Buffalo Medicine – Wisdom, Strength, and Stamina for the Time of Parallel Realities

TORONTO  -- Grandfather Buffalo is just the Medicine (Totem, symbol, character) we need when walking through the very long process of creating a new beginning. One day, following a ceremony that really bugged me, my Ojibwe Medicine Man gave me these words that changed my life: "You have the right to disagree." To that point … Continue reading Buffalo Medicine – Wisdom, Strength, and Stamina for the Time of Parallel Realities

Grandmother Bear Medicine – Reclaiming the Vision, Rekindling the Fire After a Setback

A couple of weeks ago, I lost my entire Facebook world of more than 10K people, including our Bird Clan Messenger page because of my work in revealing truth about what is happening in our world. I would be so grateful if you all would share my articles and upcoming videos on your social media pages and in your groups to help rebuild this growing community. I need my Bird Clan messengers now more than ever.

Dancing Humanity Through the Valley of Death: Crow and Coyote Medicine

One of the greatest mistakes modern humans have made is to believe that the cultural genocide and land/wealth/resource appropriation stopped happening with the end of colonialism against First Nations peoples in Turtle Island and other nations.

Joseph White Eagle – Thunderbird Messengers of the 7th Generation

Native American prophecies say there will be a chosen few, they will be the Seventh generation that will carry the old ways into the new age, they will have the Eighth Fire raging within their heart.

They will be the ones that have this higher consciousness, a higher evolved spirit and they will only let their heart lead them.

There are many who make plans for this new age, there are only a few who will live it.