By Cloud Spencer Eaglebear

Worshiping the Sacred Medicine propels us deeper into the vortex of those things greater than us. For we are between a mountain and an ANT and swallowed by our own demons that are made to bring us closer to fall in love with the things that enslave us to fail…

For man has become more sophisticated and educated. He has not evolved…

Let us take a look at what holds us back from taking the most knowledgeable step around the Circle, which is SACRED…

Celestical-Star-Dance by Kathy Hatt

To restore our balance in these times of need, we must first see ourselves as Spirits for the body cannot contain us from traveling higher than the mind could carry us.

We are here to experience a higher level of peace to be the medicine to others who have forgotten…

To use this Wisdom to explore our personal enlightenment to bring balance and beauty all around us. If we challenge ourselves daily we will have worked this spiritual muscle to bring forth the flame that is known to be the lantern for all to find the Road that is Red….

For confidence is earned through deeds and breath. We can be one with this medicine if we trust the logic that is above us and all around us, within and beforehand.

For now we will live with the SACRED and be the hollowed bones that we are made to be and move with the grace of Wisdom to restore the values of our traditions to give…

And be the antidote to all who search to be in harmony with this darkness that WE made light…

Now let us look at our emotional factor which carries that burning feeling to bring prayers to all who look for that good medicine to be one with the universe and harness that frequency to be IN balance with our MOTHER EARTH, the UNIVERSE and the many nations that walk on all fours, fly, swim, crawl, buzz, stand still and blossom on our beautiful MOTHER EARTH.

Crow and Wolf PuppyFor we know that LOVE is the greatest power that we put in our medicine pipe when we send our prayer on that sacred smoke and never forget that we must always move, breath, think, and perform in a sacred manner.

Remembering that LOVE is the greatest power reminds the emotional factor that we must only breathe to return to the center where all power resides.

Now let us look at the physical aspect of self. We must continue to be healthy, and move in a swift reply for those who cannot, and be that physical medicine to bring largely our aura of knowledge to be in full swing to adapt to the presence of victory or defeat.

For it is the defeats that have taught us how to make decisions to be one on the battlefield of life, so we may not be conquered but sing our songs and tell our stories on how we have made great progress in this vision to be the Wisdom keepers to save our culture for our people to thrive in these times of need to remove the spirit of doubt….

For we must learn that nothing belongs to us and to give is the only act of kindness that may bring our heritage to a level of reaching into another seven generations which is our future given to the true inheritors of this land who are our children.

Chief Seattle We do not inherit the earth. . .So these teachings will give us the direction on how to be traditional only, which is in balance and harmony with the laws that are Natural…

So now we seek closely to be one with THE ONE WHO GOES BY MANY NAMES…by working on our mental health which puts us in the thought of not assuming that we are the main focus of all things.

We must learn first on how to get out of the way. It is not about YOU it is mainly about US.

For we must consider being the logical force behind all that is wise and it takes no strength to do what is necessary. It only takes peace, stillness and the fortitude of a good consciousness.

To bring forth the flame of wisdom, which requires us only to beat the drum and let those who seek this knowledge find it for themselves.

We do not have to put our hands on everything. Let the sacred agents of the universe perform their holy will and it will move in its right time.

For man cannot ride in two canoes, for what will happen must happen. So the laws that are Natural can perform in the measures that it was decreed. It Take time to be the lantern you were meant to be.

We have to live in a world filled with doubt. So the only thing we can do to remove that reality…


These are my thoughts…Walk in beauty


Cloud Spencer Eaglebear is a Healer and Teacher from the White Elk Clan, Traditional Ojibway, Eagle Clan & Osage Bear Clan who has learned traditional teachings from The Elders in his own family Clans, and is honored to have also learned from the Lakota Elders.

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