By Cloud Spencer Eaglebear

Follow the path….

The ancient voyage of the Wisdom of the sacred space that is recognized by the breath which is in between inhalation and exhalation.

Where the wind covers the soul of those who walk only in a sacred way, that speaks only for the elements that are known to carry you to your highest level of being one with your own higher self.

You can choose this….

For choice is a power that was granted when man took the fruit of the tree of everlasting life, and made agreement with those who sat among the wisdom keepers of the Ancients who taught them to smoke of the pipe that became the society of a most civilized, civilization.

Cloud Spencer Eagle Bear Time to Walk - Breath

There is no distance that can keep us from those who want our relationship with our relatives the stars to flourish.

So we may carry the message of what is being said to us coming directly from the darkest part of the universe. Which is placed within our GRANDFATHER heart who submits and filters this message for those who want to travel on this most sacred of roads…

So now it is all COMING TOGETHER…

Chief Red CloudFor all aspects of creation are one. Were we are beginning to see and understand more of that sacred universal language that cannot be hidden from those who chose to walk upright and lean in closely to humility…

Those who fell to the Earth our MOTHER and ask to be filled with courage, just to have enough strength to LOVE, more then you have ever done before.

Which will open a vessel within to an understanding that will carry you to the true meaning of being on the Road that is Red….

Again all the sickness will be gone. For those who are sleeping will rise with our GRANDFATHER SUN, and carry only their buffalo robe and tobacco, with their medicine pipe in hand…

For there they will see clearly what awaits them. So they can carry on , and follow…

The Path.

These are my thoughts…Walk in beauty


Cloud Spencer Eaglebear is a Healer and Teacher from the White Elk Clan, Traditional Ojibway, Eagle Clan & Osage Bear Clan who has learned traditional teachings from The Elders in his own family Clans, and is honored to have also learned from the Lakota Elders.

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