Eagle Medicine – Sacred Messengers of the Great Spirit

Osiyo family,

We are blessed to be living in this time of great transition and especially the year of the Great Mother Bear, who is encouraging us to use our time wisely, plan for our futures and work on our healing. And that’s what I’m up to this week.

Right now, in addition to offering private sessions and Medicine Wheel readings to folks who offer a gift of any amount, I’m creating job descriptions for a couple of Oshkebewis (helpers) – to work with me in growing Bird Clan Messenger – creating an online community, producing videos, social media and some admin. Our long-term vision includes a Potlatch Relay taking goods, food, medicine and teachings to our brothers and sisters on reserves, teaching circles, and spiritual retreats. And that’s just the beginning. Check out Bird Clan Messenger to see what we’re all about.  If that sounds like something you’d be interested in and you’re in Toronto, send me a quick email and introduce yourself. 

Today’s Medicine is the leader of the Medicine Card pack that I use as a teaching tool – the mighty messenger of the Great Spirit – Eagle.

Eagle Medicine Card

In the Indigenous worldview, Eagle is the divine messenger between humans and the Great Spirit. The sacred bird that comes to us during times of great distress and chaos who will carry our prayers to heaven and return with insights and whispers of truth that will help us carry on.

Many of us are away from our loved ones at this frightening time, and it is during times like this that Eagle reminds us about the importance of prayer for those in danger, prayer for our leaders and nations, prayer for our loved ones and prayer for ourselves.

It is only through daily prayer that we are able to remain connected to our Ancestors and Chi Manidoo, our very source of energy and our breath. For it is only during these sacred times of prayer and conversation with the Great Spirit that we can hear the deep promptings of Spirit resonating in our souls.

In the Bird Clan, Eagle is the keeper of the Northern Door of the Medicine Wheel – the White House which represents Spirit. And this is where the Grandfathers live. When we enter into prayer every day, it helps us remember our relatives in all four directions – beginning with those in the North who are suffering from food insecurity and pollution of our natural water supply. 


In giving praise and thanks to the Great Spirit, we give honor to the truth of Universal Law and recognize the gifts we have been given by our Grandfathers – no matter how bitter the medicine might taste. If you’ve ever spent any time with a Grandfather, you know that they can be funny and warm and loving. But they also don’t take any crap and will cut through lies with a quick, sharp blast of truth.

And Grandfather Eagle is saying NOW! Now is the time to wake up or be lost to the darkness. Share your messages, start your engines. It’s go time, family of light.

Across the world, we are seeing shocking and ugly truths starting to be revealed that many truth-tellers and divine messengers have known about for a very long time. The Earth is realigning to a higher level of consciousness and we are leaving the time when many were disconnected from the Great Spirit.

Hopi Prophecy 2

Some of the information about people who are in power here on Earth is so disturbing it’s difficult even for those of us who have done the research to believe the first time a strong leader begins sharing with the larger community. Lin Wood is the best defamation lawyer in America and would not be sharing the material he is sharing without absolute evidence. And his evidence was given to him by the actor Isaac Kappy, who witnessed the dark world of the rich and famous on this planet.


In receiving truth and seeking the Eagle’s path, we have agreed to “view situations and other people from a broad perspective for better understanding just as the eagle sees the world from a its great height.”

We are seeing the chaos and confusion that always comes with a visit from Eagle, and the people who are asleep and have allowed themselves to remain dependent on the globalist propaganda machines in the media and governments are attacking truth-tellers as “crazy!” “selfish!” “traitors!”GreatAwakening 1

Because this is what they have been trained to do their entire lives. And many still don’t question their masters in the media & governments. These ones are like little children who stayed up too late playing video games and don’t want to get up for school. We used to call it “playing possum.”



For those messengers who have carried this knowledge for a long time and have endured attacks, Eagle urges patience in dealing with those who are only now awakening.

Eagle Medicine offers us a zoomed out perspective which gives us the time and space to remember our patience with those who are in a different place on their journey. Chief Looking Horse

Those who hunger and thirst for righteousness will find their way back and they will need all our love and support.

Remember, we each agreed to come here during this time and to be in the place we are. Are you listening to the promptings of the Great Spirit in your life? Are you walking the path of the Elders, or are you just getting older?

Eagle Medicine always forces those who seek it to surrender to the Great Mystery. To dig deep and find the courage to remember and begin the daily process of building the lives we have come here to lead.

We are at a very opportune time in human history where the old systems are falling and there will need to be people and businesses, helpers standing in the void ready to pick up the baton and get the real party started. 8thFire Prophecy

Although we always try to think ourselves out of trouble or to find solutions to problems through our minds, Eagle reminds us that we should not “depend exclusively on intellectual solutions. Through its connection to the air element, eagle is connected to intelligence, but also to Spirit, the knowing that goes far beyond intellect.”

It is through connection with the Great Spirit that we are able to overcome our fears, remember our lessons in patience, and remain steady through the dark times to recover our courage that carries us to the next chapter.

Eagle has come – this first week of 2021 – to remind us to connect with the Holy Spirit.

Remember the sanctity of our breath, regain our courage to speak and live our truth. And we can begin that by uncovering our faces beginning to learn the truth. We cannot connect without our breath. We cannot be healthy when our mouths are covered all the time. We cannot live under tyranny and oppression. Our children must not be taught to live in fear.

It is my honour to be your messenger.

Kandace Keithley – Bird Clan Messenger



K Keithley, 3D Medicine Wheel 4 June 13 2018

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