In the Native tradition, every plant and every creature is sacred. And the Great Spirit has given humans all these things to nourish our spirits, feed and heal our bodies, and teach us the lessons of creation.

Tobacco is the most sacred of plants for it is this dear brother who has given his very life for us to use in communicating with the Great Spirit. When we are in prayer, in ceremony, or healing times, tobacco carries the words from our hearts and minds to the Great Spirit through his sacred smoke.

Tobacco-Tie-768x555When we visit a healer or ask an Elder for guidance, we are prepared with an offering of tobacco. This tobacco can be a great gift of loose tobacco  for the sacred pipe, a tobacco tie, or even a cigarette if our means are humble.

It is the intent and sincerity of our hearts that the tobacco knows when we offer him to our healers and use in our own prayers in a sacred way.