By Joseph White Eagle

You may have heard of blood quantum testing to determine the recommended percentage of First Nations blood you must have. The reason the powers that be only do this with the First Nations is because the treaties and land claims.

They use a divide and conquer on the First Nations to put a condition on who can represent the First Nations.

cherokeeidThey hope through marriage of Natives to non Natives that one day there will be very few who can fulfill this percentage of blood quantum.

They wait for that day when they will no longer be challenged with the treaties and land claims because by law nobody will have this recommended blood quantum.

They will no longer have the guilt of what they did and the land can never be disputed.

TrailOfTearsWinterEven though there will be many that will identify themselves as First Nations but the powers that be will not recognize it for you to be a representative of the First Nations.

The First Nations in North America are the only nation in the world that has to have a recommended amount of First Nations blood to be First Nations.

Truthfully if you have one drop of First Nations blood then you are First Nations.


Joseph White Eagle is a Cree spiritual leader and teacher of traditional Native wisdom medicine who grew up in Saskatchewan and now lives in British Colombia with his wife and family. We are deeply grateful for his contributions to Bird Clan Messenger and to all of humanity. A’ho.

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