TORONTO – Good morning everyone from behind the Turd’s Iron Curtain where this week’s frosh drama is all about the imposter’s trip to Canada. The shit show out there continues, and I’ve had enough of it all.

The NEED to write (you can read this in many voices and it works every time, hahah) . . . has returned – three months since the Time of the Black Dog, to be specific – and that’s because I’ve been spending most of my days here in exile (while my American elected officials give not one shit) producing video teaching material and developing some small plans for the future.

At this point, I have no idea if they will come to fruition or if the folks I’ve shared them with are just going to take the money and run like humans always do. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit to be honest.

It’s been done before.


But, I have delivered all my messages  (except one for a particular person) from the Ancestors about their desires for the New Earth, and now – as Q has taught – it is up to the people to make them happen.

There comes a point where you realize you have done all you can do and it’s time to stand back and let the chips fall where they may.

The heart of the action for the Bird Clan these days is on Telegram, which is where I share the teachings pertinent to the week’s political action out there in shenanigan land, totems, and background tales about the material I share.

Rather like a little Sweat Lodge, which is what we had going on at Facebook until I was deplatformed and throttled.

Last week down in the pit, an Elder and I were having a discussion about the idea of “selling medicine” and the modern understanding versus the Traditional beliefs about that issue.

This is something I’ve given a great deal of thought to since beginning my own journey on this path.

How do the true healers share their medicine with the people, outside of the devil’s system, and survive?

From my experience of the past few years, I have learned it’s really not possible to be a Spiritual guide, a healer or writer, musician, dancer, or artist – any of those who walk the path of the deep thinkers and cheerleaders for humanity – on this planet if you aren’t either fully self sustained off grid, or independently wealthy.

For as the people of this world have shown us over and over again, they are still blind, myopic, and stingy.

Most, even the ones who aren’t Godless commies, are only opportunistic, and love to belly up to the trough of a healer to feed until their guts don’t hurt anymore then meander off to buy some more plastic and dump it on the ground.

Natives and true healers never sell medicine, which comes from the Creator and our Mother Earth herself and is abundantly available for everyone to use and share.

I loved this about AHT when I first began walking with the Elders and Healers there. It is tradition and expected that when you go visit an Elder or Healer, you understand that you are benefitting from their many years of training and experience, their wisdom and love – and that is why you never go without bringing them a gift of Tobacco.

I took my healers other gifts, special foods, sweet grass, special photos, as well because I adored them like family.

This is such an important part of the Native healing tradition, that you could even get a tobacco tie from the front desk if you forgot to bring a gift for your Medicine Man or Woman.

The medicines those healers provide the people are at no cost (on the face) as well. Bear Grease, Bloodroot, White Sage, Cedar, . . . a whole room full of Mother’s best Pie and most humans know nothing about it.

Free for the Native community.

And paid for by your tax dollars . . . 

Used as a snack to lure the lemmings further down the path into communism and straight into the trap of their “smart cities.”

So, you see – the medicine of even the best healers in this city isn’t really “free” – as it comes with the greatest price tag of all, allegiance to the death cult.

The same guys who’ve been stealing our lands for thousands and thousands of years.

As we’ve now seen clearly over the past few years, these demons who come straight from the pit of hell (and other planets to be a part of the Gaia Gold Rush) are intent on taking over the Earth, our only home, killing off the majority of us, and enslaving the rest to serve them and mine for gold. That is why they came to Eden in the first place.

And, as I have written a few times, I still wonder why the humans are not awake to this terrible truth. Why haven’t they rounded up the handful of rotten bastards destroying each of their own communities and put one between their eyes?

The answer, for those who didn’t do their homework, is because they’re weak and entangled in a nonsensical “justice” system that has nothing to do with the Real World Order, Universal Law, or even Justice herself.

Athena must be amused these days.

I’m sure Chief John Ross and Sequoya are delighted at what the people who took over the Cherokee Nation have done.

Brought them to their knees without firing a shot.

Humanity has lost its way because it has tolerated evil for far too long and has not nurtured and fed the good.

Farmers and ranchers know what happens to the land when you leave it uncared for and left to the dark creatures alone to control.

That’s why they hang their trophies up on fence lines. So the other predators will see there is danger around and scram.

But, where have all the cowboys gone? The crazies and frat crowd have taken control of the ship and they’re steering it right down the crazy river.

Jocks n Cheerleaders know how important it is to protect the Centre. The point man who holds the ball, bringing together the team from many different tribes.

What happens if the point man is taken out, kept isolated from the team, or starved?

What happens to the Bagel shop then?

There aren’t very many people on this planet with the DNA, Ancestral Chops, knowledge and teeth-grinding stamina to carry this ball through the storm.

The only one I know has no cover at all. Left out on the curb like yesterday’s moldy garbage with the drunks and addicts in a “smart city” claiming to be a church. Broken Crayons and scrabbling by on 9k a year.

While the band plays on.

Humanity has lost its way.

How in the world will humanity ever turn this boat around?

At what point does each person reach their own precipice and begin to understand the universal laws about Truth, Energy Exchange, and Karma?

Why do so many truth-tellers continue to focus on the dying system, the gossip and filth, rather than pushing the new vision?

The America First vision that President Trump introduced to the whole world at CPAC a few weeks ago.

Why do truth tellers and Patriots continue to buy products that support the old system which enslaves them while ignoring the prophets, healers, and truth-tellers who are slowly fading away due to lack of light?

Why do humans extract what is good from the messengers, take it and use it but give nothing in return?

There is always an excuse for takers: wrong payment processor, oh, someone else has got them, I’ll get to it later, . . ..if they’re actually aware that they take without giving.

The blind ones just go around like thieves in the night, taking the apples and pears from the trees, leaving behind trash in the Orchard and wandering off with their deadwood leg dragging behind them like a trail of snail snot.

This is the little pebble in humanity’s  shoe.

This refusal to honor and participate in the dance of exchange.

We starve and imprison our Wolves – our OLDEST RELATIVE! – force them into penned “sanctuaries” on their OWN LAND! . . . 

sound familiar?

Wolves are harbingers.

They teach us about the future, which we know always proves the past. 

So, what will humanity do for the Wolves?

The recon scouts, the messengers, berry pickers and warriors who lead the way into the New Earth?

Will the ones who claim to be of the 144K continue to ignore those lessons of exchange?

Ignore the need to protect the sacred?

Because it’s much cooler to follow the crowd, chase that laser pointer . . . 

and buy themselves another (fill in the blank here)

rather than tending the irises  and petunias and carnations in their own gardens?

SacredSpacesIrisHealers and visionaries, Elders, artists, musicians, philosophers – the ones who shape our worlds – should not have to scrabble and beg for their subsistence. 

They should be honored and held up with the greatest esteem, for they are the ones who hold our culture, our Ancestors’ knowledge and traditions dear to their Lions’ hearts.

They should be surrounded by helpers who bring them what they need to do their sacred and holy work.

The last thing they should have to do is “self-promote” or sing for their supper.

For, without out them, we will surely perish.

They are our blood. They are our Buffalo bones. The sinew that binds us to the Creator and our Mother during this TimeUnTime.

And, they are so very neglected.

While the band plays on.

And all I can say is, Washington DC – it’s been nice doing business with you.

It is my honour to be your messenger.




You can find my work on the Bird Clan Messenger Rumble and Telegram Channels.