Grandfather Buffalo

TORONTO  — Grandfather Buffalo is just the Medicine (Totem, symbol, character) we need when walking through the very long process of creating a new beginning.

One day, following a ceremony that really bugged me, my Ojibwe Medicine Man gave me these words that changed my life:

“You have the right to disagree.”

To that point my experience on planet earth been defined by my repeated challenges of authority that weren’t in alignment with my own Spiritual Truth then getting attacked for having a different point of view.

Throughout my life, my ability to see through the façade of people’s words and see the truth revealed in their behavior had gotten me into hot water –  scolded, criticized, ridiculed, attacked and exiled.

So, of course, by the time I found my way to the healers in the Toronto Native Community, I had come to believe that disagreeing would get you in big trouble if not exiled and killed. And sadly, we have reached a point in many places on earth where that is the truth and it seems to be getting worse.

But the wisdom at the heart of “you have the right to disagree” is respect, and with those simple words, my entire interpretation of my previous way of being changed. I always had the right to disagree. The problems in my life often came from those who were afraid of hearing a clear perception of truth and the circular dances I stayed in far too long to either convince them to agree with me, or allow them to spew their ignorance and judgement onto my scapegoat back.

Accepting the truth that we have the right to disagree – without interference – with anything that opposes our conscience or values is a powerful step on the way to creating a new reality.

This time of prophecy and great change is showing us that we each have the right and responsibility to do the research necessary to make our own choices that best serve our own purpose and the legacy we want to leave behind for our loved ones.

In fact, if you’ve agreed to come here to help with the 8th Fire Great Awakening, then awakening to truth and beginning this transformation is the very first step of your journey.

Conscious Intent

When we begin to take our Spiritual Journey seriously, we are thrown into a process of questioning, chaos, chastening, healing and recovery – followed by creation.

When we’re doing the alchemical work of personal change, these are times that demand we live in two realities: the places and situations we have already created, and the new worlds that we are beginning to manifest through different choices.

Major change comes through making different choices, and the best choices often require us to suspend belief in the narrative being offered to us by the “establishment,” to challenge directives and mandates that trigger us and strike fear into our hearts, and to take the time to learn new ways of being – in order to create a new and healthy parallel reality.

Right now, in the 3D world, we are learning terrible truths about many of our Elders (of all cultures) who have perverted the Ancestors’ teachings for the sake of money and power, and who have caused massive destruction to their own people. These “elders” are easily identified by their support of the globalist “great reset,” policies that are pushing an untested medical product onto the people, claiming this mad science Nazi experiment is a “gift from the Creator,” supporting the arrest of Christian ministers while continuing to shop at Wal-Mart. This was foretold in the prophecies: 

Screenshot (408)

Agencies serving the Native community claiming to offer “health care” are actually acting as enforcers for the World Health Organization and its tentacle branches in our nations and are literally poisoning their own people. Tribal leaders who comply with globalist (federal) government dictates in exchange for money, who are corrupt and enriching themselves and their families with money intended for the people are being exposed  – but please don’t think this is the first time.

In the 19th Century, the Trail of Tears genocidal diaspora was caused when a self-appointed group of 100 traitors known as the “Treaty Party” took it upon themselves to speak for the people and sell all the Native lands east of the Mississippi River to the Empire globalists.

All of these treasonous criminals were put to death upon the Cherokee people’s arrival in Oklahoma territory, so they weren’t able to enjoy the money, land, livestock and tools they took to betray and destroy their own people. 

And we have come again to the point that the world will soon again be learning what happens to traitors, thieves, human traffickers, and others who commit crimes against humanity. We seem to have to go through this every century or so.

Screenshot (409)

The prophecies have told us that humanity would reach this time when most of the Elders would be asleep — asleep to the truth and disconnected spiritually which means they really have nothing to offer the people. No guidance or leadership or insight.

It is heartbreaking to see this being played out in our communities as many elders have either acquiesced to the political agendas of their own oppressors or are being treated as burdens who must be disposed of by leftist tyrants — left isolated and alone, ignored by their own children and grandchildren who are busy playing video games and preening on Tik Tok. And of course, those of us who are sounding the alarm are being censored.

History shows us that this is the society we have brought about ourselves – through our own disconnection from the teachings of the Ancestors, our own disconnection from the Great Spirit. We have walked far away from the Natural Laws and this has had a terrible impact on our children and grandchildren’s spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical health and well-being.

And this disconnect has affected every aspect of our lives in modern society, beginning with the corruption of the spiritual life of our families to mental and emotional filth and manipulation being dumped on us daily through the media complex, to the poisons being pushed on us and our Mother earth every day – all of which lead to the path of destruction.


When we look at parallel realities, Apartheid and segregation come to mind, and these are the precursors of the types of bloody civil war and mayhem we’ve seen in Somalia, South Africa, Nazi Germany, and other nations in recent history. These wars are nearly always manipulated and started by the CIA and other deep state operatives who exist to engineer the earth’s population through hate, fear, and war.

One of the more disturbing things I have seen recently is the tribalism that has come to define many Native peoples lives. Thanks to the genocide against our Ancestors, Native people have understandably become more self-protective and closed to further appropriation of our cultures. But those fears are being stoked, the victimization is being magnified by people who gain power and status from keeping others afraid. From unhealed people who want to perpetuate the toxic, closed societies they grew up in. In fact, some people have even become aggressive in attacking anyone whose interpretation or experience of our own cultural identity doesn’t agree with theirs – even if we have Indigenous ancestry. This is a well-known tactic of the political left.

So, during this time of “two realities” – there are real problems of the kinds of criminality and Marxist ideology that has led to the slaughter of millions of innocent people by people viewed as “leaders.” 

Many of today’s leaders have been corrupted and led down the path of tribalism, based on “fear of the other” which limits our understanding of our own history and prophecies, teachers and totems. And this ignorance of the truth, this refusal to accept a different reality, is leading Native people and communities further into communism.

One of the ways I have watched this play out (among people of all cultural groups) is through the appearance onstage this January of a man known as “Jake Anthony Angeli Chansley, better known as “Buffalo Horns Guy” or “QAnon Shaman” or “Viking Hat Guy” or “Yellowstone Wolf,”

Judge rejects bid by 'QAnon Shaman' to get released from custody pending  trial - ABC News

Jake is a great demonstration of  the way a wise teacher shows us a parallel version of truth through donning the Coyote (trickster) archetype. Coyote medicine is used to inject truth into a situation through trickery and humour followed by some jaw-dropping truths, adventures, and more humour. This is an ancient and sacred way of teaching, and it is also reminiscent of the Grandfathers who are represented by the Buffalo. 

People in the Native community are up in arms over this man who they claim is appropriating “their” culture – without knowing a thing about him. The cancel culture message is clear: “unless you follow OUR interpretation of truth, we refuse to listen to your message and will attack you” This is polar opposite of the way a wise person would respond to this Coyote and even Buffalo medicine, and is another trick straight out of the Marxist playbook.

It is certainly not the way of our Ancestors, and it really shouldn’t even have to be mentioned that literally EVERY CULTURE ON THE PLANET has a Holy Fool, Trickster archetype. 

Anyone who spends some time looking at Buffalo Horn Shaman’s work will discover that he is a truth-teller who exposing crime and forcing discussion – which is the sacred and holy work of the trickster in all cultures.

Our research indicates the Q Shaman who brought the Buffalo and Coyote medicine to the US Capitol is a Navy intelligence super soldier involved with the Q information dissemination program and project looking glass.

According to this article in Humorous Mathematics, “[Angelis] covertly infiltrated ANTIFA and has been gathering evidence from a camera in his Viking helmet. He acted as a double-agent for ANTIFA when playing the role of the QAnon Shaman, but in realty was a triple-agent Navy super soldier [tricking] ANTIFA all along. The FBI went after him because they are complicit in concealing ANTIFA’s criminal activity surrounding the election, insurrection, and riots.”

This Q Shaman – a Coyote Trickster – not only infiltrated and exposed a domestic terrorist organization and recorded their activity, he’s believed to have grabbed Nancy Pelosi’s laptop (which at the time of the protest was open and in communication with deep state and CCP operatives), brought more attention to the Q operation than anyone could imagine, while giving people something to laugh and talk about.

This is the work of a great Coyote. Exposing the darkness through trickery, releasing truth-bombs, carrying away what is dangerous, and doing it all in an entertaining fashion. 

With every round of new truth exposure, I keep asking myself, “Why don’t the Elders know what’s happening?” “Why don’t they seem to care?” “Why wouldn’t Native people recognize the medicine of such a well known teacher?

Shamanic Drumming — The Way of the Sacred Clown

The sad truth is people have become blind to the medicine (truth) because of their own dirty bones. When we are not walking in alignment, when we have darkness and gunk inside our souls, we are obstructed from seeing clearly. Our own judgements and refusal to seek the truth for ourselves are the very things that keep us living a lie. And many people are just too comfortable in their gunk to want to see things differently.

Screenshot (425)

For example, many in the Native community are very busy hating Donald Trump – ironically the first President in US History working to stop MMIWG trafficking on Turtle Island and around the world. At the same time, these people are participating in and benefitting from the corruption he has come to stop. Why do you think this is happening?

Not only is this self-defeating and shows a real lack of understanding about who is an enemy and who is an ally, it also shows us that many people who attack Trump, Christians, and Patriots are among the most hypocritical on the planet.

In the 2020 Elections, via the Democrat (globalist) machine, Native people traded their sacred votes for cash, gift cards and televisions to put traitors and communists into office in New Mexico and Nevada. This party is directly involved in selling hundreds of thousands of acres of American land to China. Meanwhile, many Native leaders are directly involved in or knowingly complicit in the kidnap and murder of their own people, drug rings and gangs controlling reserves, and the same kind of money-laundering and RICO violations other “leaders” are participating in. These are the ugly secrets most won’t talk about for fear of reprisal.

The dualities of this time are incredible. Natives have been idealized to the point that people don’t even believe our Indigenous ancestors had wars or slaves and to point it out is to be attacked.

Non-natives are repeatedly reminded of  Native peoples’ state of victimhood and expected to somehow rectify history that they weren’t even alive for. Yet many Natives are actively involved in corruption and their own enslavement every single day, and there is an entire system in place to support it.

Now, we see “Indigenous activists” attack anyone who challenges their narrative – who challenges their interpretation of  Native people as “victims” while taking a paycheck from their own oppressors. You really have to ask yourself how much the people know and how they could possibly be either so (1) uninformed or (2) devoid of character or ethics.

And you have to ask why. 

Cloud Spencer Eagle Bear Spirit Dance

The only answer seems to be  that people aren’t walking in accordance with the Grandfathers. They have forgotten the medicine of the Buffalo and have forgotten the teachings of the White Buffalo Calf Woman and other prophets and spiritual leaders.

The first step to creating a new reality is to expose the truth about the old one.

I continue to look for Elders, Spiritual leaders, leaders of anything, who know the prophecies and teach the truth and the medicine in a way that honors the Great Spirit and the Ancestors.

They are few and far between. But people who walk with Buffalo, who work to learn and understand the prophecies, the teachings of the Ancestors, and the geopolitical and Spiritual situation on our planet who will be creating the New Earth — these are the people we need to be looking for.


History has shown us many examples of times that people have created parallel realities to survive terrible situations – from a small child staying lost in an imaginary world to an underground railway protecting and moving the latest cultural group identified as “other” by the evil ones – to a shopkeeper who stays open and defies the orders of tyrants.

These parallel worlds (that function in spite of and outside a fascist society) form the nucleus, the seeds of the new communities that rise from the ashes brought about by tyrants and their dark agendas.

And, it is the newly emerging parallel societies that we are being called to create or support in the days to come, regardless of the color of our skin.

Sick Society

How long do we wait for people who are comfortable serving a corrupt system to awaken before we begin to make change ourselves? At what point do we “cut bait” and “let the dead bury their dead” as Jesus advised?

We each have our own spiritual journey, and we alone have the power to determine which reality we live in. 

Buffalo demands that we do the hard work, learn the truth, the history and make the necessary changes to move forward to create that new life – which will have an impact on everything around us and ultimately lead to the manifestation of that new and better expression of reality.

This was a very difficult story to write. I am grateful for my teacher who gave me the respect and the right to disagree – even with another Medicine Man. And especially with Elders who are sleeping and leading the people down the path of darkness.

It is my honour to be your messenger.

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