Grandfather Joseph White Eagle: Dance the Sacred Circle with Love

By Joseph White Eagle

My heart feels the love from Mother Earth, my spirit lives in peace with all.

The great Circle of Life will always live endlessly within us, for our spirits will always be one. Continue reading “Grandfather Joseph White Eagle: Dance the Sacred Circle with Love”

Melissa Teague: An Awakened Mystical Woman

By Melissa Teague

An Awakened Mystical woman will be broken open through love. She will experience the worst of the worst, all that is NOT love.

The Abuse, neglect, betrayal, and the deceit that befalls her will be what opens her eyes to the blinding light of the TRUTH. Continue reading “Melissa Teague: An Awakened Mystical Woman”

Grandfather Joseph White Eagle offers Crow Medicine for This Time of Chaos & Change

By Joseph White Eagle

In these profound times we are living, where fear and negativity is inundating us everywhere we turn, we must be the warriors of love and positivity. Continue reading “Grandfather Joseph White Eagle offers Crow Medicine for This Time of Chaos & Change”

Eagle Medicine: The Great Awakening, Healing, and Reconciliation

“It is time to begin waking our sleepers and telling them the news of The People’s transformation and where we fit into Creator’s larger plan for all the people. Go gently to the Elders who have fallen asleep and forgotten our ways. Speak with love and encouragement to the Mothers and Fathers who are raising the children of the 8th Generation. Most importantly, listen to the children and let them lead the way, for they are our future. They hold the wisdom, the creative energy, and the ability to harness the Universal Law of multiplication in the palms of their hands.” – Eagle

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Cloud Spencer Eaglebear: The Antidote is in The Poison

Within the confines of the poison, you will find your antidote that you seek, to heal…..

The momentum of flowing Wisdom is born through the negative impacts of leisure, the setting of all calamities.

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Thunderbird Medicine: Changing Our Perception & Treatment of Disease

By Kandace Keithley

Perhaps one of the most difficult truths that we must accept during our time on planet Earth is that all disease and sickness is brought about through our own perception and our own activity on an individual, community and global level.

Whatever we accept as sickness is what will become disease. But when we view sickness as a sign that we have more to learn, whether it’s about plant medicine or spiritual healing, then it becomes a blessing and an opportunity. Continue reading “Thunderbird Medicine: Changing Our Perception & Treatment of Disease”

Melissa Teague on Wisdom

By Melissa Teague

🌻 Seek out Wisdom but do not limit or restrict yourself to only accepting that which fits into one belief.

🌻 Take the knowledge you gain and feel what resonates with you then leave the rest.

🌻 Explore the old to see the new.

🌻 Take the ancient teachings of long forgotten people & societies and make them your own. Continue reading “Melissa Teague on Wisdom”

No Room for Racism on the Sacred Red Road

By Kandace Keithley


The Ancestors are speaking to us about racism and showing us how the evil ones have used the colour of our skin to divide us.

The Grandmothers and Grandfathers remind us that beneath our many coloured and spotted hides we all share the same belief in the Great Spirit. It is only when we walk the Sacred Red Road of the Ancestors of all Cultures that we realize the connection that will bring us together as Warriors of the Rainbow. Continue reading “No Room for Racism on the Sacred Red Road”

Grandfather Joseph White Eagle on Creation

By Joseph White Eagle

The spirit came down upon Mother Earth from the divine Stars to awaken life force within her, to enrich the dead physical matter into life giving vitality.

Once the ingredients from the Star Nations awakened Mother Earth into a spirit consciousness than all her offspring followed.

Our Father the Creator of the Star Nations blessed his seed to our Mother Earth so she could bless the Star Nations with her children.

Light Pillars over Alaska. Courtesy of Beauty of Planet Earth

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Cloud Spencer Eaglebear: The Red Road of the Spiritual Path

By Cloud Spencer Eaglebear

It is the spiritual path that calls out to us from the darkness, to be the sacred light to feed a starving soul. When was the day you stopped singing, dancing and banging the drum…?

If you can’t remember, never mind, but that was the very day you began to become sick and lost from the eye of the sacred. Continue reading “Cloud Spencer Eaglebear: The Red Road of the Spiritual Path”