Trudeau Fall Has BegunGreetings from behind the Canadian Iron Curtain where the gig is most definitely up. Crow is here this week bringing tidings of great changes on the horizon and there is much going on that is unseen.

Even though Canada is still lagging behind much of the rest of the world in extracting our nation from the globalist mafia, the end is coming more into focus every day as the tables have finally turned.

Castro and Maggie’s love child is becoming increasingly detached from reality, claiming his Covid vaccines are “working great” even as he’s announcing his THIRD bout of the dreaded flu. Hey, but he’s “self-isolating and is grateful for the vaccine or it could have been worse,” right?

This just in: Anthony (gain of function) Fauci, the criminal who has worked tirelessly through his entire career to kill as many people as possible through his mad science has just announced he’s gotten the coof – AGAIN. Excellent products for sure.

Here in Canada, even Justine’s own party members and ministers are starting to turn on him and demand that he drop the mandates.

No doubt they’re seeing the writing on the wall that they’ll be booted from their cushy jobs if they don’t get with the program the rest of the world (except LGB’s American disaster and the remaining Satanic-controlled countries) has finally started to put into play.

Our friends at the Saving Canada podcast explain it’s only a matter of time before Trudeau’s illegitimate and corrupt government falls, and it’s possible the Liberals and NDP have been completely destroyed:

Trudeau spy“It looks like the writing is on the wall for Trudeau and Singh’s party leadership as their lies and corruption have been exposed to the public…A majority of Liberal caucus members now want all pandemic restrictions dropped and Trudeau may be brought down if he doesn’t comply. Singh has collapsed almost all NDP voting blocks, and if Trudeau, Freeland, their entire Cabinet and Singh aren’t ousted the parties may face extinction.” – Saving Canada Podcast

Oh, woe to these young fools, groomed by the WEF, who believed they would be able to assert their own control over the people of many nations. That includes Pierre Poilievre who is a globalist masquerading as a freedom supporting conservative.  There will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth in the weeks and months ahead as all of these jackals are exposed and removed from power.

In Creator’s perfect timing, Crow is here this week in the Medicine Cards, and I’ve also been seeing other birds of great transformation like Turkey Buzzard and Raven.

Folks who connect with and understand the symbolism of these archetypes realize they’re harbingers of death and messengers of a major sea change ahead for everyone.

Crows and these carrion birds often get a bad rap because they’re scavengers who clean up the scraps left behind after a kill, thus are sometimes considered grifters – but are always associated with death.

Wolf N Crows DancingYet we must remember, death doesn’t always mean a physical death. Sometimes a death in our lives comes in the form of a move, or a broken relationship, the end of a career, a chapter, or the loss of a piece of our identity.

These birds, who are not only historically Wolf’s hunting partners, are also generous and great helpers in the Creator’s ecosystem.

Ravens fed the prophet Elijah during a drought, bringing him bread and meat every morning.

It was a Crow who was the recon scout that let Noah know the storm was over, and it was Crows who stayed with Jesus at the Cross.

Great messengers of major transformation.

Crow is here this week, during this time of the Full Strawberry Moon, during a year of regeneration and rebirth not seen since the American Revolution. And, that means we should expect change.

Positive changes after so many years of snowballing darkness and negativity is something we should all get excited about.

HopiProphecyAs Crow is a totem of prophets, the information she shares is often seen and digested much earlier by those with the gift of interpreting or receiving prophecy than the general community.

For people with this gift, the waiting for people to wake up while holding the line, doing our work, and struggling to stay afloat during this transition can really wear you down.

Some folks are starting to get impatient that more isn’t happening “out there,” and believe me I’ve had my moments over the past few years.

I’m finding that when “out there” is moving too slowly, or I feel like I’ve heard the same story (that Normies are still ignoring) for the 75th time, it’s a good sign to unplug and focus on my own plans and visions for the future.

Dang, it’s a tough show to pull your eyes away from, though.

Fortunately, the birds of transition are here, letting us know that the good change of the 8th Fire is finally going to come.

The Trail of Tears false arrest/imprisonment of males.

Even though we may feel like we’ve been saying the same thing for ages, the evidence is now clear that the radical leftists who began infiltrating Turtle Island many generations ago have finally lost their power.

Their plans to turn this place into a giant reservation for those of us who survived their agenda have been exposed and are being thwarted on every level: Legal, Political, Economic, Informational, and even Militarily, as the truth about the Ukraine skirmish is also coming to light.

The bombshell documentary, “2,000 Mules” shows irrefutable evidence that the Democrats and their RINO co-conspirators hired people to gather and drop fake ballots for Biden into drop boxes paid for by Mark Zuckerberg.

The January 6 “Insurrection Show” the corrupt politicians in DC are trying to conjure up is just another cover-up like the $30+ MILLION “Russia! Russia! Russia!” hoax. Same players. Same playbook.

And, in spite of a concerted and unified effort by all of the cabal slaves and a Pravda style takeover of the “media,” the latest farce by the DC Players failed miserably with less than half the viewers (for all five major networks) watching than watched the fake inauguration of the traitor. People are fed up with the games and lies.

It’s pretty clear to everyone except the mouth breathers at the back of the room and the twelve people still paying for cable teevee that the 2020 Election was stolen through an organized conspiracy of election and voter fraud.

Stay tuned, because this scene in the movie is going to rock our world for awhile.

Don't Grow Weary in Doing Good to All - Galatians 6:9-10 - A Clay JarCrow, Raven, Turkey Buzzard and other symbols of transformation, all showing up together at this time, suggest to me that this is an enormous transition for humanity, and we need to be mindful of how very long it has taken to reach this point. It is going to take longer than any of us would like to set things right again.

Every day, I am gobsmacked anew at how entrenched the evil has become in our society in only a couple of generations.

It has only been in my lifetime that the government forced prayer and the Bible – anything to do with Christianity – out of public schools, and began in earnest the long game strategy to destroy the family, starting with disconnecting people from God.

Our nations moved from societies that were founded on the values, and traditions of our Ancestral cultures passed down for hundreds of thousands of years to secular, post-modern, consumeristic societies that celebrate narcissists and blindly align to Marxist, anti-human ideology that encourage children to despise their elders and neighbors to turn each other into the authorities.

BulliesThat support the chemical castration of children, the teaching of sodomy in public schools, and the intentional bastardization of biological truth. All intended to eradicate women and feminize men.

I think about how the innocence and safety people who grew up in the 60s, 70s, and even 80s, has been lost to a world that is fueled by fear and the darkest assaults on our most vulnerable, yet greatest treasures: our children.

Of course, we see how these assaults have been stealthily conducted via the media – first with television and its cold war propaganda, the introduction of centralized information control via “the evening news,” the slow erosion of traditional family values through programming that moves ever closer to the edge of complete and total debauchery every single season.

Trump BirthdayThen, through the school system where radical communists, pedophiles, and their enablers are working hard to groom 9 year olds to become sex slaves rather than teaching them to do math, to sexualize kindergartners and teach them that they are either oppressed or an oppressor based on nothing more than the color of their skin.

And, let’s not forget the world of cyberspace and social media – a virtual marketplace where criminals have been allowed to openly market and traffic children on “child friendly” platforms created and controlled by government intelligence agencies and of course funded by taxpayers.

The agents of chaos and degeneracy have been working hard and for a long time to lead our people down the road to perdition.

The good news is that we (who have been hanging around at the bottom of the V for awhile) have finally seen the societal shift to the side of sanity and truth as more and more people become aware of the well orchestrated and long planned plan to destroy the west.

As we have seen since 9/11 in general and since the Obama era specifically, this plan was being implemented through demoralization, degeneracy, massive, unpunished crime at the same time police are defunded and demonized, organized riots and mass shooting false flags by Federal agents, election rigging (that relied on the Covid fraud), and removal of our Constitutional Rights – by eliminating the Constitution altogether – and the persecution of people of any faith tradition that isn’t either Political Marxism or its approved religious doctrine.

Whew! That’s quite a list and it doesn’t even touch on the economy or the shocking, global medical experiment they just put humanity through.

Crow LandCrow reminds us that it really is no wonder we’re feeling exhausted, increasingly irritated, and scattered.

The amount of information we’ve had to uncover, process, and disseminate over the past several years has been more intense than anything most of us have ever experienced.

And most of us have done it all in isolation, with very little support.

That’s why, right now it’s more important than ever to take care of yourself. Get the rest you need. Take breaks. Drink the good water and continue to walk in balance.

The ones who are just now nearing the edge will be needing your light and wisdom in the days to come

If you’re feeling apathetic, Crow says that even though you’re tired and the old harpies still lurking around in the dregs of your soul are telling you to give up, it’s more important than ever to stay with your vision.

If you believe it was shared with you by the Great Spirit and the Ancestors and will benefit humanity, don’t stop believing.

For if we cannot hold and nurture our dreams for our own lives, the world will be left without the gifts we’ve been given to share.

It is my honour to be your messenger

ICYMI from this winter when CANADA galvanized the world and lit the spark to light our way out of the darkness. Never forget the progress we’ve made and continue to make. All honor and respect to our wonderful Canadian truckers and all the Patriots who continue to HOLD THE LINE!!