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50477409_922963781426910_7535722834698436608_oKandace Keithley is a bloodline descendant of Trail of Tears Cherokee Ancestors, the adopted daughter of a grandson of the Shawnee Chiefs BlueJacket and Tecumseh, and a third Generation Granddaughter of Oklahoma Land Run homesteaders whose ancestral origins are Scotland, Ireland, and England.

She is the proud and devoted mother of two beautiful sons who are now magnificent young men.

Kandace has been deeply blessed to have been helped with her healing and teaching journey by the Traditional healers and Medicine People at Anishnawbe Health Toronto and Dodem Kanonsha,

A lifelong follower of Jesus of Nazareth (Q), Kandace also studied theology at the University of Toronto School of Theology and is interested in working on the development of Healing and Reconciliation programs to introduce and integrate Indigenous Traditional spirituality into western culture.


“Clan Mothers” by Shoshone-Tataviam artist, Stan Natchez 

Kandace is a United States marine Corps veteran and professional communicator with more than 35 years experience. She has worked for Burson-Marsteller, NYC, OETA, Oklahoma’s statewide PBS network, and the US Marine Corps, Far East Network, Tokyo. She is proud USMC vet and a member of the USMC Combat Correspondents’ Association.

Most recently, she has been working with a global coalition of whistle-blowers, researchers, investigative journalists and independent reporters to expose corruption in the US and global political systems.

Kandace has worked on three of the most powerful social media activism campaigns in the history of the internet: Standing Rock’s Water Is Life / NoDAPL action, Senator Bernie Sanders’ #FeelTheBern campaign for the 2016 Democrat party’s presidential nomination, and the QAnon global military intelligence operation that is still ongoing.

Over the years, Kandace has provided communications programs and services to numerous businesses and organizations in Toronto, Southwest Ontario, and North America including Labtician Thea,  Memorial Restorations, Sacred Spaces Ontario, Gibson Greenwood Design, Knox Presbyterian Church , Knox College, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Presbyterian Hospital of Oklahoma City, Christian blogger, The Reverend Mark Sandlin, Anishnawbe Health Toronto and the Anishnawbe Health Foundation.

Kandace holds a B.A. in Journalism and Mass Communications, a Master of Arts degree in Women’s History, and is a USMC Combat Correspondent trained at Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indiana in Public Affairs, Military broadcast journalism, and electronic news gathering. Her scholarship focuses on the power and importance of women’s traditional labour, and her Master’s Thesis, Feeding Community: The Impact of Women’s Culinary Labour on the Great Plains Frontier is held in the Library of Canada and can be viewed online here.

This work, as is everything she may achieve in this life, is dedicated to Kandace’s sons Iain and Peter Smithyes.

For more information about Kandace or to learn how she can help your family or business, contact her here.

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