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Kandace Keithley – Trauma: The Gateway between Life on Earth & the Spirit World

Trauma serves as the doorway where we choose the door (portal) to a new dimension that humans call death or choose the heart-based path of life and continue to walk in goodwill and Chi Miigwetch, consciously making good and positive choices.

Joseph White Eagle Teaches About Chief Crazy Horse’s Vision of the Rainbow People, White Buffalo Calf Woman & The Pale One

Crazy Horse’s vision foretold the darkness that descended on his people. He saw the
coming of automobiles and airplanes and the tragic world wars of the modern era.

Love Letters from Toronto 4 – Sing, Dance, Smudge! Reclaim our Mother!

#NativeTO We claim (again) our INNATE and SOVEREIGN Indigenous right to worship the CREATOR and give thanks to our MOTHER EARTH in accordance with the teachings of our Elders and in the powerful presence of our Ancestors. A’ho. #MMIWG

Cloud Spencer Grandfather – To Dance with the Great Spirit

Look closely how the brain washing continues and takes nuts and crack them over your head . For Freedom is a spirit and of course it moves freely and brings light to those who have only lived in darkness and fear.

Love Letters from Toronto – 3

We have some great material here on Bird Clan Messenger for you to read while you’re still at home – including Melissa Teague’s recent article on Negative Ions, and beautiful teachings and messages by Joseph White Eagle and Cloud Spencer Eaglebear. Coming up in the next few days, we have a great article on prepping, some Bear Medicine about Trauma as the Gateway between the physical and spirit worlds, as well as prayers, wisdom and traditional Native teachings.