Cloud Spencer Eaglebear – The Call of the Red Road

For all aspects of creation are one. Were we are beginning to see and understand more of that sacred universal language that cannot be hidden from those who chose to walk upright and lean in closely to humility... Those who fell to the Earth our MOTHER and ask to be filled with courage, just to have enough strength to LOVE, more then you have ever done before.

7th to 8th Fire – Reclaiming the Temple

By Kandace Keithley and Jean Paul Baptiste The majority of humans are now beginning to awaken to the horrible truths about what we have done to our planet through trusting corrupt leaders, participating in the degradation of ourselves, our families, our communities, our nations - and our Mother Earth through the daily individual choices we … Continue reading 7th to 8th Fire – Reclaiming the Temple

Dancing Humanity Through the Valley of Death: Crow and Coyote Medicine

One of the greatest mistakes modern humans have made is to believe that the cultural genocide and land/wealth/resource appropriation stopped happening with the end of colonialism against First Nations peoples in Turtle Island and other nations.