Rat Pigeon Bee Kathryn M SantosTORONTO –  People on the Spiritual Path who’ve been searching for the truth for a long time will always hit a wall that shatters the ego and forces ever deeper scrutiny into our own connections, thoughts, beliefs, and habits. This process will cause us to splash around for awhile as we work to regain control, understand who we are and the reasons we came here, and begin to make the changes that will carry us forward.

As we go ever deeper into our spiritual practice and continue our recovery from the shattering of our old identities, we can become overwhelmed with the amount of material that we’re still sorting through:

old memories, relationships, people, belongings we’ve lost along the way, homes, teachings, promises. . . all of the substance of our existence comes up to be reviewed, sorted, and either put away or recycled into something new and serviceable. 

Those on the Spiritual Path are going through this process at a time of great prophecy – a time of unprecedented chaos around the world that is intended to shake humanity to its core and force people to learn the truth about the evil people, systems and institutions that have been running this planet.

And this is where Mouse Medicine comes in very handy indeed.

Mouse Medicine CardLittle mouse is a survivor whose only defenses are lightening quick instinct, sharp scrutiny of his surroundings, and the ability to organize vast amounts of information into understandable systems of knowledge.

Native American Ancestors tell us that without Mouse we would have no system of knowledge.  You see Mouse knew from the very beginning that there are always more things to learn, more ways to go deeper into a subject.  Little brother mouse might say, “I will let my whiskers touch everything so that I will know about it”.  Oddly that can be a great power and also a great weakness.  For instance, it is good medicine to see things up close and to pay attention to detail.  Chewing every little thing to pieces is bad medicine. – Native American Totems

One of the most disconcerting experiences we have after a Spiritual Awakening is learning how to function with super heightened levels of awareness. Before awakening, we went through our days unconsciously following a well-worn groove around the clock – meeting the demands of the external world without really thinking about what we were doing or the impact of our actions on those around us.

But after the ego-shattering experience of a major spiritual awakening, it’s no longer possible to go back to sleep. We can’t seem to turn off the constant state of awareness that everything is connected, that everything we do has meaning, that every word and thought are filled with power.

And this can overwhelm us. And overwhelm leads to apathy and depression if we’re not on top of it.

Power of WordsMouse advises us to scrutinize our thoughts. To realize that every thought we allow into our conscious reality has shaped our past and will shape our lives. So if we want to have a better future, Mouse reminds us that we must first wrangle up those old negative stories and shape them into something new and bright.

Our interpretations of our own past are often much more self-critical than what others may remember – so it’s always good to treat ourselves with love and respect as we remember those old experiences.

Our words are powerful containers of energy. They carry the messages from our heart, through our psyche out of our mouths and into the world of action.

That is why it is so very important for us to understand this basic truth (that has been hidden from humanity for thousands of years) and begin to use this powerful medicine to turn our lives around.

Mouse encourages us not to get too bogged down in the details. Stepping back, taking a breather and looking at our lives and situations from a “big picture” perspective is a great way to calm our anxiety.

Life is long and the Creator is forgiving. We need only forgive ourselves and others – and the path forward will start to clear.

Writers and others with strong Eastern Gate (Hawk) energy need to pay attention to getting tangled up in the wheel of their minds. We can edit a piece to death or worry ourselves into a fit trying to figure out what to do with something before it’s even finished. 

“…it is easy to scrutinize something (or someone) to the vanishing point.  Mouse is always asking how do we keep things in proportion? Has something in your life taken on monumental importance and become impossible to approach? Creative endeavors often do.  Writers of books do not sit down and write books.  They write sentences which lead to paragraphs, adding up to chapters which result in a book.  One crumb at a time is the tactic to take when Mouse is about. Keep a productive perspective on reality and breaking down goals into bite-sized bits.” – Otter on a Rock

How do we begin to create our new world when we’ve realized that we no longer fit into or even want to be a part of the old world that’s falling to pieces before our eyes?

Mouse symbolism and Galaxy watercolor paintings by Tanya Casteel #mouse  #symbolism #meaning #art #w… | Animal spirit guides, Spirit animal meaning,  Animal meaningsWell – Mouse (because he is a creature of systems and organization) suggests we play the “As If” game.

What does that mean?!!??!

The “As If” attitude has taken over society as a rude comeback to people making a suggestion – whether positive or negative. It’s a sarcastic attitude and one that we really need to turn around if we want to live a life of respect.

We grow up absorbing the attitudes and behaviors of our first teachers – our parents and brothers and sisters. The energy of our home, the relationships and struggles shape our realities – our identities from an external viewpoint.

And as long as we choose to carry those old labels, we remain stuck in the web of fate rather than powering up and doing the work to weave our own destinies.

As people who have the great honour of being parents have learned (the very hard way), no matter how hard we try, how much work we’ve done on our own wounds to avoid passing down our intergenerational trauma onto our children – we cannot avoid it. 

Our children are our great teachers. Little gurus of Light and Thunderbird Medicine who come to open our eyes to the beauty and fragility of life, the importance of preserving our family lines and protecting our future. When you become a mother, you put your children’s needs ahead of your own. You will do anything to protect them – and often end up hurting them in the process because you’re not healed yourself.

So – how do you change those cycles once you have gone through the spin-cycle of awakening, healing, and recovery?

Start working the power of AS IF.

Mouse recommends that instead of using “as if” as a defense against others, we should be using it on ourselves.

When we have a good idea, that nasty accuser will often say, “as if!” – (as if you’re good enough, smart enough, connected enough, believable enough. . . ).

It is a huge part of our healing to be able to hear that “as if” accuser in our psyche and turn it into a source of positive change.

We need to believe AS IF we are successful. AS IF our lives have meaning. AS IF we are loved and respected by all. AS IF we’re the grounded chilled out mom or dad, auntie or uncle, sister or brother that we have the capacity to be.

MouseOnce we begin to shape our thoughts new and more positive directions, we change our words. AS IF no longer becomes an insult – but shapes the words we choose. We speak and write and communicate in all ways AS IF we are the person we came here to be.

Then, the beliefs and words shape our behavior and habits. We live AS IF we are healthy. AS IF we are content and grateful, successful and powerful in the work we came to do. AS IF our husband or wife is on their way home. AS IF the kids are coming to visit on the weekend. AS IF we’re getting ready to move to our dream home, start our dream job or find the perfect business partner.

Everyone knows how to play the “As If” game. It’s how we learn. Remember when you were a little kid and played cowboys and Indians or Gypsy girl? You were imagining your reality – and for that time your WERE a Cowboy, an Indian or a Gypsy.

That’s the spirit we need to remember as adults.

We’re tired and hammered from Ascension Energies, Ego Shattering, Kundalini Awakenings, learning prophecy, writing down messages from the Ancestors and our guides, peeling the scales from our eyes, processing it all and trying to figure out what to do next.

At times like these, Mouse says “remember that little child in your heart and play make believe!”

This is the essence of the Universal Law of Attraction that Jesus himself taught.

What's a Hobby Farm?: A Guide to Hobby Farming | Land.comWhen we dream our dreams and live our lives AS IF Creator and the Ancestors and our guides have heard us and are working together to bring all the different facets together to make those dreams a reality, they’re much more likely to materialize than if we just sit in a puddle beating ourselves up and telling ourselves our work is crap or nobody cares anyway.

Remember – we have to play AS IF all the time. In our hearts, thoughts, words and actions. When we FEEL the good things coming, like a 5 year old on Christmas Eve, then we’re on the right track. We sparkle in our excitement, we share that excitement with others, and through this process we find the ones who are on the same path.

Mouse says to let go of the details and feel your way, use your whiskers (intuition and spiritual radar) to find your way through the dark. As we heal, we’re able to recognize our instincts from our triggers.

Knowing this tiny detail (tiny like Mouse) is the key to moving from hiding out and dashing from place to place just to survive to becoming conscious creators of our reality.

Steve Jobs said the most powerful people on the planet are the storytellers, for they tell the visions and lay the groundwork for the future. Let’s make it a good story, Bird Clan.


We’ve done the hard work. Many of us are still in limbo and that means we have the time to play the AS IF game all day long. It’s time to BEE who we came to be. Be the unique healer, teacher, writer, artist, musician, entrepreneur, farmer that you came to be. Be all of them depending on the day. BE the person you’d be with a GESARA jubilee and extra money on your hands.

Do whatever it takes to get into character. Dress the part. Set the table for two. Clean the house for company. Make a shopping list. Be a cowboy in your neighborhood. 

Be yourself. AS IF you are doing just fine and are on the right track.

The world needs you at this powerful time. And love will always be with you to help you bring your own version of heaven down to earth.

This is the promise of Mouse Medicine – the tiny teacher who reminds us of the systems and secrets ruling our universe and whispers in our ear that deep and lasting transformation begins with the tiniest change, repeated daily. AS IF it were so.

It is my honour to be your messenger.

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