Month: April 2018

Swimmers: The Gifts of Salmon

Recently, the Ancestors have been telling me (over and over again) that a friend of mine needs to eat more Salmon.

On the surface, this message might make us think we’re talking about our physical food: cleaning up our diet, paying attention to where our food comes from, waking up to the toxins and poisons the g.e. has put into humanity’s food supply. And, these are actually issues that everyone needs to awaken to and begin working to change. Continue reading “Swimmers: The Gifts of Salmon”

Obstacles on our Path

The great poet Rumi teaches us it is much more powerful to seek to remove the blockages keeping us from experiencing love than it is to search outside ourselves. This teaching applies to our own personal growth and development and to organizations, communities, and families alike.

When we encounter obstructions or blockages along our paths, these are due to two general situations. Continue reading “Obstacles on our Path”

Pigeon Medicine: The Power of Unimportant Birds

My Medicine Man and teacher, James Carpenter, is a gifted healer and one of four Traditional Healers at Anishnawbe Health, Toronto’s visionary health care center dedicated to serving our city’s 70K + Indigenous relatives. People even come from Reserves hours away to see James and the AH Traditional Healing team. That’s how good they are.

Since James and I began walking together in 2016, and with the love and teachings and friendship of the entire AH community, I have learned more about Universal Truth, About God, About the importance of knowing our deep personal identities, bloodline ancestries, histories and family, About community, stewardship of the environment, And, about the ancient primordial universal symbolism expressed through all aspects of nature – plants, trees, rocks, stars, swimmers, animals, and birds – than in all my previous years on this planet.  The most powerful and intense period of healing, reconciliation, and learning I have ever experienced.

My gratitude is endless, and so it is with all honor and respect to my teacher and beloved younger brother, James that I share his teaching about “unimportant birds.” Continue reading “Pigeon Medicine: The Power of Unimportant Birds”