Joseph White Eagle

When the storm comes fear and anxiety will try to take hold of you, but go to the eye of the storm where it is calm and clear. For the storm can come, but when you place your prayers, hopes and faith in the Great Spirit than you will be calm and see clear.

For once the storm is over you will see the great blessings that come out of it, it could make you a better person for others, maybe a new spiritual insight, made you stronger, or a closer connection to the Great Spirit.

EagleFlyingAboveTheStormFor blessings can come in many different ways and many different forms, for you unwrap them like a gift after you have had your life experience.

That is how our spirit evolves by receiving the gift only after we have gone through the experience.

Mother Earth is the school of spirits and hopefully when it is your time to pass to the next world you will graduate and it will be celebrated and you did not flunk and there will be no celebration.

So after each storm find and seek the gift that awaits in that life experience. Ekosi.🌎💕🌎

Joseph White Eagle is a Cree spiritual leader and teacher of traditional Native wisdom medicine who grew up in Saskatchewan and now lives in British Colombia with his wife and family. We are deeply grateful for his contributions to Bird Clan Messenger and to all of humanity. A’ho.