Osiyo from the Land of the Dish with One Spoon – the Meeting Place where the folks who’ve lived here for thousands of years made the most profound peace treaty humanity has ever seen. In fact, I have read that it is the model for the Declaration of Independence.

PatienceWelcome and thank you for being here with us at this monumental time in human history known as The Great Awakening by most of the world and as the 8th Fire by the handful of Natives up here who know their prophecies.

The tide has turned people. Never forget how blessed we are to be a part of this experience for Earth and her people.

This week’s totem helper is Fox, who I will be talking about later this week.

In the meantime, if you haven’t checked out last year’s Fox Medicine article, “Fox Medicine – Stealth, Observation, & Boundaries,” check it out. It will help catch you up if you’re new to the community.

Today, I wanted to share this message I received from the Ancestors in November 2020, and felt the time is right to share with you all. May God bless us all.


Message from the Ancestors – November 8, 2020

We are still in the time of Raven, Crow, and Coyote and for Eagles and those who carry this sacred bird, the messenger of God in all traditions as a totem, we are still in the time of beak bashing and talon tearing.

Trump against communismConsider America as the adolescent child being fought over in a nasty custody battle. On one side, you have a raging narcissistic abuser and on the other you have the racoons of the world, the misunderstood helpers who usually get blamed for what the other guys are doing.

This is terrible injustice is turning around thanks to keyboard warriors around the world who haven’t backed down from spreading the truth and standing for freedom, justice, and against corruption at all levels.

In spite of the victories we’re beginning to see, this is still a difficult time in America and around the world as people are awakening to the truth of the planet and the betrayal of those they trusted.

The handful of messengers who helped bring the truth up to enough people to spark the Great Awakening through the Q material first and foremost, are beginning to see the plan unfolding before our eyes. (I can’t believe I received this nearly two years ago – kk)

Soon we will see the arrests and trials and the people of the earth will understand that we’re not mad, but that we’ve been telling the ugly truth for years. In accordance with the prophecies.

Biden CreepMany will have a difficult time accepting the truth because they don’t want to face the evil in themselves, their acquiescence to and support of evil in all its forms – no matter what level of society they’re living on.

When we are not healed, we protect our darkness onto others and always, always need a villain to scapegoat.

But, as we know, the Scapegoat is a holy and sacred soul, making that spiritual agreement to bear the sins and curses of others until they wake up and begin to do their healing work. All of them.

For, the Scapegoat, driven from the community to wander alone in the wilderness, properly understood, is actually a blessed creature, given the gift of time in solitude.

You see, it is only in the wilderness in solitude that we can connect deeply with the Great Spirit, the voices of our Ancestors (or that Mighty Cloud of Witnesses), and our deep selves.

Jesus knew this.

All Spiritual teachers know this for it is only through going through the grueling process of exile and the wilderness in solitude that we learn to be comfortable with being alone long enough to grieve our losses and our old identities and ways of life. Jesus showed us that this is the process that gives us the strength and the faith to walk our own path and call those who would walk with us to come along.

Traditional Scapegoat stories end with banishment and exile by the ones who are not healed, who believe they can correct their own errors by casting them onto another creature in a cruel and barbaric ritual. This is at the heart of Satanic sacrifice of the unborn.

HunterWe know this casting off, this projection of our mistakes onto anything but ourselves – the blame game – is not true healing, as it’s necessary to continue these practices and repeat them over and over again.

When we examine ourselves, repent and take responsibility for our actions, we’re much less likely to make the same mistake again.

I decided to create a different story of all the world’s scapegoats today. Did you know goats are very clever and social? Everyone loves those pics and videos of the baby goat jumps.

In my story, the scapegoat is actually HAPPY to get away from all those crazy people who were hammering her with crap that was not her fault because she knows on a gut level that if she had stayed, they would have roasted and eaten her!

When we look at the traditional understanding of the goat totem (not the scary monster of the Bible), we see the beautiful and powerful aspects of all creatures. We understand their lessons through thousands of years watching them.

Free Range HumanWe realize that Goat didn’t just go out to the wilderness to die, but to slough all that bad energy from the blind and unhealed ones who cast her out.

She goes to discover her strengths, to have many adventures and to return to her natural home – on the land, where she finds her family . . .

. . . all the other goats who have been banished by the humans.

They have been waiting for her and to welcome her into her true community. Like the Ugly Duckling turning into a Swan but in the desert . . . with fur and hooves. . .

When humans have become enlightened, they begin to realize that mindless rituals (done without deep understanding of the REASONS behind them) – especially those that are harmful to others – won’t heal them.

They will face the same struggles and challenges over and over again without repentance, which is just a word for self-examination from a humble, spirit-focused perspective. It is a very healing practice, though painful for sure.

goat-meaning-symbolismWhen we take the necessary time for self-reflection, when we get out into nature and connect with all of God’s creatures as equals, then we begin to see the gifts that the little scapegoat offers.

Goats teach us about the importance of a firm foundation – the security and support of a community. They teach us about confidence and surefootedness as we face the challenges of our lives.

Little goat teaches us the importance of strength and determination as we climb toward our goals, no matter how abandoned and ignored we might feel.

And she shows us the power of far sight – from being able to see from a high place which allows us to look from many different angles. Like the medicine of the birds.

ProgressGoat shows us the importance of being independent, which is frowned on in a society that is working to make all people dependent on the government (I honestly can’t believe I wrote this two years ago).

She shows us the importance of taking responsibility for every aspect of our lives, and to use our blessings to continue our healing journeys while finding ways to be of service to our communities.

Goat reminds us that for change to happen, we must change our habits. The every day thoughts and actions that make up our existence.

And, changing our habits begins with becoming aware of them which will lead us to dig around into the thoughts and emotions that have been driving us without our conscious knowledge.

Do our actions show us to be the defeated scapegoat exiled in the wilderness?

Or do they show we are working hard to balance our healing with our personal responsibilities, the work we came here to do at this time, AND building and maintaining all the fantastic new relationships coming into our lives? END of November 8 2020 Message

Medicine Man PrayerSummer Solstice – June 21 2022 – National Indigenous People’s Day, Canada — It’s tough climbing that mountain when you’ve accepted the call to be a spiritual messenger.

That doesn’t always end up looking like we thought it was going to, especially when we’re seeing the truth of every leader’s character showing up before us in every choice they make.

So, as always, the creatures and our Ancestors help us realize the truth of this time we’ve agreed to come to Earth for.

We’ve come here to help change the consciousness of all of humanity – beginning with the folks around us.

It’s been slow going for most of us, lots of setbacks and frustrations for sure.

But, don’t give up. The tide is turning, as frustratingly slow as it seems.

It helps to remember that everything that happens on our Mother Earth begins in the Spirit World and is only activated by our prayers. We must invite the Holy Spirit, Wankatanka to come into our hearts and walk with us each day.

We must be steadfast in cultivating our relationship with God and using our time to pray for all of the souls that have come here for this time of transition. Don’t forget that even the most stubborn mask-wearer is still a child of God. And they will all need support and kindness in the days ahead.

K Keithley, Medicine Wheel Night, 9 (Redemption Song) Sanctuary Toronto 14 July 2018If you are called to the path of the healer but still feel confused about what you should be doing at this time, where it feels like we’re all at the precipice, begin by looking around you and doing a survey of your stuff.

Decide what is sacred to you and what is no longer necessary for your journey.

What remains is your medicine, and it is up to you to decide how you are going to use it.

If you would like to talk about your sacred objects in relation to your own Medicine Wheel and about the totems you feel are most familiar to you, check out my Private Sessions.

It’s interesting that Fox (the teacher of observation, insight, thinking fast, and clever wisdom) is here at the same time we’re being pushed to transform our perception of ourselves from Scapegoat to the Thunderbirds we came here to be.

Listen to that clever fox of your intuition, and you will know when it’s time to sleep, to work, or just to observe.

The power of self-observation is the kryptonite in our medicine bundle, as all great Spiritual teachers and even the Son of God himself has told us.

Knowing ourselves begins with the realization that we are indeed the “chooser” of everything in our existence – every thought, every emotion we entertain, every action we take, every habit. . . you get the picture.

Accepting this truth is not easy, especially if we’re not feeling as successful or fulfilled as we expected to be at this point in our lives. We all have disasters in every life we live.

No matter how happy or wealthy someone may appear on the material plane, there’s always more to a person’s story and no one who comes to Club Gaia for Cosmic Spiritual Warrior training gets a pass on suffering.

log-in-eyeWith the exceptions of natural disasters, political malfeasance, or the actions of people close to us, the majority of our struggles are due to our own choices – which always begin with the way we feel about ourselves, with what we believe ourselves to be.

We cannot be the arbiter of truth and diagnose other peoples’ problems until we have dealt with our own errors and illnesses.

This is what Jesus meant by telling people to remove the plank from their eye before attempting to remove the splinter from someone else’s eye.

Knowing yourself and what triggers you is key to understanding your boundaries, and that in turn will help you recognize and respect the boundaries of others.

And right now – during this crazy, crazy summer that will most definitely appear to be more chaotic on the ground than we would like – it’s more important than ever to protect our boundaries.

DecertifyIf you’re in the US, it’s a good idea to stay away from large gatherings – unless, of course they’re Trump rallies which are protected by the real Secret Service. 😀

There are quite a few reports that ANTIFA/BLM are planning more riots, especially now that decertification has begun and the Supreme Court is about to show them that there is no Constitutional right to kill an unborn child.

Hopefully, they’ll be stopped before they do another few BILLION dollars worth of damage in the Black communities they claim to “value.”

If you’re new or haven’t been paying attention, go check out the crime statistics in Democrats run cities and tell me they’re not intentionally working to destroy America.

Folks need to get wise to what happens to the foot soldiers who pushed Communist revolutions onto their countries. They were the first ones executed by the new regime – the ones they worked for. These are the folks we’ve been telling you for years would throw you under a bus for a dollar.

Their true colors are coming out every day, and more and more people on every level are cutting bait and getting as far away from Biden’s ill-fated coup attempt as they can.

Most had no idea what they were supporting, so it’s great that FOX (!) News is finally beginning to report on the incest and toxic parenting revealed in Ashly Biden’s diary, in which she wrote that her father forced her to take “inappropriate” showers with him and it had a terrible impact on the rest of her life in which she’s suffered from drug abuse, alcoholism and sex addiction (like Hunter). The link in this graph is to a great report by Tucker Carlson, and it includes some disturbing truths about Biden’s history as a sexual predator who has been hiding his rape of at least one woman.

The FBI was involved in attacking journalists who reported on it, and protected Biden from scrutiny during the election which had an obvious impact on the outcome. The material in the diary, like Hunter’s laptop creates a huge security risk for America as it totally exposes Biden to bribery and extortion by globalist criminals.

Fox and other independent media outlets are now reporting that states are beginning to decertify the fraudulent 2020 election. Even the CIA headquarters, CNN is no longer permitted to call the Trump Campaign and supporters’ claims of a stolen election, “The Big Lie.”

Not only will the enemies of the people in the propaganda machine be facing charges of sedition and treason, they will most likely be destroyed by class action defamation lawsuits, beginning with the ones Trump has already filed.

Looking forward to seeing the flood this week. Three states have now stated they no longer certify the 2020 Election Results. Keep up the great work!

wp-1655820564206Everything is coming to a head and the weather here in Toronto is heating up, so it’s a great time to unplug, keep the planning and development up and stay cool.

I’m off to make some Bannock for our Three Sisters Soup and Garden Planting Circle this afternoon, so I will catch you all on the rebound!

Happy Solstice! Happy Indigenous Peoples’ Day!

It is my honour to be your messenger.



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