ve made great gains, there’s still so much work to be done.

And, if you believe it’s time for you to get up and get involved, follow that spark.

We need everybody in this dance.

Stay tuned and keep the popcorn stocked.

The best is indeed yet to come.

It is my honour to be your messenger.

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