Month: November 2019

sQuirrel Medicine: Resurrecting the Spirit Child

By Kandace Keithley, Bird Clan Messenger

Osiyo relatives,

It is our honour to bring you this teaching from our Thunderbird relatives about some very powerful medicine that will help you on your path.

Squirrel’s Medicine is the stuff of Joy of reconnecting us with the Spirit Child that lives inside us all. Jesus taught that unless we become like little Children, we cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

What that literally means is taking our healing journey seriously in an effort to return to that lost and little child, re-parent him or her, and set them free to live through our grown-up bodies. Continue reading “sQuirrel Medicine: Resurrecting the Spirit Child”

Thunderbird Medicine: The Great Awakening and Evidence of God

By Kandace Keithley, Bird Clan Messenger

Osiyo relatives,

For the past few weeks, my guides have been reminding me of an old project I was considering years ago called Evidence of God.

That phrase just stuck with me and through this time since I have been hearing that term, Evidence of God, the Ancestors have been giving me some powerful medicine teachings that they are calling Squirrel Medicine. This medicine comes from the Thunderbirds and  during this prophetic time we know as the 8th Fire and The Great Awakening helps us as we undertake the process of bringing Heaven to Earth. Continue reading “Thunderbird Medicine: The Great Awakening and Evidence of God”

Joseph White Eagle: Flying Above the Storm

Joseph White Eagle

When the storm comes fear and anxiety will try to take hold of you, but go to the eye of the storm where it is calm and clear. For the storm can come, but when you place your prayers, hopes and faith in the Great Spirit than you will be calm and see clear. Continue reading “Joseph White Eagle: Flying Above the Storm”

The Sacred Council Fire Of Unity

By Dennis Nagel

May we all gather together as one with our gifts, respect, honor with pride. To stand in unity even when our roads and understandings vary. We are a people aware of our differences, but Creator has placed a unconditional love in our hearts for all our relatives.

It is our Spiritual Path to stop the division socially, politically and Spiritually.

To become aware of the great love of Creator for all its creation and come back to balance in our mind, body and spirit. 

~ Dennis Nagel 05 20 2017


A council fire shall be kindled for all the nations. It shall be lit for Cherokee and the Wyandot. We will also kindle it for the seven nations living towards the sunrise, and for the nations that live toward the sunset. All shall receive the Great Law and labor together for the welfare of man.

~ Deganawidah {1500-1600s} Huron

Chief Arvol Looking Horse is the 16th Generation keeper of the Keeper of Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe, and the spiritual leader of the Lakota Sioux and many millions of relatives around the world. All honour and respect to Chief Looking Horse.

Giving Thanks for the Land and the People: Gratitude in The Land of the Dish With One Spoon

As a woman of the Oklahoma Cherokee Nation, it is a great privilege to make my home here in the place called Tkaranto (Toronto), known by our Aanishnaabeg relatives and hosts as “The Land of the Dish With One Spoon.”

This particular area on planet earth is known to be sacred, and is designated as a meeting place for the generations to gather from all four Sacred Directions to begin building the New Earth, in accordance with the prophecies of the 8th Fire.

Beautiful women’s healing art by Chief Lady Bird

In accordance with the beautiful tradition of Acknowledging the Land and our Aanishnaabeg relatives from all nations, tribes, and clans:

We give thanks to the Great Spirit who has brought us together in this time and place.

We give thanks to our Mother Earth who provides everything we need to live the biimaasiiwin (good life) during our visit with her.

We give thanks to the Ancestors of the Nations who are sharing their homeland with us, and offering us the teachings and wisdom of this place and her people.

We give thanks to the Grandmothers and Grandfathers – the Elders of all Nations who give us their wisdom and love.

We give thanks to the great people of the Mississaguas of The Credit First Nation, upon whose land we are camping – and who are gracious and generous hosts. Chi Miigwetch.

We give thanks for the Medicine Men and Medicine Women who continue to share their powerful lessons, their medicine, and their vision for the #8thGeneration and beyond.

We give thanks for the people of the 5th, 6th, and 7th Generations who are leading the young ones into the creation of the New Earth.

And, we especially give thanks for this 8th Generation – these young ones who are arriving filled with the seeds of stars and wisdom of the Ancients. We ask the protection of the Great Spirit over these children and youth, and ask that our steps be guided in helping them grow to recognize and use their mighty gifts and talents in service to humanity. A’ho.

There are increasing resources to help people understand and begin to practice Land Acknowledgment Ceremonies.

The University of Toronto has a great article with ideas on conducting ceremonies here.

For information about the Treaty Lands Territory of the Greater Toronto Area, visit this page. To learn more about the Land of the Dish With One Spoon, go here and here.

Chi Miigwetch for being here with us during this profound transition.

Kandace Keithley, 11-18-19


Aanishnaabeg Nation


Mockingbird Media Coming Soon!

Bird Clan Messenger is excited to announce the creation of Mockingbird Media, offering Traditional Indigenous teachings, music and news, opinion and analysis via our blog, social media and eventually live streams. Continue reading “Mockingbird Media Coming Soon!”

The Sneak Up Dance

An Elder who was visiting while I was working at the #NativeCanadianCenterTO this week told me about the Sneak-Up Dance. I came home and looked it up to learn more. Wow – what an amazing ceremony.

All honour and respect to those boys who grew up to be courageous and powerful warriors who would literally sneak behind the enemy, into the thick of a battle to retrieve a wounded brother. Just incredible faith and devotion. A’ho. 🙏🦅💫 

Learn more from Pow Wows Dot Com (great resource, btw).

Bandana Medicine Wheel


View From 40K: Angels Among Us

The Angelic Humans

By Cynthia Sabina

Spanish version here.

How many angelic beings were sent to the stake because of the ignorance of the egos that reacted with fear to the light of others, because the light beings are a mirror that reflects what others have inside.

Who reacts in a low way, with gossip, with accusations, with nonsense to blame someone who has never been seen intentionally acting badly is because the bad intention is put by that person who reacts like this. Who, on the contrary, knows how to recognize the true light, is because he is authentic himself. Continue reading “View From 40K: Angels Among Us”

Eagle Medicine: The Beauty of Love

By Joseph White Eagle

What is love? love is the sweet whispers in your heart, the sacred dance of your spirit, love is the divine winds that come to caress your face, the gentle flowing stream that shares serenity within you.

For love will never say goodbye to you, nor will it ever abandon you, for love is what we are. Raise your arms to Father Sky, let Mother Earth hold you so lovingly in her arms, feel this love within you and all around you. Continue reading “Eagle Medicine: The Beauty of Love”

Sacred Medicines: Tobacco


In the Native tradition, every plant and every creature is sacred. And the Great Spirit has given humans all these things to nourish our spirits, feed and heal our bodies, and teach us the lessons of creation.

Tobacco is the most sacred of plants for it is this dear brother who has given his very life for us to use in communicating with the Great Spirit. When we are in prayer, in ceremony, or healing times, tobacco carries the words from our hearts and minds to the Great Spirit through his sacred smoke.

Tobacco-Tie-768x555When we visit a healer or ask an Elder for guidance, we are prepared with an offering of tobacco. This tobacco can be a great gift of loose tobacco  for the sacred pipe, a tobacco tie, or even a cigarette if our means are humble.

It is the intent and sincerity of our hearts that the tobacco knows when we offer him to our healers and use in our own prayers in a sacred way.